USA Rugby

The USA Rugby page is devoted to all levels of men's and women's rugby from the National teams Eagles & Women's 15s and 7s, the Falcons, Collegiate, and High School All-Americans. Major League Rugby, Super Sevens Rugby, Club, College, High School and Youth rugby, Rugby Sevens is included in articles and interviews. A new professional league, Super 7s Rugby will also be beginning in 2018.

Major League Rugby™ is a professional rugby organization league driven by existing USA Rugby-member teams in partnership with private investors. The league will begin during Spring, 2018 and include the following nine teams the first year: Glendale Raptors, Kansas City Blues HC, Dallas Griffins, Houston Strikers, Austin Elite Rugby, New Orleans Gold Rugby, Utah Warriors, Seattle Seawolves and San Diego.
USA Rugby Olympic Development Academies (ODA) provide athlete development through a year-round training program. "ODA's goal is to narrow the gap between amateur domestic players and international sevens rugby by accelerating the development of athletes not in full-time residency at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA." The following academies currently exist: American Rugby Pro Training Center, Atavus (Seattle & San Diego), Life ODA, Northeast Academy, Rugby Utah, Santa Barbara Academy, Scion Rugby and Tiger Rugby. Academy events, tours and teams are covered. Academy sides, as well select sides, are involved in many rugby tournaments both domestically and internationally.
All levels of men's club and women's club rugby are covered. If your interested in learning more about what conferences and unions are involved check out our club resource page.
All levels of men's club and women's club rugby are covered.  Check out of men's collegiate resource page or women's collegiate resource page to find more information about how teams fit into different divisions.
High School and Youth Rugby: Teams, Conferences, Camps, Tournaments, Tours, Organizations like Play USA Rugby are emphasized.