Rugby East Fall 2016 Schedule

July 27, 2016

Rugby East Fall 2016 Schedule


Doug Coil

The Rugby East D1A Conference kicks off its League season on September 9th and continues until November 12th. Upon the conclusion of the season, some of the Rugby East teams will participate in the ACRC Bowl Games. Iona will travel to Saint Joseph’s University to play in another Bowl.

The League is excited to have the University of Delaware back in the Conference. The other teams are Army, Buffalo, Iona, Kutztown, Penn State, St. Bonaventure , West Virginia and Wheeling Jesuit.

Four of the teams were ranked in the top 20 Final D1A Rugby Rankings. Penn State (8), Kutztown (11), Army (12) and Wheeling Jesuit (17).

The Rugby East D1A Conference plays a very competitive rugby conference and non-conference schedule. Take the time to go to a match and enjoy the action!

Rugby East Home Away Score
8/20/16 Iona Fordham Non-Conference
8/27/16 Syracuse Buffalo Non-Conference
8/27/16 Notre Dame College Wheeling Jesuit Non-Conference
8/28/16 Iona Fairfield Non-Conference
9/1/16 Queens University Penn State Non-Conference
9/2/16 Army Stony Brook Non-Conference
9/2/16 Buffalo Buffalo Rugby Club Non-Conference
9/2/16 Notre Dame College St. Bonaventure Non-Conference
9/3/16 Penn State Pitt Non-Conference
9/3/16 West Virginia Bowling Green Non-Conference
9/9/16 Army Iona Rugby East
9/10/16 St. Bonaventure Buffalo Rugby East
9/10/16 Penn State West Virginia Rugby East
9/17/16 Army West Virginia Rugby East
9/17/16 Wheeling Jesuit St. Bonaventure Rugby East
9/17/16 Delaware Iona Rugby East
9/23/16 St. Bonaventure Army Rugby East
9/24/16 Buffalo Army Rugby East
9/24/16 Penn State Delaware Rugby East
9/24/16 Wheeling Jesuit Iona Rugby East
9/24/16 Kutztown West Virginia Rugby East
9/30/16 St. Bonaventure Penn State Rugby East
9/30/16 Wheeling Jesuit West Virginia Rugby East
10/1/16 Delaware Army Rugby East
10/1/16 Penn State Buffalo Rugby East
10/1/16 Iona Kutztown Rugby East
10/8/16 Army Penn State Rugby East
10/8/16 Delaware Buffalo Rugby East
10/8/16 West Virginia St. Bonaventure Rugby East
10/8/16 Kutztown Wheeling Jesuit Rugby East
10/15/16 Wheeling Jesuit Army Rugby East
10/15/16 Penn State Iona Rugby East
10/15/16 Kutztown St. Bonaventure Rugby East
10/22/16 Wheeling Jesuit Buffalo Rugby East
10/22/16 Kutztown Delaware Rugby East
10/22/16 Iona West Virginia Rugby East
10/29/16 Army Kutztown Rugby East
10/29/16 St. Bonaventure Delaware Rugby East
10/29/16 Buffalo Iona Rugby East
10/29/16 Wheeling Jesuit Penn State Rugby East
11/4/16 Army Air Force Non-Conference
11/4/16 Notre Dame College West Virginia Non-Conference
11/5/16 Buffalo West Virginia Rugby East
11/5/16 Wheeling Jesuit Delaware Rugby East
11/5/16 Penn State Kutztown Rugby East
11/5/16 St. Bonaventure Iona Rugby East
11/12/16 Buffalo Kutztown Rugby East
11/12/16 Delaware West Virginia Rugby East
11/19/16 St. Joseph’s Iona ALS Bowl
11/19/16  ACRC Bowl Games

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