Pete Steinberg Leaves Women’s Eagles 15s

Pete Steinberg Leaves Women’s Eagles

Pete Steinberg has stepped down as the Women’s Eagles 15s Head Coach after 7 years at the helm.
Steinberg assumed the Head Coach position in 2011 and led the team through the 2014 and 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cups, including making the semifinals for the first time in 19 years this past August. Steinberg core team will hopefully compete for the title in 2021.


While Head Coach, Steinberg worked to build a unified Women’s National Team pathway and bring the age grade programs in line with the National team. Many people were involved in the building of the pathway including USA Age Grade coaches and Martha Daines, who was also on the coaching staff in 2015-16, as a critical staff member in player identification and development.

Steinberg told USA Rugby that “One of the key differences from 2014 was the integration of the 7s and 15s teams which had benefits for both programs. Hope Rogers, Sara Parsons, Sam Pankey, Jordan Gray and Sylvia Braaten were supported by the 15s to participate at the residency program at the EATC in Chula Vista and went on to play with the 7s team on the circuit. The 7s residents were also part of the summer program for the 15s.”

“Richie Walker’s partnership was critical this year. In 2014, we finished 6th, but all teams finishing above us had access to their 7s players and we did not. Richie’s belief is that rugby players get better by playing and I believe the experience at the World Cup will help the 7s players take a big step forward in the circuit.”

In building for 2021, an Elite Coach Development Program was started with Rick Humm partnering to create the National All-Star Tournament to provide elite level coaching opportunities and over 50 coaches that came through the program. The goal was to create a pathway for coaches to reach the National Team.

Steinberg credited his coaching staff of Peter Baggetta, Rich Ashfield, Liz Kirk and Richie Walker, as well as team manager, Roshna Wunderlich.

Once a General Manager of Women’s Rugby is selected this Fall, recruitment will begin for the next Women’s Eagles Head Coach.

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