Women Eagles Sevens 6th at Clermont/Series

June 25, 2017

Women Eagles Sevens 6th at Clermont/Series


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After losing to Australia 31-14 in the Cup Quarterfinals of the HSBC Clermont-Ferrand Sevens, the Women’s Eagles Sevens faced Ireland in a 5th place semi-final rematch, winning 31-14. With the win, the USA faced Fiji in the 5th Place Final, losing 24-19. The entire tournament may be viewed live in the United States on The Rugby Channel.

In Pool play the Women Eagles Sevens defeated Ireland 12-7, Japan 33-5 and then lost to New Zealand 19-14 to finish second in their pool at the Clermont-Ferrnad Sevens.

USA v Fiji

The 5/6th Place match between the United States and Fiji at the Clermont-Ferrand Sevens would not only determine the tournament placement, but would also determine the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series season standings. Fiji emerged with a 24-19 win and claimed 5th place at the tournament and in the standings. The USA settled for 6th place in both.

Fiji’s opened the scoring with a try around the wing by Riwai. Vakaloloma then converted for a 7-0 lead. The USA quickly answered back as Ryan Carlyle offloaded to Naya Tapper, who motored around the wing for a try under the posts. Heavirland then concerted to level the match at 7 all.

After a penalty by Fiji, Heavirland went in for the try to reclaim the lead 12-7. Fiji then tied the match at 12 all, after Kelter’s restart did not go 10. The ensuing attack had Riwai dummying her way in for a try in the corner.

In the second half, Fiji scored two tries to seal the match. The first was by Tima Ravisa, converted by Vakaloloma and the second came from a Merewai Cumu offload to Ana Maria Naimai for a try and a 24-12 lead.

From a Fiji penalty for being offsides, Jessica Javalet received the ball in space and weaved her way for a try under the posts. Heavirland then converted to narrow the score to 24-19. The restart by Feury had to be taken by the USA and retained as time was ending. The USA did the first part, but gave up possession in their attack. Fiji then kicked the ball into touch to claim the win.


USA Starters: Ember, Fa’avesi, Parsons, Heavirland, Carlyle, Kelter, Tapper

Fiji starters: Ravisa, Riwai, Vodo, Naimasi, Vakaloloma, Tinai, Cumu

Women’s Eagles Sevens – HSBC Clermont-Ferrand Sevens
1. Cheta Emba 2. Joanne Fa’avesi 3. Sara Parsons 4. Nicole Heavirland 5. Ryan Carlyle 6. Mata Hingano 7. Jessica Javelet 8. Ashley Perry 9. Natalie Kosko 10. Tess Feury 11. Alev Kelter 12. Naya Tapper

Fiji: 1 Tima Ravisa 2 Viviana Riwai 3 Ana Maria Roqica 4 Ana Maria Naimasi 5 Pricilla Sauvavi Siata 6 Rusila Nagasau 7 Talica Vodo 8 Vilisi Vakaloloma 9 Asinate Savu 10 Lavenia Tinai 11 Lavenia Cavuru 12 Merewai Cumu

Women’s Eagles Sevens | HSBC Clermont-Ferrand Sevens

HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Final Standings

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Fiji
  5. Russia
  6. USA
  7. France
  8. England
  9. Ireland
  10. Spain
  11. Brazil (Relegated from Core teams)
  12. South Africa
  13. Japan
  14. Papua New Guinea
  15. Netherlands
  16. Argentina

Rugby World Cup 2018

Australia, Fiji, Russia and France join New Zealand, Spain, Canada and the United States in the Rugby World Cup 2018 at AT&T park in San Francisco. The remaining eight places will be filled by teams through regional competitions from June 2017 to April 2018 as follows:

Europe (2 teams)
Asia (2 teams)
Africa (1 team)
North America (1 team)
South America (1 team)
Oceania (1 team)


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