Glimpse at PRO Rugby in the U.S. From Ohio Aviators Coaches & Players

Ohio Aviators Discuss Professional Rugby

Professional Rugby in the U.S., through an Ohio Aviators perspective by Doug Coil

Do you ever wonder what is involved in building a professional team in the United States? What are the responsibilities of the coaches? How do they work with the players? How do they feel about being involved with a professional rugby team?

Some of the players have played professional rugby elsewhere, while for many, this is a new experience for them. What does it mean to players being part of professional rugby and how does it impact them? What memories will they have of this inaugural season of PRO Rugby?

I traveled to Columbus, Ohio this past weekend and then went to the match between the Ohio Aviators and the San Francisco Rush in Obetz. The weekend also included other team activities. Several hours prior to the match Sunday, the team met at Fado Irish Pub where they had their team meal and after the match, they had a dinner sponsored by City Barbeque for both teams. When that was over, I had a chance to socialize with the coaches from both teams.

During the weekend, I interviewed the three Ohio Aviators coaches and six of their players. We discussed the questions above and others, so I hope that when viewing the interviews, that a perspective of what it means to be involved as a professional rugby coach or player in the United States will gain.

The Ohio Aviators are one of five PRO Rugby teams for the inaugural League season. The other teams are the San Francisco Rush, Sacramento Express, San Diego Breakers and the Denver Stampede.

Prior to releasing these interviews, the interviews were viewed by PRO Rugby Director of Rugby, Steve Lewis. The League, as well as the rugby community, has a great deal invested in promoting professional rugby in the United States and should be supported. Take the time to come to the matches and view them live on the PRO Rugby. The matches are on the also found on the PRO Rugby YouTube Channel. The Ohio Aviators are fortunate to have Time Warner Cable also broadcasting their matches.

PRO Rugby Ohio Aviators Interviews: DJCoil Rugby YouTube Channel

Paul Barford, PRO Rugby Head Coach, Ohio Aviators

Paul Holmes, PRO Rugby Assistant Coach, Ohio Aviators


Eamonn Hogan, PRO Rugby Assistant Coach, Ohio Aviators

Shaun Davies, PRO Rugby – Ohio Aviators Captain

Jamie Mackintosh, PRO Rugby – Ohio Aviators Prop

Ryan McTiernan, PRO Rugby Ohio Aviators Player

Taylor Howden, PRO Rugby Ohio Aviators Player


J.P. Eloff, PRO Rugby Ohio Aviators Player

Aaron ‘Spike’ Davis, PRO Rugby Ohio Aviators Player

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