Ohio Aviators Fly Over Denver Stampede

June 19, 2016

Ohio Aviators Fly Over Denver Stampede


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Doug Coil

Today’s match featured the League leading Denver Stampede hosting the second place Ohio Aviators. These teams met in the inaugural snow bowl match in Apri. Denver left with a 16-13 overtime win, but Ohio left knowing that they left four tries off the score board after their own mistakes.

Today’s match began with seesaw attacks from both sides before Denver’s Peter Dahl was penalized for not rolling away. Shaun Davies then slotted a penalty kick to give the Ohio Aviators a 3-0 lead nine minutes into the match.

Ohio Davies then missed a penalty kick five minutes later after Ryan McTiernan was hit in the air during a lineout. A few mintues later, Ohio attacked through multiple phases and Filippo Ferrarini went in for a try. Davies converted and Ohio now had a 10-0 lead after twenty minutes.

Soon after, Spike Davis added to the Aviators lead as he bulled his way over for a try. Davies converted and Ohio lead 17-0 twenty five minutes into the match.

Two minutes later Denver finally got on the board after the Aviators were penalized inside their 22. Will Magie slotted the ball and it was now Denver 3 and Ohio 17. Four minutes later, Magie added another penalty kick to narrow the score.

The Aviators were not done with their potent offense. This time Jamie MacKintosh barreled in for a try and Davies converted. Ohio now led 24-6 over the Stampede. Davies would add a penalty kick just prior to halftime giving the Aviators a commanding 27-6 lead over the Stampede.

In the second half, look for Ohio to try to get an early try to put the match out of reach for Denver. The Stampede need a early score to seize the momentum or it will be a long day.

Denver’s Magie starts the second half kicking deep within the Ohio 22. The Aviators are penalized and Denver kicks to touch and has a lineout within 10 meters. Although they lost the lineout, they get the ball back and Ohio is penalized again. After several phases Denver unfortunately can’t hold on to the ball and lost an early opportunity to add points and to get back into the match.

Denver soon attacks again as Wannenburg gets to the Ohio 22. After multiple phases, it pays off for the Stampede as Martin Knoetze goes in for a much needed try for Denver. Will Magie converts and it is now Denver 13-27 Ohio.The Stampede are now back into the match.

Ohio take advantage of lineout after a penalty and Alex Elkins replies with a try in the corner. Davies converts a difficult kick from near touch and the Aviators now lead 34-13.

Off the restart, Roland Suniula breaks through an inside channel and offloads to Dominic Waldoulk for a try. Davies converted and this may have sealed the match with twenty five minutes to play. Ohio has a commanding 41-13 lead and Denver is now in a position that it has not found itself all season.

The Aviators did not let up as Ahmad Harajly adds another try in the corner. Davies has a hot kicking day, as he adds another kick this time from the other touchline. Ohio has increased their lead to 48-13 with twenty minutes left.

Max de Achaval kicks ahead and retrieves his own kick. Ohio’s Jamie MacKintosh comes in off sides and levels Bobby Impson and is sent to the bin. Denver kicks to touch and has a  lineout 5 meters out. Wannenburg takes a penalty to within meters of the line. Several pick and goes later Zach Fenoglio touches down for a try. Will Magie converted to narrow the Ohio lead to 48-20 with twelve minutes remaining.

Denver is not letting down and Impson breaks and offloads to Timana Tahu. The Stampede after a few phases attacked within Ohio’s 22, but give the ball up after an errant pass. Ohio takes a lineout and clears and Denver attacks again. Hanco Germishuys takes the ball back to the Aviator 22. After swinging wide, they give the ball back to Ohio for a scrum.

Hanco Germishuys again breaks deep into Ohio territory and Impson continues before losing the ball. There were too many lost opportunities for Denver today, while Ohio was able to take advantage of opportunities and as a result, had more possession.

Pedrie Wannenburg add one more try after the hooter and Will Magie added the conversion. The final score was Ohio 48-27 to Denver. With the win, the Aviators remain in second place, although Ohio and Denver each have 27 points in the standings.They will have a third match before the season ends in Ohio which is likely to decide first place in the League.

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Denver Stampede: 1 Nick Wallace 2 Zach Fenoglio 3 Soane Leger 4 Christian Wiessing 5 Casey Rock 6 Logan Collins 7 Peter Dahl 8 Pedrei Wannenburg (C) 9 Mose Timateo 10 Will Magie 11 Timana Tahu 12 Ata Malifa 13 Martin Knoetze 14 Mike Garrity 15 Max de Achaval 16 Hanco Germishuys 17 Luke White 18 Jake Turnbull 19 Brodie Orth 20 Lynton Mare 21 Bobby Impson 22 Dustin Croy 23 Michael Al-Jiboori Coaches: Head Coach – Sean O’Leary, Assistant Coaches: Peter Borlase, David Williams Manager: Kieran Browner

Ohio Aviators: 1 Jamie Mackintosh 2 Dylan Fawsitt 3 Demecus Beach 4 Pierce Dargan 5 Ryan McTiernan 6 Filippo Ferrarini 7 Sebastián Kalm 8 Riekert Hattingh 9 Shaun Davies 10 Taylor Howden 11 Alex Elkins 12 Dominic Waldouck 13 Roland Suniula 14 Aaron “Spike” Davis 15 Zac Mizell 16 Peter Malcolm  17 Dominic Pezzutti 18 Derrek Van Klein 19  Chad Joseph 20 Allan Hanson 21 Robbie Shaw 22 Chris Kinkel 23 Ahmad Harajly Coaches: Head Coach-Paule Barford Assistant Coaches: Paul Holmes, Eamonn Hogan Manager: Tom Rooney


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