PRO Rugby Fans Name Teams

June 5, 2016

PRO Rugby Fans Name Teams


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Doug Coil

The fan voting has ended and the five PRO Rugby teams now have their names. The names represent something about the team’s location and history.

Denver Stampede

Ohio Aviators

Sacramento Express

San Diego Breakers

San Francisco Rush

The Denver Stampede reflects the ranching and its drives to markets. Aviation was a key theme for Ohio with the Wright Brothers. Sacramento was on a Pony Express route and in the 1880s was part of the construction of the building of a transcontinental railroad. San Diego has had a rich tradition with the Waters and therefore, Breakers reflects this importance. Finally, San Francisco thrived during the Gold Rush days.

This is a fan friendly league. For now the fans have spoken. Names are a symbol of identity. Style of play and interaction with the community are other factors that impact identity.

Eight weeks have gone by and the league, teams and players have been tremendous in delivering an excellent product, rugby. Fans have been supporting, but greater fan support is needed.

Summer is here and two months remain in the season. Perhaps it’s time for a road trip. If not, it is important to view the streams or watch One World Sports if the channel is available.

Support professional rugby in the United States. It will help to grow rugby and provide the high performance opportunities that National team players require.

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