Empire GU Rugby Commits to Select Side Programs

April 22, 2016

Empire GU Rugby Commits to Select Side Programs
Empire GU Press Release: April 22, 2016
High Performance budget to fund 15s / 7s Men’s and Women’s Teams 

The Empire GU Board last night approved a plan which commits to a comprehensive Select Side and High Performance program for 2016/17. The goal of the program is to offer development opportunities to all disciplines within rugby including athletes, coaches, S&C coaches, managers, referees, media relations video & technical staff. The athletes and staff will return skills and methodologies to their respective Empire GU clubs, thus increasing the level of play and administration across the GU.


The Empire Cup will start the process on June 12, where four men’s and two women’s teams will compete in Saratoga, NY. From this weekend, the Empire 15s Selects Squad will be chosen. On June 11, there will be a USA Rugby National Tracking Camp in Saratoga which all  athletes will be encouraged to take part in. An All-EGU 7s squad will be selected following the Blazing 7s in July with the 7s Select Squads emerging from that pool of athletes.

The schedule for the year includes the CanAm Tournament in July, the Northeast Cup in November, Ruggerfest in February and a home game in May to complete the season. The Empire Select 7s squad will play in the New York 7s and two other yet to be announced tournaments. Athletes will also be invited to join the Northeast Academy to train for the remained of the summer and into the NY7s. 
“Empire GU is excited we can offer a higher level of play to our athletes in both 7s and 15s, while also developing advanced skills for coaches, administrators and referees in the Union. When we spread best practices from high-performing teams to the our member clubs, we will develop a much higher level of play. EGU President Ken Pape has been a driving force in moving this process forward with Sean Horan from the Northeast Academy who worked with us  to create a plan that compliments their achievements in HP7s,” sad Pat Moroney, Empire GU VP Communications and HP Director.
Athletes interested in taking part in the program should complete this form before Monday, April 25  – http://goo.gl/forms/xuXSNT4jjC.

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