PRO Rugby Schedule Released

March 8, 2016

PRO Rugby Schedule Released


PRO Rugby Press Release: March 8, 2016

We’re proud to announce the full regular season schedule for our inaugural season. Tickets on sale soon. Stay tuned for updates:

4/17/16: SF at SAC & OHIO at DEN
4/23/16: SAC at SD
4/24/16: DEN at SF
5/01/16: SF at OHIO & DEN at SD
5/08/16: SD at SF & OHIO at SAC
5/15/16: DEN at SAC & OHIO at SD
5/20/16: SF at DEN
5/22/16: SAC at OHIO
5/28/16: SAC at SD
5/29/16: OHIO at SF
6/05/16: DEN at SD
6/12/16: SD at OHIO
6/18/16: SF at SD
6/19/16: OHIO at DEN
6/26/16: SF at OHIO & SAC at DEN
7/03/16: SAC at SF & SD at OHIO
7/09/16: OHIO at SAC
7/10/16: SD at DEN
7/16/16: SD at SF
7/17/16: SAC at DEN
7/23/16: SD at SAC
7/24/16: DEN at SF
7/30/16: SF at SAC
7/31/16: DEN at OHIO


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