Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 Pools & Schedule

January 8, 2017

Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 Pools & Schedule


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The Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 will begin on Wednesday August 9, 2017 with pool play matches being held at the University College – Dublin on August 9, 13 and 17. The remaining two rounds will be held in Belfast, United Kingdom at Queen’s University and Kingspan Stadium on August 22 and 26.

On November 9, 2016 the pool allocation took place at Belfast City Hall. “The top seven teams from the WRWC2014 in France were seeded for the draw based on that ranking, while the remaining teams were ranked according to the final position of their regional representative at the tournament.”

The 1-12 seeds are as follows: England, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Italy, Wales, Spain, Japan, and Hong Kong.

WRWC2017 Pools

  • Canada, New Zealand, Wales, Hong Kong
  • England, USA, Italy, Spain
  • France, Ireland, Australia, Japan

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WRWC2017 Fixtures Times local in Dublin, Ireland/Belfast, UK

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

  • M1, Pool B: England v Spain 09:00 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M2, Pool A: New Zealand v Wales 09:45 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M3, Pool B: USA v Italy 11:30 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M4, Pool A: Canada v Hong Kong 12:15 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M5, Pool C: Ireland v Australia 14:00 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M6, Pool C: France v Japan 14:45 Billings Park UCD, Dublin

Sunday, August 13, 2017

  • M7, Pool A: New Zealand v Hong Kong 07:00 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M8, Pool B: England v Italy 09:30 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M9, Pool B: USA v Spain 09:45 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M10, Pool A: Canada v Wales 12:00 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M11, Pool C: Ireland v Japan 12:15 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M12, Pool C: France v Australia 14:45 UCD Bowl, Dublin

Thursday, August 17, 2017

  • M13, Pool A: Canada v New Zealand 07:00 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M14, Pool B: England v USA 09:30 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M15, Pool B: Italy v Spain 09:45 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M16, Pool C: Australia v Japan 12:00 Billings Park UCD, Dublin
  • M17, Pool A: Wales v Hong Kong 12:15 UCD Bowl, Dublin
  • M18, Pool C: France v Ireland 14:45 UCD Bowl, Dublin

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • M19, 9th Place Semi-final: 10th v 11th Seeds 07:00 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M20, 5th Place Semi-final: 5th v 8th Seeds 09:00 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
  • M21, 9th Place Semi-final: 9th v 12th Seeds 09:30 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M22, 5th Place Semi-final: 6th v 7th Seeds 12:00 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M23, Semi-finals: 2nd v 3rd Seeds 12:00 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
  • M24, Semi-finals: 1st v 4th Seeds 14:45 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast

Saturday, August 26, 2017

  • M25, 11th Place Playoff: Losers M19 v M20 07:00 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M28, 5th Place Playoff: Winners M21 v M22 09:00 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
  • M26, 9th Place Playoff: Winners M19 v M20 09:30 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M27, 7th Place Playoff: Losers M21 v M22 12:00 Queen’s University, Belfast
  • M29, 3rd Place Playoff: Losers M23 v M24 12:00 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
  • M30, Final: Winners M23 v M24 14:45 Kingspan Stadium, Belfast



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