Women’s Rugby Super Series July 1st Squads

June 30, 2016

Women’s Rugby Super Series July 1st Squads

Doug Coil


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Doug Coil

The Women’s Super Series is being held in Salt Lake City and includes matches between Canada, England, France and the United States on July 1, 5 and 9, 2016. Rugby Utah, the state’s USA Rugby-sanctioned governing body for the sport, has partnered with USA Rugby and Utah Sports Commission to support the World Rugby-sanctioned Women’s Rugby Super Series as it comes to Utah.

In addition to the Super Series, the USA Junior All-Americans will play Canada’s Maple Leafs on the second and third day of the Series. A women’s age-grade Stars and Stripes Camp will be held alongside the Series and will serve as a selection vehicle to the USA Junior All-Americans.

On July 1st, the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014 Finalists Canada and England kicks off at 3 p.m. MT followed by the Eagles’ clash with France at 5 p.m. MT. All matches throughout the Super Series broadcast live on The Rugby Channel.

July 1st Rosters
Stacey Bridges captains the Women’s Eagles Friday, July 1st. The U.S. Women’s Eagles begins the Women’s Rugby Super Series against France at Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Women’s Eagles v. France
1. Tiffany Faaee  2. Kathryn Augustyn 3. Hope Rogers 4. Stacey Bridges (Capt) 5. Alycia Washington 6. Christiane Pheil 7. Joanna Kitlinski 8. Jordan Gray 9. Deven Owsiany 10. Kimberly Rozier 11. Cheta Emba 12. Sylvia Braaten 13. Jane Paar 14. Saskia Morgan 15. Jessica Wooden 16. Samantha Pankey 17. Catherine Benson 18. Jamila Reinhardt 19. Molly Kinsella 20. Elizabeth Cairns 21. Jennifer Lui 22. Megan Foster 23. Naya Tapper

France v USA – July 1 TBA

1 Lisa Arricaste 2  Gaëlle Mignot (c) 3 Julie Duval 4 Manon Andre 5  Céline Ferer 6 Pauline Soulard 7  Gaëlle Hermes 8 Romane Menager 9 Yanna Rivoalen 10 Audrey Abadie 11 Julie Billes 12 Lucille Godiveau 13 Carla Neissen 14 Camile Cabalou 15 Laura Delas 16 Manon Bigot 17 Laure Clemidy 18 Emile Mathieu 19 Safi N’Diaye 20 Pauline Bourdon 21 Camille Boudaud 22 Caroline Boujard 23 Patricia Carricaburu

Canada v England – July 1

1 Carolyn McEwen 2 Mary-Jane Kirby 3 DaLeaka Menin 4 Laura Russell (C) 5 Kayla Mack 6 Barbara Mervin 7 Latoya Blackwood 8 Jacy Murphy 9 Chelsea Guthrie 10 Emily Belchos 11 Frederique Rajotte 12 Andrea Burk 13 Alex Tessier 14 Brittany Waters 15 Julianna Zussman 16 Demi Stamatatis 17 Olvia DeMerchant 18 Tyson Beukebbom 19 Fabiola Forteza 20 Katie Svoboda 21 Brianna Miller 22 Anais Holly 23 Katie McNally

 England v Canada – July 1

1. Rochelle Clark (Worcester) (110 caps) 2. Amy Cokayne (Lichfield) (13 caps) 3. Victoria Cornborough (Richmond) (14 caps) 4. Courtney Gill (Worcester) (1 cap) 5. Tamara Taylor (Darlington Mowden Park) (91 caps) 6. Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield) (31 caps) 7. Izzy Noel-Smith (Bristol) (17 caps) 8. Sarah Hunter (Bristol) (78 caps) (c) 9. La Toya Mason (Darlington Mowden Park) (54 caps) 10. Amber Reed (Bristol) (29 caps) 11. Lotte Clapp (Saracens) (7 caps) 12. Ceri Large (Worcester) (47 caps) 13. Millie Wood (Lichfield) (uncapped) 14. Lydia Thompson (Worcester) (22 caps) 15. Katie Mason (Bristol) (10 caps) 16. Lark Davies (Worcester) (1 cap) 17. Heather Kerr (Darlington Mowden Park) (6 caps) 18. Laura Keates (Worcester) (49 caps) 19. Alex Matthews (Richmond) (21 caps) 20. Poppy Leitch (Bristol) (3 caps) 21. Bianca Blackburn (Worcester) (13 caps) 22. Lauren Cattell (Saracens) (18 caps) 23. Fiona Pocock (Richmond) (26 caps)

Women’s Rugby Super Series Match Schedule

All six matches across the three match days of the Women’s Rugby Super Series – July 1, July 5, and July 9 – will be broadcast live for free on The Rugby Channel. Fans can attend both Super Series matches each day for as little as $5 and up to $20, with tickets available online and at Regional Athletic Complex.

  • Canada vs. England – Friday, July 1
  • USA v. France – Friday, July 1 @ 5 p.m. MT
  • England v France – Tuesday, July 5
  • USA v. Canada – Tuesday, July 5 @ 5 p.m. MT
  • Canada vs. France -Saturday, July 9
  • USA v. England – Saturday, July 9 @ 3 p.m. MT

Super Series Team Rosters: Squads for July 1, 5 and 9th matches will be selected from the players below.

Canada: Emily Belchos  (Markham Irish), Latoya Blackwood (St. Anne de Bellevue/Toulouse) Tyson Beukeboom (Aurora Barbarians)  Andrea Burk (Capilano RFC)  Olivia DeMerchant (Woodstock Wildmen)  Fabiola Forteza (Club de Rugby de Quebec)  Chelsea Guthrie (Stratchona Druids)  Anais Holly (TMRRFC)  Mary-Jane Kirby (Highland RFC) Kayla Mack   (Wild Oats)  Carolyn McEwen (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club) DaLeaka Menin (Hornets) Barbara Mervin (Velox RFC)  Katie McNally (Velox Valkries)  Brianna Miller (SABRFC) Jacey Murphy (Aurora Barbarians)  Frédérique Rajotte (Sainte Anne de Bellevue RFC) Laura Russell, captain (Toronto Nomads) Elysa Sandron (Winnipeg Saracens RFC)
Kristy Sargent (Lep Tigers) Demi Stamatakis (SFU)  Katie Svoboda (Belleville Bulldogs)
Alex Tessier (Montreal Barbarians) Brittany Waters (Meraloma Athletic Club) Amanda Williams (Calgary Hornets) Julianne Zussman (Town of Mount Royal RFC)

England: Zoe Aldcroft (Darlington Mowden Park) (uncapped); Sarah Bern (Bristol) (uncapped); Bianca Blackburn (Worcester) (13 caps); Lauren Cattell (Saracens) (18 caps); Lotte Clapp (Saracens) (7 caps); Rochelle Clark (Worcester) (110 caps); Amy Cokayne (Lichfield) (13 caps); Victoria Cornborough (Richmond) (14 caps); Lark Davies (Worcester) (1 cap); Courtney Gill (Worcester) (1 cap); Sarah Hunter (Bristol) (78 caps); Megan Jones (Bristol) (1 cap); Laura Keates (Worcester) (49 caps); Heather Kerr (Darlington Mowden Park) (6 caps); Ceri Large (Worcester) (47 caps); Ruth Laybourn (Darlington Mowden Park) (16 caps); La Toya Mason (Darlington Mowden Park) (54 caps); Katie Mason (Bristol) (10 caps); Alex Matthews (Richmond) (21 caps); Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield) (31 caps); Isabelle Noel-Smith (Bristol) (17 caps); Fiona Pocock (Richmond) (26 caps); Amber Reed (Bristol) (29 caps); Leanne Riley (Saracens) (7 caps); Tamara Taylor (Darlington Mowden Park) (91 caps); Lydia Thompson (Worcester) (22 caps)

France: Audrey Abadie (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Manon Andre (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Lise Arricastre (Lons Rugby féminin Béarn Pyrénées); Manon Bigot (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Julie Billes (Montpellier); Camille Boudaud (Rennes); Caroline Boujard (Montpellier); Pauline Bourdon (AS Bayonne); Camille Cabalou (AS Bayonne); Patricia Carricaburu (Lons Rugby féminin Béarn Pyrénées); Laure Clermidy (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Laura Delas (Stade Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby); Julie Duval (Ovalie Caennaise); Céline Ferer (AS Bayonne); Audrey Forlani (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Lucille Godiveau (Bobigny); Virginie Griere (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Gaëlle Hermet (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Camille Imart (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Emilie Mathieu (FC Grenoble Amazones); Romane Menager (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Gaëlle Mignot (Montpellier); Safi N’diaye (Montpellier); Carla Neissen (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Elodie Poublan (Montpellier); Yanna Rivoalen (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Laure Sansus (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Agathe Sochat (Bordeaux); Pauline Soulard (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Caroline Thomas (Ovalie Romagnatoise Clermont Auvergne)

USA Women’s Eagles: Kathryn Augustyn (Berkeley All Blues), Catherine Benson (Life West), Stacey Bridges (Scion Sirens), Elizabeth Cairns (Penn State), Cheta Emba (Eagles 7s), Tiffany Faaee (New York Rugby Club), Megan Foster (Life West), Jordan Gray (BYU), Nicole Heavirland (Eagles 7s), Molly Kinsella (Glendale Raptors), Joanna Kitlinski (Glendale Raptors), Jen Lui (Glendale Raptors), Saskia Morgan (Brown), Deven Owsiany (San Diego Surfers), Jane Paar (Eagles 7s), Sam Pankey (Washington Furies), Christiane Pheil (Chicago North Shore), Jamila Reinhardt (Augusta), Hope Rogers (Penn State), Kimber Rozier (Washington Furies), Asinate Serevi (CWU), Jennifer Sever (Life West), Nicole Strasko (Life), Naya Tapper (UNC), Alycia Washington (Hartford Wild Roses), Jessica Wooden (ARPTC)

Women’s Rugby Sevens Super Series to be held in Salt lake City

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