Austin Huns Rugby Club Win Premier Bloodfest 7s Final

June 20, 2016

Austin Huns Rugby Club Win Premier Bloodfest 7s Final


Austin Huns Release: Austin, TX (June 20, 2016).

The Austin Huns Rugby Club takes first in the elite Bloodfest tournament bracket, beating The Dallas Reds 36-31.

The Austin Huns met The Dallas Reds in the premier cup final, it was sure to be an epic battle, with both teams fielding incredible athletes. Each side found opportunities to score, and the game was within 5 points for the majority of time. With about 3 minutes left to play The Huns were down by 11 points. Kyle Breytenbach was instrumental in the restarts, stealing the ball and giving his team the chance to put points on the board. Sani Taylor ran for a clear try with less than a minute to go and was horse collared, and The Huns were awarded a penalty try, conversion successful, 36-31 Huns. Around 30 seconds left to play, and The Reds would win if they found the try-zone once more. Understanding what was on the line, off the kick Kyle went up high and came out the other side for break away try, but the ref called a knock-on. Scrum to The Reds with time expired, this last push could decide the winner, and The Huns pushed through to steal the ball and kick for touch to secure the game, it was a hard-fought match from both teams, and a historic day for The Huns.

With over sixty teams, eight brackets, eight fields, 1500 people and 10 hours of rugby, Bloodfest 2016 was surely an amazing day of rugby. 7s has become hugely popular in recent times, and with it coming back to the Olympics this year, it will be spotlighted on the largest sporting stage in the world. Bloodfest 7s has become the largest 7s tournaments in the United States south-west, and in the future we want it to grow into one of the largest tournaments in the entire nation.

The Austin Huns realize the competitive nature it has taken on, and have put forth efforts to create an elite team of athletes to vie for a national championship. New Head Coach, Jacob Liberman, has made a huge difference in not only our play style, but also the caliber of athletes we now field.

The Austin Huns had 5 teams playing in the tournament, and over 40 athletes, a never before seen amount for the club. The premier side started strong from the very first game, dominating each team, and actually seeming to get better as the day went on. With temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees the tournament was more of a marathon, than a sprint. After each game finding shade, and refueling the body was essential if a player wanted to keep performing their best.

We want to thank every team that participated, and helped to make Bloodfest 7s again one of the largest 7s tournament in the nation. Photos from the event will soon be on our Facebook page, provided by Norma Salinas.

Divisions Winners

Men’s Premier Final: Austin Huns 36-31 Dallas Reds

Men’s Open Final: Lonestar 21-17 Ngeli

Men’s Social Final: Knights 24-7 Ft. Hood

Men’s Super Social Final: Silverbacks 5-0 TUNASUB

Women’s Open Final: Planting Petunias (Austin Valkyries) 28-0 sHARC

Women’s Super Social Final: Nuggets 25-5 Ruckus

HS Boys Final: Allen 39-10 Plano

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