Saratoga Rugby Club Launches Boys & Girls High School Rugby

January 10, 2016

Saratoga Rugby Club Launches Boys & Girls High School Rugby


Saratoga Rugby Club Press Release: Eric Huss – Saratoga Rugby Club VP & Commercial Manager

Saratoga Springs, NY – The Saratoga Rugby Club is proud to announce the introduction of 2 new High School Rugby teams! Both the Boys & Girls teams will be part of Saratoga Rugby Club and fit in between their Youth & Collegiate programs. The teams will attract players from the Saratoga County region and their home will be the Saratoga Rugby Grounds at 5 Clement Avenue in Saratoga Springs, NY.

“With the recent success of our new Youth Rugby program and the growing success of our Collegiate, Premier and college affiliates, the timing is perfect for its introduction” explains SRC VP & Commercial Manager Eric Huss. “We have received a significant amount of local interest and have full support of USA Rugby and Rugby NY in the endeavor” continues Huss. Saratoga Rugby Club’s Boys & Girls teams will compete in the already established Capital District Youth Rugby (CDYR) league, which currently boasts 8 different teams around the region, both boys & girls.

Saratoga Rugby Club President Jaco Visser speaks of the mission of the new program “We are committed to creating an enjoyable, thriving and competitive rugby environment that inspires people of all ages to participate” adding “Compared to most sports, rugby is very affordable and it allows all players, regardless of experience, to participate. We are very excited to bring these opportunities to our high school communities”

Rugby is currently the fastest growing sport in America in every age demographic across both genders…it is also featuring in the next 2 summer Olympics. It is a global game and more so a way of life…the timing is perfect for this area.   The new program has the support of Saratoga, Schuylerville & Ballston Spa High Schools and will attract players from those and other regional schools!”

Those players & parents interested in playing or learning more information are highly encouraged to attend the “call out” meeting/event on Feb. 1st at the Saratoga Rec Center (15 Vanderbilt Ave at 7pm).

Players can register online at or confirm their attendance on Facebook at

For immediate questions or to learn more about Saratoga Rugby Club’s High School Rugby program prior to the meeting, please contact;

Eric Huss, Cell: 518-496-6662 Email:

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  • Flip Buttling

    This is a head scratcher. Why would Saratoga Rugby Club (Stampede), attempt to set up a new youth program in Saratoga County, when there is already a very successful youth rugby program in Saratoga County? The Saratoga Mustangs boys and girls U19 club has been in operation by Saratoga Rugby Inc. since 2007. The Boy’s side has been to the NYS high school rugby championship for the past 3+ years. I understand the Stampede broke off from Saratoga Rugby Inc. a few years ago over some differences, but does the Stampede feel competing for the same pool of high school players to form two clubs, rather than focusing on one strong program, which is already established, the best way to advance rugby in Saratoga County? Seems they should be able to set aside whatever differences they have with SRI for the benefit of the kids and rugby in general.

  • Quite simple…The Burnt Hills Mustangs operate out of basically one high school, Burnt Hills. When we have athletes and athletic directors from three large local high schools (Saratoga, Schuylerville & Ballston Spa (each capable of having their own teams) asking Saratoga Rugby Club to start a program, we did just such. We are extremely supportive of the Burnt Hills Mustangs and their successes, we have been providing coaching resources to that club & program for years. Saratoga Springs, the home of Saratoga Rugby Club can theoretically host 3-5 High School programs…Saratoga County if a very large area. As well, Saratoga Rugby Club has a professional structure, business model, facilities, coaches, partners and community support! This would only be a head scratching moment for people that have little knowledge of the bigger picture!

  • The new Saratoga Rugby Club High School programs have the full support of USA Rugby, Rugby NY and all regional partners, city of Saratoga Springs as well as Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa & Schulerville High Schools and Athletic Directors.