Women’s Rugby National All-Star Competition

December 23, 2015

Women’s Rugby National All-Star Competition

Modified from USA Rugby Release: Chad Wise, Dec. 21, 2016
The Women’s National All-Star Competition is being held December 28th through January 3rd at Tigertown in Lakeland, Florida. This is the third year of this competition and the largest with 215 athletes in the Women’s Rugby National Team Pathway.

“This will be the best gathering of domestic women’s rugby players ever,” Women’s Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg said. “We have spent the last year focused on player identification and almost all the players have been seen at an NASC or a national championship event.

“The winter NASC is the foundation of the women’s pathway. Moving forward, this annual event will be where the national team pools for the year will be selected.”

This competition will be a vehicle for identifying athletes for both the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2017 and for the Women’s Eagles Sevens player pools. Head coaches of Women Eagles and the Women Eagles Sevens, Peter Steinberg and Dr. Jules McCoy, have worked cooperatively  on this pathway.

“The preliminary World Cup squad for 2017 will be selected at the NASC,” Steinberg said. “A squad of around 45 will be identified and will begin to follow the Eagles’ strength and conditioning and skill development programming. They will be invited back with a few additional players to a senior NASC that will lead to the Super Series in the summer.” Prior to the Super Series, senior athletes will once again convene.

Not only will the NASC be a selection avenue for the USA Senior teams, but it will also help to identify athletes for the Junior All Americans and Collegiate All Americans teams.

NASC Process

Athletes will be split into 8 competitive teams – Under-20s (2), Under-23s (2), and Senior  (4). Coaching each team will be participants from the Emerging Coach Development Program. Each coach will work with current Women’s National Team Pathway lead coaches throughout the camp.

National All-Star Competition | Athletes

First Name Last Name School / Club
Adekemi Adewunmi Denver Black Ice
Olufunmilayo Akinlosotu US Air Force
Milla Anderson Dartmouth
Baylee Annis Burlington WRFC
Kathryn Augustyn Berkeley All Blues WRFC
Emily Azevedo Women’s Eagles Sevens
Marcaya Bailous Notre Dame College
Kendall Bedford Princeton University
Lizzie Bellis University of Wisconsin
Nicole Benedetti Northern Virginia WRFC
Catherine Benson Life West WRFC
Sharyn Beodeker Kutztown University
Rebekah Bernheim Colorado Springs RFC
Bria Bohanon Battleship WRFC
Alexandra Borowsky Chicago North Shore WRFC
Sylvia Braaten Twin Cities Amazons WRFC
Rebecca Brafman New York Rugby Club
Stacey Bridges Twin Cities Amazons WRFC
Elizabeth Bristow Chicago North Shore WRFC
Kaitlyn Broughton Life University
Ruth Bryson Berkeley All Blues WRFC
Sarah Buonopane Beantown WRFC
Nicole Burr Augusta WRFC
Ashlee Byrge Davenport University
Elizabeth Cairns Penn State University
Kayla Canett Fallbrook High School
Elena Cantorna Seattle Saracens
Gabriella Cantorna State College High School
Margaret Carly Penn State University
Ryan Carlyle Seattle Saracens
Amanda Carrington Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Addison Carvajal Bowdoin College
Naiomi Cayo-Nelson Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Scout Cheeks Penn State University
Sarah Chobot Glendale Raptors WRFC
Kayla Clark AIC
Sadia Crosby Roger Williams University
Gioanna Cruz Lindenwood University
Kathleen Daley At Large
Jacqueline Davisson Santa Monica WRFC
Allyson Day Norwich University
Sheila Decker Norwich University
Amber DeFabio Kutztown University
Amanda Divich Lindenwood University
Brenna Donahue Davenport University
Linda Drake U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Lanoira Duhart Winona State University
Yejadai Dunn Dartmouth
Allison Dykes Little Rock WRFC
Alexandra Eakes Princeton University
Rachel Ehrecke Penn State University
Cheta Emba Beantown WRFC
Laura Enk Lindenwood University
Kristen ‘Jade’ Enright Colby College
Tiffany Faaee New York Rugby Club
Carmen Farmer Severn River WRFC
Deshel Ferguson Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Frieda Fetu’u Berkeley All Blues
Tess Feury Penn State University
Rachel Fitch Colorado College
Natalie Flaim Kutztown University
Jasmin Folch University of Connecticut
Maxine Fonua Berkeley All Blues
Joycelyn Fordyce US Air Force
Megan Foster Life West WRFC
Alexis Frueh Austin Valkyries WRFC
Bayleigh Gable Grandville Girls RC
Chelsea Garber Raleigh WRFC
Kira Garnett Penn State University
Lara Gartner Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Amanda Ghannam Little Rock WRFC
Jennifer Glaser University of Wisconsin
Jordan Gray BYU
Rachel Griendling Women’s Eagles Sevens
Abby Gustaitis Women’s Eagles Sevens
Christina Haney University of Virginia
Summer Harris-Jones University of Virginia
Jordan Hartfiel Rockford Lady Raven’s RFC
McKenzie Hawkins Lindenwood University
Shayla Heagy Indiana University
Nicole Heavirland Women’s Eagles Sevens
Rebekah Hebdon (nee Boaz) BYU
Della Hellander Morris Rugby Club
Laura Hetherman University of Connecticut
Atumata Hingano Danville Oaks HS
Sisileti Hingano BYU
Evan Hoese Berkeley All Blues WRFC
Grace Hovde Wisconsin WRFC
Katana Howard Twin Cities Amazons WRFC
Shannon Hustosky Kent State University
Leah Ingold Central Washington University
Nicole James Houston Athletic RC
Bailey Johnson Minnesota State U-Mankato
Cheryl Johnson Philadelphia WRFC
Emily Jones Beantown WRFC
Keren Kabambi Princeton University
Bridget Kahele AIC
Ardia Kelker Berkeley All Blues
Brianna Kim Northern Virginia WRFC
Joanna Kitilinski Glendale Raptors WRFC
Sabrina Kraft San Diego Surfers WRFC
Joie Krahling Philadelphia WRFC
Haley Langan Harvard
Margaret Leonard Glendale Raptors WRFC
Hannah Lewandowski Central Washington University
Shelby Lin New York Rugby Club
Hannah Lockwood San Diego Surfers WRFC
Ophelia Loree University of Minnesota
Katherine Loughran University of Notre Dame
Darian Lovelace Life University
Jessica Lu Princeton University
Jennifer Lui Glendale Raptors WRFC
Kaelene Lundstrum Twin Cities Amazons WRFC
Samantha Luther Beantown WRFC
Aurora Macek Northern Illinois University
Emily Magee ARPTC
Taylor Makowski Northside Dragons HS
Yana (Edna) Manoa Central Washington University
Jaimie McFarlin Washington Furies WRFC
Carlene McPolin Lindenwood University
Allison Miedzielec Davenport University
Laura Miller Glendale Raptors WRFC
Averie Mitchell-Brown University of Minnesota
Stephanie Morande University of Minnesota
Joanna Moreira Central Washington University
Hunter Moreland Davenport University
Saskia Morgan Brown University
Cameo Motley Life West WRFC
Katie Mueller Penn State University
Jochebed Muflam Princeton University
Azniv Nalbandian Penn State University
Michel Navarro Fallbrook High School
Uzoamaka Okoro Brown University
Marjorie Olney Washington Furies WRFC
Danielle Ordway Davenport University
Bianca Ortiz-Pallen Bishop O’Dowd High School
Erin Overcash At Large
Deven Owsiany San Diego Surfers WRFC
Samantha Pankey Washington Furies WRFC
Sara Parsons At Large
Annakaren Pedraza Lindenwood University
Audrey Perez Dartmouth
Ashley Perry Women’s Eagles Sevens
Kristina Perry Penn State University
Nearah Persinger Lindenwood University
Paige Pfannenstiel Bowdoin College
Christiane Pheil Chicago North Shore WRFC
Megan Pinson Sacramento Amazons WRFC
Taylah Pipkin Penn State University
Melissa Polheber Wisconsin WRFC
Kayla Postula Central Washington University
Emily Prentice Kent Crusaders
Sophia Pyrz Penn State University
Katherine Ramage Dartmouth
Naima Reddick Seattle Saracens
Kristen Redmon US Military Academy
Megan Reilly Bloomsburg University
Lauren Rhode New York Rugby Club
Kayla Richardson BYU
Hope Rogers Penn State University
Megan Rom Life University
Becca Jane Rosko Summit High School
Emily Roskopf Life West WRFC
Kimber Rozier Washington Furies WRFC
Kandis Ruiz Glendale Raptors WRFC
Rachel Ryan Glendale Raptors WRFC
Caitlin Rycek Bloomsburg University
Crystal Sain Charlotte WRFC
Monika (Ikuvalu) Sake At Large
Sawyer Salter Minnesota State U-Mankato
Francesca Sands Norwich University
Ravyn Santiago Life University
Haley Schafer Central Washington University
Asinate Serevi Central Washington University
Jennifer Sever Life West WRFC
Kristen Shalosky Glendale Raptors WRFC
Eshe Sherley Yale University
Danesha Shipman University of Texas
Sierra Snapp U.S. Naval Academy
Elizabeth Snodgrass Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Nicole Snyder Bloomsburg University
Kristine Sommer Seattle Saracens
Ashley Sorensen Columbus/Fort Benning WRFC
Katy Stewart Washington Furies WRFC
Kelsi Stockert Seattle Saracens
Hannah Stolba Glendale Raptors WRFC
Nicole Strasko Life University
Ashaunte Stroman Florida International University
Francesca Suarez Middlebury College
Chelsey Sveinsson Stanford University
Adi (Finau) Tamaivena Kent Crusaders
Stephanie Taylor Montana State University
Danesha Telfair Northern Illinois University
Nia Toliver ICEF
Claire Tomashek Univ of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Supiesi Tongi Hawaii Harlequins
Lauren Trout Chicago North Shore WRFC
Elizabeth Trujillo San Diego Surfers WRFC
Jessica Turner Berkeley All Blues WRFC
Abby Vestal ARPTC
Andrea Villanova New York Rugby Club
Abby Vogel University of California, Berkeley
Jacie Vonada Twin Cities Amazons WRFC
Danielle Walko Siua Notre Dame College
Alycia Washington Hartford Wild Roses WRFC
Carly Waters Penn State University
Frances Wehrwein Berkeley All Blues WRFC
Caroline White Seattle Saracens
Abigail Williams Milwaukee Scylla WRFC
Courtney Williams Penn State University
Dazjanique Williams West Shore United RC
Kayla Williams Augusta WRFC
Megan Wolff Winona State University
Kassidi Wynter Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
Adriana Zeiders West Chester University

National All-Star Competition | Staff
Pete Steinberg
Richie Walker
Brandon Sparks
Wil Snape
Sue Whitwell
Bill LeClerc
Christian Carter
Caitlin Singletary
Amy Valenta
Sarah Leslie
Diane Watanabe
Amie Kern
Bri Arsenault
Ashley Cowan
Katherin Henry
Roshna Wunderlich
Annemarie Farrell
Lance Pruett

National All-Star Competition | Senior Team Coaches

Head: Peter Baggetta
Assistant: Katrina Logan
Assistant: James Tesoriero
Head: Martha Daines
Assistant: Ricardo Ramirez
Assistant: Kirstin Hartos
Head: Richard Ashfield
Assistant: Shawn Pittman
Assistant: Katy Dowty
Head; Johnathan Atkieson
Assistant: Sean Cobb
Assistant: Beckett Royce

National All-Star Competition | College Team Coaches

Head: Jamie Burke
Assistant: Trevor Alfred
Assistant: Mel Denham
Head: Bernie Cantorna
Assistant: Andrea Street
Assistant: Holly Iker

National All-Star Competition | Junior Team Coaches

Head: Jon Mooney
Assistant: Sharon Blaney
Assistant: Evi Ashenbrucker
Head: Kitt Wagner
Assistant: Vaughn Mitchell
Assistant: Bill LeClerc

National All-Star Competition | Coach Advisors
Fred Bardot
Brett Burdick
Rick Humm
Lisa Rosen


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