Positively Rugby: Rugby Fit Challenge

June 9, 2016

Positively Rugby: Rugby Fit Challenge


Rugby Fit Challenge Rules

The Rugby Fit Challenge is a six month training program (start date June 4, 2016) for Positively Rugby CEO and Founder, Jennie Reid to get rugby fit, based on fitness and nutrition advice from people around the world who are involved in rugby. Rugby fitness professionals will establish fitness goals and criteria for the definition of “Rugby Fit” for this challenge. Once determined, these goals will be published on http://www.positivelyrugby.com.

Upon Jennie Reid successfully attaining her rugby fit fitness goals, Positively Rugby will donate $1,000 USD to USA Rugby Trust and sponsor the rugby team who wins the contest for $1,000 USD.

Qualifications required to be able to give advice: Jennie Reid will be working with a few selected rugby fitness and nutrition professionals for the duration of the program. These professionals will have at least one of the following qualifications: certified personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, and nutritionists.

The general rugby public, including players, coaches, team support staff, and management staff, may submit fitness or nutrition tips, advice, and photos of what works for them or their peers to be rugby fit.

Rules to be entered into contest: Entry into the contest is only open to people involved in rugby, from anywhere in the world. Each person must firstly register on the form at www.positivelyrugby.com in order to be entered in the contest.  When registering, the team name noted is the team who will win if that contestant is selected. Once registered, each time advice is provided by a registered contestant they will receive another entry into the contest.

The fitness and nutrition professionals that are selected for the duration of the program will automatically receive a weekly entry into the sponsorship contest.

By entering the contest, contestants are agreeing for their advice and photos to be shared publicly.

How to Win: The winning team to receive the $1,000 sponsorship will be randomly drawn on December 4, 2016 from the total entries submitted during the contest time.

Responsibilities: Jennie Reid will consult with her professional fitness team at a minimum of once per week to stay on track with the program and receive updates. Regular updates of some of this professional advice and advice and tips received from the general public will be made at least weekly, either on Jennie’s personal accounts or Positively Rugby social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) or at www.positivelyrugby.com. Advice provided on Twitter may be retweeted and Facebook and LinkedIn posts may be liked or shared (per Positively Rugby discretion).

Sponsors: To become a sponsor, please email Positively Rugby directly. Contact details are available on www.positivleyrugby.com. Sponsors are welcome to donate financial support to either the winning team’s sponsorship or USA Rugby Trust, at their discretion, upon Jennie Reid successfully reaching her rugby fitness goals. Any sponsorship funds will be in addition to the $1,000 donation from Positively Rugby. Support for USA Rugby Trust is a tax deductible donation in the USA.

Positively Rugby is also seeking sponsors for fitness gear, such as clothing, exercise equipment, rugby gear, nutrition supplements, and meals. The sponsor’s brand will be promoted through Positively Rugby for the duration of this contest at a separately agreed upon frequency and content.


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