Americas Rugby Championship February 6 – March 5, 2016

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February 5, 2016

Americas Rugby Championship February 6 – March 5, 2016


Logo: Americas Rugby Championship

The Americas Rugby Championship begins February 6 and lasts until March 5, 2016. In this inaugural competition, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the United States and Uruguay.

The Americas Rugby Championship has “confirmed that games not involving Argentina XV will now be played with World Rugby Ranking points at stake. This adds a special edge to every match. Ranking positions are as follow: Argentina 5, USA 16, Canada 19, Uruguay 20, Chile 24 and Brazil 42.”

Agustín Pichot, President of Americas rugby, said: ” we are faced with the daunting challenge of contributing to the growth of rugby in the continent and this tournament is a great opportunity to do so. Each Participant Union is committed to this Americas Rugby Championship and we are happy with what is about to begin.”” We are convinced that the arc will also work to raise the standards in all the countries of America.”

The Americas Rugby Championship will be played for a minimum of five years with each team playing each other. The winner of each match will receive four points; in the event of a tie both teams will receive two points and there will also be bonus points for the team with four or more tries and to the team that lost by seven or less points in a match. The Champion will be the team that has the most points at the end of the fifth round.

Team Preview (Spanish)

Ignacio Chans Etcheverry, is a Journalist in Uruguay, was Uruguay Rugby’s Team Media Manager during the 2015 Rugby World Cup, is the Editor of Referi, Director of Rugby News (Uruguay) and conducts a radio show, Hablemos de Rugby. He contacted journalists from each of the nations involved with the Americas Rugby Championship to write a team preview. In the case of both the USA and Canada previews, he translated the articles. The articles were also edited to meet Referi article standards. Presupuesto millonario para un torneo que puede cambiar a la región 

The other contributing journalists were

  • Jorge Busico (Argentina), La Nacion and for Periodismo Rugby
  • Bryan Ray (Canada) – Americas Rugby News, Canadian Editor
  • Doug Coil (USA) – DJCoil Rugby and This Is American Rugby
  • Virgillo Neto (Brazil) – ESPN (Brazil)
  • Pablo Werth (Chile) – Revista Rugbiers

USA Preview in English – DJCoil Rugby; Rugby News (Uruguay) -Spanish

Americas Rugby Championship Schedule

Matches involving the USA will be on ESPN3 and replayed on ESPN2. Schedule

Canada’s Feb 6th match will be streamed on

Feb 6th:

Canada vs Uruguay, Westhills Stadium, Langford, B.C. 1:00 pm ET (Ref: Juan Sylvestre (Argentina) Assistants: David Smortchevsky and Harry Mason (Canada)

USA vs Argentina, BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston, TX 8:00 pm ET (Ref: Chis Assmus (Canada). Assistants: Kurt Weaver and Phil Akroyd (Both USA)

Chile vs Brazil, Vina Del Mar, Chile 5:00 pm ET (Ref: Joaquín Montes (Uruguay) Assistants: Francisco Saavedra and Frank Mendez)

Feb. 12th:

Brazil v Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 5:00 pm ET (Ref: Damien Schneider (Argentina) Assistants: Xavier Vouga and Henrique Platais)

Feb. 13th:

Argentina vs Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina (San Juan of the bicentennial, San Juan) 4:00 pm ET (Ref: Kurt Weaver (United States) Assistants: Claudio Antonio and Jason Mola)

USA vs Canada, Dell Diamond, Round Rock, TX 7:00 pm ET (Ref: Juan Sylvestre (Argentina) Assistants: Derek Summers and Scott Green)

Feb. 20th:

Canada vs Brazil, Westhills Stadium, Langford, BC 1:00 pm ET (Ref: Joaquín Montes (Uruguay). Assistants: Harry Mason and Doug Hamre)

USA vs Chile, Lockhart Stadium, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 6:00 pm ET (Ref: Damien Schneider (Argentina). Assistants: Michael Kelly and Cisco Lopez)

Uruguay vs Argentina, Campus Stadium, Punta del Este, Uruguay 6:30 pm ET (Ref: Kurt Weaver (United States) Assistants: Claudio Cativelli and Alejandro Longres)

Feb. 27th:

Brazil vs USA, Barueri Arena, São Paulo, Brazil 3:00 pm ET (Referee: Chris Assmus (Canada) Assistants: Henrique Platais and Ricardo Sant ‘ Anna)

Chile vs Uruguay, San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago, Chile 6:00 pm ET (Ref: Damien Schneider (Argentina). Assistants: Claudio Ruz and Luis Diaz)

Feb. 28th:

Argentina vs Canada, Rosario, Argentina (goblins rugby club, Rosario) 3:00 pm ET (Ref: Joaquín Montes (Uruguay). Assistants: Mauro Rivera and Andrew Sutton)

Mar. 5th:

Chile vs Canada, San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago, Chile 5:10 pm ET (Ref: Kurt Weaver (USA) Assistants: Ignacio Street And Francisco Saavedra)

Uruguay vs USA, Charrua Stadium, Montivideo, Uruguay 4:10 pm ET (Ref: Juan Sylvestre (Argentina) Assistants: Alejandro Longres and Francisco González)

Brazil vs Argentina, Pacaembu Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil 6:10 pm ET (Referee: Chris Assmus (Canada). Assistants: Xavier Vouga and Ricardo Sant’ Anna)

Preview of Teams

Americas Rugby Championship Squads

USA v Argentina

Men’s Eagles | v. Argentina XV

1. Eric Fry 2. Joseph Taufete’e 3. Chris Baumann 4. Brodie Orth 5. Greg Peterson 6. Cam Dolan 7. Todd Clever 8. David Tameilau 9. Niku Kruger 10. James Bird 11. Kingsley McGowan 12. Lemoto Filikitonga 13. Chad London 14. Takudzwa Ngwenya 15. Blaine Scully (capt.), 16. Mike Sosene-Feagai 17. Olive Kilifi 18. James Hilterbrand 19. Ben Landry 20. Alec Gletzer 21. JP Eloff 22. Mike Te’o 23. Jake Anderson – Coaches: John Mitchell (HC), Ass’t: Phil Greening, Marty Veale, Rob Hoadley; Strength and Conditioning: Dave Williams; Video Analyst: Paul Goulding; Mgr: Sean Lindersmith

Argentina XV | v. USA

1 Roberto Tejerizo 2 Santiago Iglesias Valdez 3 Felipe Arregui 4 Marcos Kremer 5 Ignacio Larrague 6 Rodrigo Báez (capt.) 7 Lautaro Bavaro 8 Santiago Montagner 9 Gonzalo Bertranou 10 Domingo Miotti 11 Tomás Carrió 12 Joaquín Paz 13 Juan Cappiello 14 Matías Orlando 15 Ramiro Moyano, 16 Franco Brarda 17 Gaspar Baldunciel 18 Cristian Bartoloni 19 Pedro Ortega 20 José Deheza 21 Lautaro Bazán 22 Juan Leon Novillo 23 Juan Pablo Estellés

Canada v Uruguay

1 Hubert Buydens (capt.) 2 Ray Barkwill 3 Jake Ilnicki 4 Paul Ciulini 5 Callum Morrison 6 Kyle Gilmour 7 Lucas Rumball 8 Clay Panga 9 Gordon McRorie 10 Gradyn Bowd 11 Dan Moor 12 Nick Blevins 13 Mozac Samson 14 Phil Mackenzie 15 Patrick Parfrey, 16 Eric Howard 17 Djustice Sears-Duru 18 Rob Brouwer 19 Kyle Baillie 20 Alistair Clark 21 Mike Hamson 22 Andrew Ferguson 23 Duncan Maguire Coaches: Francois Ratier, Interim HC, Ass’t: Jamie Cudmore, Graeme Moffat, Mike Shelley, Chris Silverthorn; Strength and Conditioning: Andy Evans; Video analyst: James Kent


1 Mateo Sanguinetti 2 Carlos Arboleya 3 Juan Echeverría 4 Diego Magno 5 Franco Lamanna 6 Juan Manuel Gaminara (capt.) 7 Matías Beer 8 Alejandro Nieto 9 Guillermo Lijtenstein 10 Rodrigo Silva 11 Gastón Mieres 12 Alberto Román 13 Andrés Vilaseca 14 Leandro Leivas 15 Santiago Martinez, 16 Germán Kessler 17 Facundo Gattas 18 Rafaél Mones 19 Rodolfo De Mula 20 Mathias Palomeque 21 Gonzalo Soto 22 Santiago Arata 23 Pedro Deal Coaches: Esteben Meneses (HC), Ass’t: Guzman Slinger; Mgr: Santiago Slinger

Chile v Brazil

1 Ramón Ayarza 2 Rodrigo Moya 3 Sergio de la Fuente 4 Nikola Bursic 5 Matías Cabrera 6 Cristóbal Niedmann 7 Javier Richard 8 Benjamín Soto (capt.) 9 Beltrán Vergara 10 Cristián Onetto 11 Ítalo Zunino 12 Francisco de la Fuente 13 Matías Nordenflycht 14 José Ignacio Larenas 15 Leonardo Montoya 16 Tomás Dussaillant 17 Claudio Zamorano 18 Luis Sepúlveda 19 Raimundo Piwonka 20 Ignacio Silva 21 Juan Pablo Perrotta 22 Pablo Casas 23 Matías Contreras Coaches: Sebastian Gajardo, Bernardo Garcis, Elias Santillan


1 Wilton Rebolo 2 Daniel Danielewicz 3 Jardel Vettorato 4 Lucas Piero 5 Luis Gustavo Vieira 6 Mark Jackson 7 Joao Luis da Ros 8 Nick Smith 9 Beukes Cremer 10 David Harvey 11 Lucas Tranquez 12 Moises Duque 13 Felipe Sancery 14 Stefano Giantorno 15 Daniel Sancery 16 Yan Rosetti 17 Lucas Abud 18 Vitor Ancina de Oliveira 19 Felipe Tissot 20 Arthur Bergo 21 Martin Schaefer 22 Lucas Duque 23 Laurent Bourda-Couhet


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