A Glimpse of the Rugby New York Spouses and Partners Lives

While rugby players are involved playing professional rugby in Major League Rugby for six months, and perhaps, their other time playing for other clubs, spouses and partners travel and make adjustments in supporting their partners.

Spouses and partners have their own identities and need support from their partners, the team, and their supportive players’ partners.

For some, they may have not been involved previously with athletic demands, while others have played a sport themselves.

The idea for this group interview was conceived several years ago, but it was only this year that assess to this group was available.

The women involved, have shared their personal experiences, which may be similar and somewhat different depending on who might have participated. The first names of the women involved were used, to focus on them and not their specific partners.

Scott Ferrara, Administrator of the Rugby New York Supporters Club and the Rugby Rant Podcast,  stopped by to support the women, but a microphone system problem caused a delay in beginning the interview and he needed to begin his match preview of Rugby New York vs Old Glory DC.

This interview, and others, are available on the DJCoil Rugby YouTube Channel, and also appear on the webpage.

Interview Questions

  • How did you meet your partner?
  • How does a professional rugby player’s lifestyle impact his partner?
  • How do spouses/partners maintain their sense of personal and/or professional identity?
  • What support do their partners provide, as well as the team, and other players’ partners?

After viewing the interview, are there follow-up questions for this group?

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