USA Rugby South to Face Pacific Northwest Selects

USA Rugby South Release

The newly re-formed Pacific Northwest Selects will travel to Nashville, TN from Seattle, WA to challenge the Panthers in their first game on Jan 15, 2022.  The Hendersonville Rugby Complex will host the game at 2 PM and The Lost Paddy will host both teams afterward.  Everyone is looking forward to this event.

USA Rugby South Squad

  • Aaron Martin                         Tampa Krewe
  • Amro Gouda                         Life U
  • Andrew Rappe                      Nashville
  • Austin Grant                          Atlanta Old White
  • Austin Parrish                       Brevard Old Red Eye
  • Bryan Todman                      Palm Beach
  • Calvin Storey                        James River
  • Chris Kinzer                          Chattanooga
  • Colby Pearl                           MTSU
  • David Coleman                     Rocky Gorge
  • German Jalil                          Miami Tridents
  • Jarrett Gartin                         Atlanta Old White
  • John Truax                            Chattanooga
  • Kyle Hudson                         Chattanooga
  • Matt Fontana                        Atlanta Renegades
  • Matt Hughston                      Charlotte
  • Mauro Pettenari                   Miami Tridents
  • Nahuel Wingord                   Raleigh
  • Patrick Audino                      NOVA
  • Rory Bartle                            Charlotte
  • Sam Patterson                      Charlotte
  • Zach Miller                            Atlanta Old White
  • Zack Jessell                          404

   USA Rugby Staff

  •  Rene Daniel                          USARS                                  Head Coach
  • Francesco Balsas                Atlanta Old White                 Coach
  • Stephen Hickey                    Augusta                                 Coach
  • Shawn Elms                          Morehouse College             Coach
  • Fred Reynolds                      Philly/Whitemarsh                Medical
  • Gary Kent                              Columbus/Fort Benning      Mgt
  • Rick Comiskey                      USARS                                  Mgt
  • Kevin Kitto                             USARS                                  Mgt

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