USA Rugby South to Play Austin Gilgronis Academy Outlaws

USA Rugby South Release

After a year since the Panthers were last able to play, we are excited to travel to Austin, Texas to challenge the Austin Gilgronis Academy on December 4, 2021.  Covid has changed most things we do and our playing roster reflects that change with 10 new Panthers in the team.

USA Rugby South is proud to announce its representatives:

  • Alex Tomlinson                     NC State University
  • Austin Grant                          Atlanta Old White
  • Bryan Todman                      Palm Beach
  • David Coleman                     Rocky Gorge
  • David Truxal                          Macon
  • German Jalil                          Miami Tridents
  • Jamal Hadley                        Old Blue
  • James Sheridan                   Old Blue
  • John Truax                            Chattanooga
  • Luciano Lagomarsino          Miami Tridents
  • Maciu Koroi                           Atlanta Old White
  • Matt Fontana                        Atlanta Renegades
  • Matthew Mairowitz               Miami Tridents
  • Mauro Pettenari                   Miami Tridents
  • Richard Shore                      404
  • Ryan Rey                              Golden Gate
  • Sam Patterson                      Charlotte
  • Sam Trammel                       404
  • Seimou Smith                       Raptors
  • Zach McAfee                        Atlanta Old White
  • Zach Miller                            Atlanta Old White
  • Zack Jessell                          404

         USA Rugby South Coaches & Staff

  •  Rene Daniel                          USARS                                  Head Coach
  • Francesco Balsas                Atlanta Old White                 Coach
  • Shawn Elms                          Morehouse College             Coach
  • Phil Thiel                                Atlanta Old White                 Coach
  • Fred Reynolds                      Philly/Whitemarsh                Medical
  • Gary Kent                              Columbus/Fort Benning      Mgt
  • Kevin Kitto                             USARS                                  Mgt

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