Texas Rugby Union Mary Graham All-Star Tournament

We’re excited to announce that the 2021 Mary Graham All-Star Tournament will take place in Grand Prairie, TX on December 4-5, 2021. This annual event has been renamed in honor of TRU Hall of Fame member Mary Graham who created the first U23 Texas Rugby Union All-Star team in 2001. Read more about the renaming of the event.

The TRU All-Star team will be joined by Mid-America, Pacific NW, Capital, Midwest (2), Chicago Lions, and the Austin Valkyries.

Live streams of the weekend matches will be available on the TRU Youtube channel and Facebook page, with the competition kicking off on December 4.

Event Details

What: 2021 Mary Graham All-Star Tournament
Where: Prairie Park, 110 S Bagdad Rd, Grand Prairie, TX [MAP]
When: December 4-5, 2021
Why: To continue developing high-performance rugby in the TRU. We’ll have USA Rugby representation through SOAR coaches and scouts.

Schedule of Events




Team 1


Team 2



1 10:00 AM TRU Midwest 1 Tier 1
2 12:00 PM Mid-America Chicago Lions Tier 2
3 2:00 PM Capital Pacific NW Tier 1
4 3:30 PM Midwest 2 Valkyries Tier 2




Team 1


Team 2



5 9:00 AM Tier 2 Consolation
6 10:45 AM Tier 1 Consolation
7 12:30 PM Tier 2 Championship
8 2:15 PM Tier 1 Championship


Austin Valkyries


Chicago Lions


Alex Powell, Kansas City Jazz
Alexis Hamilton, Oklahoma City Crusaders
Amber Pierce, Omaha Goats
Amelia Miramonti, Omaha Goats
Anna Albrecht, St Louis Sabres
Bianca Wollmeister, Kansas State University
Briana Keim, Queen City Chaos (Springfield, MO)
Bryana Jackson, Omaha Goats
Ciara Clawson, Kansas City Jazz
Claire DeVry, Kansas City Jazz
Essence Bell, Omaha Goats
Faith Sorenson, Omaha Goats
Gillian Stuart, Wichita Valkyries
Grace Wilhite, Oklahoma City Crusaders
Hannah Reid, Kansas City Jazz
Hannah Schuberg, Benedictine Women’s Rugby
Hayley Snodgrass, Omaha Goats
Jamelia Reed, Oklahoma City Crusaders
Jasmine Kovacs, Omaha Goats
Jessica Tharp, Kansas City Jazz
Kylie Jo Johnson, Oklahoma City Crusaders
Lauren Holliday, Queen City Chaos (Springfield, MO)
Rochelle Towson, Kansas Bison (Lawrence, KS)
Tammi Wusstig, Queen City Chaos (Springfield, MO)
Teara Perry, Kansas City Jazz
Thais Gaia Oliveira, Tulsa Women’s Rugby

Kjrstena Abel-Ruch, Kansas Bison
Oksana Goretaya, Kansas Bison
Jody Lawrence, Queen City Chaos


Alexis Hamilton, OKC Crusaders
Amber Pierce, Omaha Goats
Amelia Miramonti, Omaha Goats
Anna Albrecht, STL Sabres
Bianca Wollmeister, K-State Women
Briana Keim,
Springfield Chaos
Bryana P Jackson, Omaha Goats
Ciara Clawson, KC Jazz
Claire DeVry, KC Jazz
Faith Sorensen, Omaha Goats
Gillian Stuart,
Wichita Valkyries
Grace Wilhite, OKC Crusaders
Hannah Schuberg,
Benedictine Women
Hayley Snodgrass, Omaha Goats
Jamelia Reed, OKC Crusaders
Jasmine Kovacs, Omaha Goats
Jessica Tharp, KC Jazz
Kylie Jo Johnson, OKC Crusaders
Lauren Holliday,
Springfield Chaos
Rochelle Towson, Kansas Women
Tammi Wusstig,
Springfield Chaos
Teara perry, KC Jazz
Thais Gaia Oliveira, Tawanda’s Tulsa rugby

Kjrsten Abel Ruch (Head Coach), Kansas Women
Jody Lawrence (Forwards Coach), Springfield Chaos
Oksana Goretaya (Backs Coach), Benedictine Women

Pacific NW

Adrienne “Ace” Acosta, ORSU
Alex Fletcher, ORSU
Angela ‘Gonzo’ Gonzalez, ORSU
Cass Malchow, Portland Pigs
Cassandra Miller, Eugene Reign
Claire Lundy, ORSU
Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Mastrangelo, ORSU
Emele ‘Tua’ Tanupo, Boise United
Erin Breen, Boise United
Erin Stehr, Budd Bay Bandits
Julia Pedro, Salem Attack Owls
Leena Kim-Ngan Vien, Boise United
Louisa Keating, Bend Roughriders
Madison ‘Rogers’ Feddersen, Tacoma Sirens
Madison Rathsman, ORSU
Mariko Moore, Oregon State Univ / ORSU
Nicky Fritz, Bend Roughriders
Paris Hart, ORSU
Riclaire Martinez, ORSU
Shashana Markus, Tacoma Sirens
Tani Reynolds, Bend Roughriders
Taylor Bell, Bend Roughriders
Te Ho Chee, ORSU
Tiffany “Totts” Tate, ORSU

Matt Burke – Head Coach, Bend Roughriders
Vinnie Spagnolo – Asst Coach, Boise United
Meg Foster – Asst Coach, Centennial HS – Boise, ID
Mara Burnell – Manager, Bend Roughriders


Abby Albrecht, SHARCs
Camille Biard, Dallas Rugby Football Club
Barbie Blair, SHARCs
Brittany Bryant, University of North Texas
Destiny Corrales, Dallas Harlequins
Amy Crawford, Dallas Harlequins
Antea Dedic, San Antonio Riveters
Meagan Goode, SHARCs
Isabel Guajardo, Rambelle Rugby Club
Haley Hunter, Dallas Rugby Football Club
Amber Kimbrough, Dallas Harlequins
Meghan Laughner, San Antonio Riveters
Fa Lolohea, Grand Prairie Mavericks
Amanda Martinez, SHARCs
McKenna Medders, DARC
Krista Miller, Austin Valkyries
Nicole Mitchell, San Antonio Riveters
Julia Norwood, University of Texas
Emma Owiro, Texas A&M University
Ireland Pelletier, Round Rock Rage
Yuming Ren, San Antonio Riveters
Leslie Schroeder, SHARCs
Julia Schwartz, SHARCs
Chris Thomas, Dallas Rugby Football Club
Christina Snyder Tobar, Austin Valkyries
Mary Waller, SHARCs
Saylor Zechman, Austin Valkyries

Traveling Reserves
Roni Houck, BARC
Kayli Kean, Rambelle Rugby Club
Abigail Kinnard, Texas State University
Haley Young-Miller, Round Rock Rage

Mary Swanstrom, Head Coach
Lachlan Ferguson, Assistant Coach
Paul Graham, Assistant Coach
Traci Young, Manager

Old Glory Capital Selects

Photo: Old Glory DC


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