The MLR Rant relaunches this September 2nd as the “Rugby Rant” podcast show!

Rugby Rant Rebranding Release

The MLR Rant is a familiar favorite with rugby fans in North America and has quickly garnered a substantial following during the “no play” rugby COVID-climate for their original content and more recently being credited with revealing the official bid plans for the Hawai’i based team, Kanaloa, to join the MLR 2021 season. (see video below) They will now be re-branding and re-launching the popular show as the “Rugby Rant” having secured several new sponsors and key partnerships that are scheduled to be announced in the lead up to the opening episode taking place on September 2nd at 8:00 pm CST.

Video insert:Kanaloa’s GM, Cam Kilgour, reveals bid plans to join the MLR in 2021”

If you are not yet familiar with the show, the MLR Rant podcast is a rugby debate podcast and videocast show which gets between 15,000 – 20,000 collective views per month. In one form of the show, the guests engage in a rugby themed debate where a winner is announced at the end of each episode. In the other form, entitled “Run, Pass, or Kick”, they interview rugby insiders from across Major League Rugby such as players, coaches, management, and even team owners. Thus far, they have interviewed people such as Psalm Wooching of the San Diego Legion, Coach Nate Osborne of NOLA Gold, and Bill Webb who is the majority stakeholder in the Toronto Arrows franchise, to name a few.

Many fans of the show have praised the MLR Rant for its unique style. What seems to separate this show from the others, is that it actively engages the online fan communities by inviting the most active fans themselves onto the rugby debate show to “rant” about the episode’s topics that are chosen by their audience. This, many have said, gives the fan a voice. A much-needed element to growing the sport in North America most would agree.

Video insert: “Youth Rugby Growth” Rugby debate show

When asked about this one of the hosts, Ty Braga (A rugby announcer for the former Colorado Raptors and now for Rugbytown USA), explained, “Our goal is to grow rugby one new fan at a time.” He further explains that the show was born out of the MLR Fanzone online rugby fan community with the help of his co-hosts, Rob Hammerschmidt and Scott Ferrara. Through their online debates on the MLR Fanzone Facebook group, Ty Braga commented, “We should put this on TV. People will love it!” And, so began the makings of one of the most popular rugby podcast/videocast shows related to Major League Rugby today.

In a recent conversation with Ty Braga, he added, “We have chosen to change our name to expand the conversation. While the MLR will still be our primary topic of discussion, we will also aim to now include episodes that cover the national team’s 7’s and 15’s programs of Canada and the US for both the men’s and women’s game. We want to make sure that all North American rugby fans get something valuable out of our show.”

The Rugby Rant will continue in the same manner as before with an expected four interview and four rugby debate episodes per month to be released on their usual platforms of Facebook and their Youtube channel. However, in addition to this, they plan to launch a series of 45 minute long audio podcasts available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher under the name Rugby Rant Podcast. They will also post these same episodes to their website to allow fans of the show to access their content in the most convenient to them. In the new version of the show, the hosts expect to have even more high-profile guests and even more in-depth interviews. They also want it to be known that they encourage any fans who are active in the greater rugby community to join them on the show and become a “guest ranter.” No experience is required nor is any special equipment required to join them on the show.

To learn more about this opportunity or to look into sponsor and partner opportunities with the Rugby Rant podcast show you can contact them by visiting their Facebook page or by emailing them directly at rugbyrantpod@gmail.comfor for more details.


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