USA Rugby Congress today voted in favor of revised bylaws as presented by the Governance Restructuring Group. Over the past number of months, representatives from the USA Rugby Board of Directors and community stakeholders have collaborated with Reorganization Task Force findings and constituents to develop a new governance structure for USA Rugby. On Friday May 7th, the Board of Directors voted in favor of the newly revised bylaws and today the bylaws were officially ratified by Congress. 

As a result of the approved bylaws, the USA Rugby Board of Directors will be reseated; while Congress will dissolve and then be reintroduced through newly dedicated National Councils. National Councils will represent each sector of the game; Youth & High School, Collegiate, Senior Club and International Athlete. These councils will enter the transitional phase by initiating an election process for the establishment of leadership in each new respective group. Therefore, creating more community representation at the Board and leadership level with increased seated members. 

A representative interim board will act on behalf of the organization until the new board is seated. The new Board will be comprised of 11 members with the following representation;

·      Four (4) Independent Members

·      Four (4) International Athlete Representatives

·      One (1) Youth & High School Representative

·      One (1) Collegiate Representative

·      One (1) Senior Club Representative 

The three representatives of Youth & High School, College and Senior Club will increase the board level representation of those demographics from the original one representative. These three seats and the four International Athlete seats will be voted on by each respective National Council. Lastly, the four independent members will be elected through a newly empaneled Nominations Committee.

The newly developed National Councils will govern under individual policy; including but not limited to the number of council members, nomination and election procedures and election of their representative board seat. 

Moving forward into a new leadership structure, USA Rugby would like to collectively thank the hard-working individuals who have volunteered their time in the development of these new bylaws; particularly during a period of hardship in the current COVID-19 climate. While a lot of work remains, the dedicated efforts offered by this group has brought new life to the game as the organization evolves.  

The official bylaws as ratified are available for public access HERE

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