USA Rugby National Development Academy Invitational Tournament

American Rugby Pro Training Center will host the USA Rugby National Development Academy Invitational Tournament (NDIT) in Little Rock, Arkansas on August 17-18. Chris Brown will be on hand for a Friday Clinic for attendees and the players will be evaluated for potential inclusion on the national team, as well as for residency contracts.


  • A: Santa Barbara, Scion, Stars, Collegiate All-Americans (WCAAs)
  • B: Armed Forces, ARPTC, Northeast, Phoenix


Saturday, August 17 Pool Matches (CDT)

  • 10:00 Scion vs. Stars
  • 10:20 Santa Barbara Academy vs. Collegiate All-Americans
  • 10:40 ARPTC vs. Phoenix
  • 11:00 Northeast vs. Armed Forces
  • 12:20 Santa Barbara vs. Stars
  • 12:40 Scion vs. Collegiate All-Americans
  • 13:00 Northeast vs. Phoenix
  • 13:20 ARPTC vs. Armed Forces
  • 15:00 Collegiate All-Americans vs. Stars
  • 15:20 Scion vs. Santa Barbara
  • 15:40 Armed Forces vs. Phoenix
  • 16:00 ARPTC vs. Northeast

Sunday, August 18 Knockout Play

  • 09:30 Bowl SF
  • 09:55 Bowl SFs
  • 10:20 Cup SF
  • 10:45 Cup SF
  • 12:30 Bowl Consolation
  • 12:30 Bowl Final
  • 13:05 Bronze Final
  • 13:30 Cup Final


Pool A

Santa Barbara Academy: TBA (Prior Week’s Roster at USA Club 7s Nationals) 1 Elise Bonfiglio 2 Mikaela Hassenzahl 3 Shaneisha Woffard 4 Sooni Livingston 5 Kelly Griffin 6 Kimberly Law 7 Lauren Thunen 8 Tracy Smith 9 Joanne Absher 10 Maya Jackson 11 Sonya Livingston 12 Anna Stern + Head Coach Kevin Battle & Ass’t Coach Kelli Griffin

Scion Sirens: Bui Baravilala, Lucy Dawson, Ally Gallagher, Marisa Hall, Leah Ingold, Camille Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Jade McGrath, Kiki Morgan, Haley Nolan, AK Pedraza, Nichole Wanamaker

Stars Rugby 7s: *Tina Aprahamian – scrumhalf – Beantown/Tuscson Women, Tuscon, Arizona *Santia Deck – wing – Atlanta Harlequins, Atlanta, Georgia *Jess Enderby – wing – Fox Valley Vixens, St Charles, Illinois *Izzi Gibbon – scrumhalf – Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania Andie Hammon – prop – ARPTC/University of New Mexico, Los Alamos, New Mexico *Dylan Jacobs – prop – San Diego Surfers, San Diego, California *Lindsey Mahoney – center/prop – Tempe Women, Tempe, Arizona *Justine Perl – prop/hooker/center – ARPTC/University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Gabby Rivera – prop/flyhalf – ARPTC/University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico *Sia Schraff – center – St Joseph’s Academy, Cleveland, Ohio COACH: Jon Grasso, Ithaca, New York DIRECTOR: Liz Entwhistle, Chicago, Illinois VIDEOGRAPHER: Gift Egbelu, Baton Rouge, Louisiana *indicates veteran of previous Stars tours

Collegiate All-American (WCAAs): 1 Becca Jane Rosco (Dartmouth) 2 Gabrielle Vitale (Virginia Tech) 3 Kirnjot Kaur (Virginia Tech) 4 Cynthia Kelly (Life) 5 Mikalya Lowe (Life) 6 Jetta Owens (Virginia Tech) 7 Lekia Haynes (Life) 8 Emma Auld (University of Virginia) 9 Sanie Auguste (Drexel) 10 Darina Row (Penn State) 11 Dana Alimena (Claremont College) 12 Katie Lohaus (Western Michigan) 13 Demi Allen (Lindenwood) + Head Coach Dave Clancy, Ass’t Coach Billy Nicholas, Trainer Mellissa Suth, Mgr Annemarie Farrell

Pool B

Armed Forces 7s: LTJG Shiela Bertrand (Coast Guard), CPT Linda Clark (Army), SGT Lolita Galdones (Army), CPT Lauran Glover (Army), 2LT Hannah Groom (USMC), CPT Kate Herren (USMC), SSG Erica Myers (Army*), 1st Lt Kate Mueller (Air Force), SPC Amber Payne (Army), SrA Tanya Siford (Air Force), TSgt Jess Tharp (Air Force), CPT Melissa Thompson (Air Force*), 2LT Kayla Williams (Army) + Head Coach CPT Kaitlyn Kelly, Ass’t Coach Jinnie Pratt, OIC/Mgr Major Nikki Jensen (* denotes captains)

ARPTC: Lauren Ebeling, Jaz Gray, Saher Hamdan, Summer Harris-Jones, Chloe Jex, Rachel Laqeretabua, Lindsey Mayo, Sophie Pyrz, Kelli Smith, Hallie Taufoou, Hannah Tennant, Jules White + Head Coach Hannah Field, Ass’t Coach Jules McCoy

Northeast Academy: 1 Abigael Yotts 2 Deanna Nash (C) 3 Gianna Solomon 4 Hannah Bogich 5 Hannah Mackay 6 Isabel Haber 7 Matilda Kocaj 8 Misha Green 9 Paige Stathopoulos 10 Sarah Levy 11 Shamira Robles 12 Tess Feury + Head Coach Ryszard Chadwick, Ass’t Coach Anne Marie Farrell

Phoenix 7s Rugby: Amanda Berta, Amy Crawford, Cecilia Hammond, Cyndi Campbell, Kimberly Semiglia, Naz Cardoso, Shawn Gatewood, Siobhan Coady, Stephanie Alliev, Tahlia Brody + Coach: Eyal Hakim, Assistant Coach: T Fletcher

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