USA Ends Super Series 2019 With Loss to France

The USA ended the Super Series 2019with a 53-14 loss to France at Torero Stadium in San Diego on Sunday.

France capitalized on USA mistakes and dominated the second half. The Women’s Eagles scored twice in the second half when the outcome was decided.

France scored first with a penalty by Trémoulière and pushed the lead to 6-0 with another. Madoussou Fall scored from close range with Trémoulière slotting the conversion, 13-0.

France added a second try prior to the break as an Ashlee Byrge box kick was blocked by Emeline Gros and then gathered and run in for a try to lead 20-0 after the conversion by Trémoulière.

In the second half, France added tries by Céline Ferer and Laure Sansus to push the lead to 34-0.

The USA then had an attack with Stacey Bridges moving to within 5-meters of in-goal before losing the ball forward. Soon after, Alev Kelter was able to score from the wide channel and converted to cut the lead to 34-7.

France then answered back with tries by Cyrielle Banet, Morgane Ménager, and Laure Sansus before the Charli Jacoby scored for the USA. France, however earned the victory, 53-14.

France finished third in the Super Series with a 2-2 record, with the USA and Canada at 1-3. New Zealand secured first place at 3-1, while England finished in second place.


USA Women’s Eagles: 1 Hope Rogers, 2 Joanna Kitlinski, 3 Nick James, 4 Nicole Strasko, 5 Stacey Bridges, 6 Rachel Johnson, 7 Joyce Taufa, 8 Kate Zackary (capt.), 9 Ashlee Byrge, 10 Gabby Cantorna, 11 Jennine Duncan, 12 Amy Talei-Bonté, 13 Emily Henrich, 14 Neariah Persinger, 15 Alev Kelter 16 Catie Benson, 17 Charli Jacoby, 18 Katy Augustyn, 19 Asinate Serevi, 20 Kristine Sommer, 21 Olivia Ortiz, 22 Bui Baravilala, 23 Kristen Thomas

France: 1 Lise Arricastre, 2 Caroline Thomas, 3 Clara Joyeux, 4 Madoussou Fall, 5 Audrey Forlani, 6 Gaëlle Hermet (capt.), 7 Céline Ferer, 8 Emeline Gros, 9 Pauline Bourdon, 10 Morgane Peyronnet, 11 Morgane Ménager, 12 Gabrielle Vernier, 13 Camille Cabalou, 14 Caroline Boujard, 15 Jessy Trémoulière 16 Agathe Sochat, 17 Laure Touyé, 18 Annaëlle Deshayes, 19 Fiona Lecat, 20 Axelle Berthoumieu, 21 Laure Sansus, 22 Emma Coudert, 23 Cyrielle Banet


*Times reflect PST, Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Friday, June 28

Tuesday, July 2

  • France 19-36 Canada
  • New Zealand 33-0 USA
  • England BYE

Saturday, July 6

  • France 25-16 New Zealand
  • Canada 17-19 England

Wednesday, July 10

  • England 20-18 France
  • Canada 18-20 USA
  • New Zealand BYE

Super Series Final Round – Sunday, July 14, Torero Stadium

  • New Zealand 28-13 England
  • France 53-14 USA
  • Canada BYE

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