Mystic River Wins Monmouth Sevens

The third leg of the Men’s Northeast Sevens was won by Mystic River Rugby Club with a 26-17 victory over Old Blue 26-17.Fairfield Yankees were in third place with Mystic River 2 in fourth.

The Men’s Northeast Sevens Standings have Old Blue in first place with 63 points, Mystic River in second with 60 points, and the Fairfield Yankees in third place with 49 points. It appears that Old Blue and Mystic River will represent the Northeast in the USA Club Sevens Nationals. The Fairfield Yankees would need to win the Saratoga Sevens on July 20 with either Old Blue falling below 6th place or Mystic River falling below 5th place for Fairfield to claim a spot.

Should Mystic River win at Saratoga with Old Blue second, the teams would be tied for first place in the Northeast Sevens standings.

In the Monmouth Men’s Open Division  Monmouth Rugby Club was the Cup Champion with Long Island winning the Plate.

In the Women’s Open  New York Rugby Club won the Cup, NYRC 2 the Plate, and Monmouth Old Bats the Bowl.

In the Men’s Social Division Brooklyn won the Cup, Greenwich the plate, and Monmouth the Bowl.

In the High School Boy’s Division NYRC won the Cup, Staples HS the Plate, and St. Peter’s Prep the Bowl. In the HS Girl’s Division, NYRC won the Cup.

Northeast Sevens Men’s Qualifier Results

The Northeast Sevens Division consisted of a six team round robin tournament with Long Island moving to the Men’s Open Division to ease the tournament scheduling.

The Northeast Sevens awarded attendance points and a team that forfeits any game on the day will not receive their attendance points.

Points will be awarded at each Northeast Sevens Championship Series tournament as follows:

  1. Cup winner (1st place): 22 points.
  2. Cup runner-up (2nd Place): 19 points.
  3. Plate Winner (3rd place): 17 pts.
  4. Plate runner-up (4th place): 15 pts.
  5. Bowl winner (5th place): 13 points.
  6. Bowl runner-up (6th Place): 12 points.
  7. Shield winner (7th place): 10 points.
  8. Shield runner-up (8th place): 8 points.


  • NYAC 22-7 Old Blue 2
  • Old Blue 1 40-0 Mystic River 2
  • Mystic River 1 31-7 Fairfield Yankees
  • Fairfield Yankees 43-12 Mystic River 2
  • Old Blue 1 19-7 Old Blue 2
  • Mystic River 2 22-5 NYAC
  • Old Blue 1 26-24 Fairfield Yankees
  • Old Blue 1 fft 20-0 over NYAC
  • Mystic River 1 fft 20-0 win over Mystic 2
  • Fairfield Yankees 26-5 Old Blue 2
  • Mystic River 2 29-19 Old Blue 2 *Tournament scoring correction
  • Fairfield Yankees fft 20-0 over NYAC
  • Mystic River 1 26-17 Old Blue 1

Monmouth 7 Standings

  1. Mystic River 1
  2. Old Blue 1
  3. Fairfield Yankees
  4. Mystic River 2
  5. Old Blue 2
  6. NYAC

DJCoil Rugby Interviews

Jerry Mirro, Long Island Rugby Head Coach & Northeast Sevens Commissioner

Nick Jimenez, Player/Coach NYAC Rugby

Aaron Yaverski, Fairfield Yankees Head Sevens Coach

Dom Wareing, Old Blue Head Rugby Sevens Coach

Chris Frazier, Player/Coach Mystic River RFC

Mystic River Rugby Club Sevens Players Jeron Pantor (Trinidad & Tobago) & Mikel Facey (Jamaica Sevens National Team)

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