USA Wheelchair Rugby Gain Bronze at World Championship

2018 GIO Wheelchair Rugby World Championship

The 2018 GIO Wheelchair Rugby World Championship was won by Japan with a 62-61 victory over previously undefeated Australia. The USA claimed the bronze medal with a 47-36 win over Great Britain. The tournament was held in Sydney, Australia from August 5-10, 2018.

After Pool play, Australia and the United States, the top two teams in the world, went 5-0 in winning their respective pools with Japan and Great Britain in second.

In the semifinals, 4th ranked Japan defeated the USA 51-46 to advance to the Gold medal match against Australia, who edged Great Britain 59-57. The USA would face Great Britain, a team that they defeated 47-41 in pool play, for the Bronze. The Gold medal match was also a repeat of a pool play one in which Australia won 65-52 against Japan.


The 2018 GIO IWRF World Championships proved to be very competitve. Three of the four top ranked teams made the semi-finals with 5th ranked Great Britain also making the final group. Canada entered the Worlds ranked 3rd, but fielded a young team and finished in 6th place.

The medalists all had one loss in the tournament. Japan came in second in Pool play to Australia, but then defeated previously undefeated USA in the semifinals and then Australia, who was also undefeated, in the Gold medal match.

France had a strong performance in the tournament, edging Canada for 5th place. Ireland was the only team that did not win a match, but they had competive matches against Sweden and against Poland.

The International Wheelchair Rugby Federation has to be pleased with the competive nature of the tournament. Aside from the top few teams, the standard of play for other teams has risen dramatically. That was apparent early in the tournament with Canada losing to Poland.

Pools with IWRF World Rankings (As of June 19)

  • A: Australia (1), Japan (4), Sweden (6), New Zealand (9), Denmark (8), Ireland (19)
  • B: USA (2), Canada (3), Great Britain (5), France (7), Colombia (14), Poland (17)

Schedule (Sydney is 14 hours ahead of ET in New York)

Quaycentre (Competition Court 1)Genea Netball Centre (Competition Court 2)
Sunday 05 AugustSunday 05 August
12:30Opening Ceremony
14:00M1NZL 36-66 AUS14:30M2IRE 37-57 JPN
16:30M3CAN 42-51FRA17:00M4SWE 54-57 DEN
19:00M5COL 32-58 USA19:00M6POL-GBR
Monday 06 AugustMonday 06 August
11:00M8DEN 56-47 IRE10:00M7JPN 56-37 NZL
13:30M10USA 47-41GBR12:30M9AUS 71-38 SWE
16:00M12POL 45-43 CAN15:30M11COL 45-50 FRA
18:30M14IRE 47-52 SWE18:00M13DEN 55-54 NZL
Tuesday  07 AugustTuesday  07 August
11:00M16GBR 55-43 CAN10:00M15COL 50-43 POL
13:30M18DEN 49-61 AUS12:30M17FRA 39-54 USA
16:00M20SWE 46-48 JPN15:30M19NZL 52-42 IRE
18:30M22FRA 51-39 POL18:00M21GBR 57-20 COL
Wednesday 08 AugustWednesday 08 August
10:00M23AUS 70-44 IRE10:00M24JPN 52-42 DEN
12:30M25USA 47-33 POL12:30M26CAN 59-46 COL
16:00M27SWE 54-52 NZL16:00M28GBR 47-41 FRA
18:30M29AUS 65-52 JPN18:30M30USA 54-47 CAN
Thursday 09 AugustThursday 09 August
11:00M31NZL 59-61 COL10:30M32POL 49-44 IRE
13:00M33DEN 51-51 CAN13:00M34FRA 54-42 SWE
16:00M35AUS 59-57 GBR15:30M36USA 46-51 JPN
Friday 10 AugustFriday 10 August
9:30M3711th COL 39-44 POL9:30M389th NZL 51-40 IRE
11:30M395th CAN 51-52 FRA11:30M407th DEN 51-48 SWE
13:45M41Bronze Medal           GBR 36-47 USA
16:00M42Gold Medal               AUS 61-62 JPN


USA Schedule (Times EDT)

  • Tournament Preview
  • Sunday 05 August 5:00 am v Colombia W 58-32
  • Sunday 05 August 9:00 pm v Great Britain W 47-41
  • Monday 06 August 10:30 pm v France W 54-39
  • Tuesday 07 August 10:30 pm v Poland W 47-33
  • Wednesday 08 August 4:30 am v Canada W 54-47
  • Thursday 09 August Semifinals v Japan L 51-46
  • Thursday 09 August Bronze Medal v Great Britain W 47-36

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