USA Finishes 4th at Women’s Rugby World Cup After Narrow Loss to France

August 26, 2017

USA Finishes 4th at Women’s Rugby World Cup After Narrow Loss to France


Photo: INPHO/Billy Stickland (USA prop Hope Rogers tries to burst through tackles)

Doug Coil

The USA Women’s Eagles lost 31-23 to France in the bronze medal match at the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup on Saturday, August 26 at Kingspan Stadium in Belfast.

The Eagles controlled most of the first several minutes against France, with an excellent French defense keeping the USA from crossing the line. As Naya Tapper neared the line, the ball was lost forward for a 5 meter scrum to France. The Eagles would also get close to the line after another run by Tapper, but again lost the ball.

Finally, at the 16th minute, a penalty by France resulted in an Alev Kelter penalty kick for the Eagles to take a 3-0 lead.

The USA gathered the restart, but a steal by Elodie Poublan resulted in a France attack. They had numbers and Lenaig Corson scored a try in the corner to take a 5-3 lead. Montserrat Amadee then missed a penalty kick to extend the lead.

It didn’t take long for France to continue their pressure as Neisen sold two dummies and Marjorie Mayans went in for a try. After Amedee conversion the score was 12-3. French captain Gaelle Mignot then scampered 23 meters for a try and Amedee conversion to increase the lead to 19-3.

Hope Rogers claimed the restart and the USA attack resulted in a try by Abby Gustaitis in the 40th minute. Kelter then converted to narrow the lead to 19-10 at the break.

The USA narrowed the score to 19-13 in the 46th minute with Alev Kelter slotting a penalty kick. France answered back as Jade Le Pesq grounded a try in the corner and the score was 24-13. Alev Kelter then struck another penalty kick for the USA, 24-16 to France.

France gathered the restart and Lenaig Corson ran to within 5 meters. Julie Annery completed the attack with a try and Caroline Drouin made the difficult conversion to increase the lead to 31-16.

The USA attack was not finished as Javelet ran, Emba grubbed ahead and Kelter caught the kick and broke and offloaded to Emba in support for a try. Kelter then slotted the conversion to narrow the score to 31-23 with nine minutes remaining.

A minute later, the USA elected not to try for points, that was within Kelter’s range. Although both teams had additional attacks, the score did not change and France left with the Bronze, with the USA claiming 4th place.

USA Women’s Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg is retiring and should be commended for raising the standards of USA play.

USA v France: 1. Hope Rogers 2. Katy Augustyn 3. Tiffany Faaee 4. Stacey Bridges 5. Alycia Washington 6. Abby Gustaitis 7. Sara Parsons 8. Jordan Gray 9. Deven Owsiany 10. Kayla Canett 11. Kris Thomas 12. Alev Kelter 13. Nicole Heavirland 14. Naya Tapper 15. Cheta Emba 16. Sam Pankey 17. Jamila Reinhardt 18. Naima Reddick 19. Nicole James 20. Christiane Pheil 21. Jess Wooden 22. Tess Feury 23. Jessica Javelet

France v USA: 1. Lise Arricastre 2. Gaelle Mignot (C) 3. Julie Duval 4. Lenaig Corson 5. Audrey Forlani 6. Marjorie Mayans 7. Julie Annery 8. Romane Menager 9. Jade Le Pesq 10. Caroline Drouin 11. Camille Grassineau 12. Elodie Poublan 13. Carla Neisen 14. Caroline Boujard 15. Montserrat Amedee 16. Caroline Thomas 17. Annaelle Deshayes 18. Patricia Carricaburu 19. Manon Andre 20. Safi N’Diaye 21. Yanna Rivoalen 22. Shannon Izar 23. Elodie Guiglion

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