Canada Rolls Over Australia for 5th Place at #WRWC2017

August 25, 2017

Canada Rolls Over Australia for 5th Place at #WRWC2017


Photo: INPHO/Oisin Keniry (Australia try to stop Canada full-back Julianne Zussman)

Doug Coil

Canada rolled over Australia 43-12 in the Women’s Rugby World Cup fifth place final at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Australia controls the opening possession and Sarah Riordan finishing with a try and a conversion by Ashleigh Hewson for a 7-0 lead. Canada came right back with a try under the posts by Julianne Zussman and a Brianna Miller conversion to knot the match at 7 all.

In the 20th minute, Australia broke the deadlock as Liz Patu added a try for a 12-7 lead. Canada’s Amanda Thornborough soon tied the match with a try to level the score.

After a yellow card by Rebecca Clough of Australia, Canada scored two tries. The first by Elissa Alarie was converted by Miller and Karen Paquin added another for a 24-12 lead by Canada at the break.

In the 50th minute, a break by Paquin and an offload to Zussman, resulted in her second try to increase the lead to 29-12.

In the 63rd minute, Wallaroos Cheyenne Campbell was sent to the bin for not rolling away. Canada added two more tries while Australia was playing short. Keely Russell added the first and Elissa Alarie added the second, with both conversions made by Andrea Burk for the 43-12 win.

Karen Paquin was named Player of the Match.

Australia v Canada: 1. Liz Patu 2. Cheyenne Campbell 3. Hilisha Samoa 4. Rebecca Clough 5. Alisha Hewett 6. Millie Boyle 7. Chloe Butler 8. Grace Hamilton 9. Katrina Barker 10. Ashleigh Hewson  11. Mahalia Murphy 12. Sharni Williams (C) 13. Sarah Riordan 14. Nareta Marsters 15. Samantha Treherne 16. Louise Burrows 17. Emily Robinson 18. Hana Ngaha 19. Mollie Gray  20. Kate Brown 21. Fenella Hake 22. Kayla Sauvao 23. Trilleen Pomare

Canada v Australia: 1. Carolyn McEwen 2. Laura Russell 3. DaLeaka Menin 4. Cindy Nelles 5. Latoya Blackwood 6. Jacey Grusnick 7. Karen Paquin 8. Kelly Russell (C) 9. Brianna Miller 10. Alex Tessier 11. Elissa Alarie (VC) 12. Emily Belchos 13. Amanda Thornborough14. Magali Harvey   15. Julianne Zussman 16. Jane Kirby 17. Brittany Kassil 18. Olivia DeMerchant 19. Kayla Mack 20. Barbara Mervin 21. Chelsea Guthrie 22. Andrea Burk 23. Brittany Waters

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