USA Rugby South Wins Rugby Americas North Men’s U19 Championship & Women’s 10s Silver

July 22, 2017

USA Rugby South Wins Rugby Americas North Men’s U19 Championship & Women’s 10s Silver



Doug Coil

Rugby Americas North Release: June 13, 2017

The USA Rugby South Men’s U19 team won the Rugby Americas North (RAN) Men’s U19s tournament that was held at Vizcaya Park in the City of Miramar, Florida from July 15 to 22, 2017. In the Men’s U19 Tournament there were eight teams, USA Rugby South A & B, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, and Mexico. The tournament matches are available on the Rugby Americas North You Tube Channel.

The USA Rugby South went undefeated winning 47-0 over Jamaica, 54-0 over Bermuda and 19-6 over Mexico. In the bronze medal match, Trinidad & Tobago beat Bermuda 38-3. The USA Rugby South B won 5th place 59-3 over Jamaica, while Cayman Islands beat Turks & Caicos 21-10 for 7th place.

To view the details of the men’s U19 and women’s 10s tournament see For a preview article click here.

Cup Final: USA Rugby South v Mexico

USA Rugby South took an early 5-0 lead on a try by Calvin Gentry in the corner. Mexico came right back with a penalty kick by Santiago Maya after USA South was off sides. The USA Rugby South was penalized for being off sides again and Justin Johnson was sent to the bin as a result for repeat infringements. Maya added another penalty kick for a 6-5 lead. Penalties by USA Rugby South continued and a Maya penalty kick was wide right.

Just before halftime, USA Rugby South regained the lead after a Mexico penalty for hands in the breakdown when Jack Freixa went in for the try. Olie Kennett then converted for a 12-6 lead at the break.

Early in the second half Mexico’s Fernando Luna, a lock was issued a yellow card for a dangerous tackle. Soon after, a stolen lineout by the USA led to a Calvin Gentry pick from the breakdown for a try under the post. Olie Kennett converted to give the USA a 19-6 lead.

Discipline was starting to affect Mexico in the second half as Santiago mayo also went to the bin on a dangerous tackle. The USA Rugby South’s discipline was also an issue as Calvin Gentry was sent to the bin in a repeat infringement of diving over at the breakdown.

Mexico thought they scored an apparent try, which would have been the first try that would have been scored against USA Rugby South in the tournament. That wasn’t to be as Mexico was penalized for a rake.

The USA also had an opportunity to score, but lost the ball as they crossed in-goal. Mexico attacked with the loose ball and kicked ahead. They claimed the ball and Nikolas Koumandrakis tackled the Mexican player while in the air resulting in a yellow card. Mexico was not able to take advantage as they lost the ball forward as time expired.

With the 19-6 win, the USA Rugby South defended their Cup win from last year and once again Mexico earned Silver.

USA Rugby South 1: Forwards: George Sharp, Cam Tibbetts, Muhammad Abdullah, Gabriel Kettering, Mark Spicer, Joshua Zamudico, Joshua Bryant, Campbell Robinson, Maxwell Dacey, Logan Butler, Jack Freixa, Cameron Tomkins, Justin Johnson              Backs: Jaycob Forrester, Diego Haro, Shea O’Hanlon, Calvin Gentry, Marcelo Guitierrez, Andrew Rappe, Oliver Kennett, Malcom Easley, Zach Rademacher, Nikolas Koumandrakis

Mexico: 1 Jose Manuel Hernandez Rascon 2  Jose Angel Perez Franco 3 Kenneth y Air Matine  4 Jose Manuel Matuz Luna 5 Fernando Gutierrez 6 Luc Martin Olivo 7 Porfirio Ezequiel Cocolotil Camara 8 Esteban Santiago Viñas Caballero 9 Santiago González 10 Santiago Guadarrama Maya 11 Ricardo Ancira Navarro 12 Patricio Falcon 13 Franco Guerrero (C) 14 Guillermo Villapando 15  Rodrigo Ripoll Gonzalez 16 Bernardo Villegas Coro 17 Enrique Castillo Miranda 20 Rodrigo Sanchez Martinez de Escobar 21 Mauricio Moreno 22 Sebastian Garza 24 Davide Naya Moreno

Women’s 10s

Photo: USA Rugby South

The Rugby Americas North Women’s 10s tournament was held at Vizcaya Park in the City of Miramar, Florida on July 20-21, with USA Rugby South, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Jamaica competing in a round robin format.

The USA Rugby South Women’s 10s team won the silver medal at the Rugby Americas North Women’s 10s tournament losing 15-0 to Trinidad & Tobago in the cup final. Jamaica beat Mexico 12-5 to win the bronze medal.

In round robin play the USA Rugby South Women won 17-7 over both Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica before losing to Mexico 7-5 in a 12 minute match that was shortened by lightning.

USA Rugby South v Trinidad & Tobago

The USA Rugby South controlled the majority of possession during the match. Trinidad & Tobago’s Apphia Glasgow sped around the wing and centered the ball under the posts for a 7-0 halftime lead. USA Rugby South came back with tries by Nicole Wanamaker from Glendale, Alii Hale from Glendale converted by Wanamaker and final try by Misha Green from Plattsburgh State for a 17-7 win to begin Women’s 10s tournament play.

USA Rugby South v Jamaica

Jamaica capitalized on a yellow card by Claire Stingley and swung the ball wide to Christina Gale for a try at the 8th minute for a 7-0 lead. The USA Rugby South leveled the score at 7 all after a Claire Stingley (Beantown) try at the 15th minute. They then added two tries, the first by Alii Hale (Glendale) , who took the ball wide left and then by Kat Phelan (Beantown), who received the ball wide right after a tap and go. The final score was 17-7 to the USA Rugby South over Jamaica.

USA Rugby South v Mexico

Mexico spent most of their time during the first half defending their territory, but led 7-5 at halftime. Mexico used good ball handling and got the ball wide to Daniela Alvardo Ávila, who evaded two defenders for an 85 meter try under the posts. With the conversion the score was 7-0. USA Rugby South answered back getting the ball wide left to Misha Green for a try to narrow the score to 7-5 in favor of Mexico at the break.

The USA began the second half with an aggressive attack before losing the ball to Mexico. With 7:35 remaining in the match the match was delayed by lightning with a minimum 25 minute required break.

After a delay of 4 hours, it was determined that Mexico would take a 7-5 win and the teams advancing to the Final would be based on total points scored. That meant that the USA Rugby South would face Trinidad & Tobago for first, while Mexico would play Jamaica for third.

Cup Final: USA Rugby South v Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago scored a try with a minute prior to halftime as Ornella George outdistanced defenders down the touchline for a try in the corner for a 5-0 lead. In the second half, a Trinidad & Tobago offload to speedster Apphia Glasgow resulted in a try down touch. Finally, with no time, Nicolette Pantor added a third try for a 15-0 Trinidad & Tobago win over USA Rugby South.

RAN Superweek Schedule & Results:

Saturday, July 15th:
Rookie Rugby Mini Camp, hosted by Okapi Wanderers
USA Rugby South A 47-0 Jamaica
Cayman Islands 10-15 Bermuda

Sunday,  July 16th:
Okapi Wanderers Junior Varsity (US) vs. Harton Tech College (UK) Boys Exhibition Match
Trinidad & Tobago 47-0 Turks & Caicos Islands
Mexico 17-15 USA Rugby South B

Monday, July 17th:
No matches

Tuesday, July 18th:
(M) USA Rugby South 54-0 Bermuda
M) Jamaica 20-3 Cayman Islands

Wednesday, July 19th:
(M) Trinidad & Tobago 19-23 Mexico
M) Turks & Caicos 7-44 USA Rugby South B (ppd lightning, played July 20)

Thursday, July 20th:
(W)  USA Rugby South 17-7 Trinidad & Tobago
(W)  Mexico 14-7 Jamaica
(W)  Trinidad & Tobago 20-7 Mexico
(W) USA Rugby South 17-7 Jamaica

Friday, July 21st:
(W)  Trinidad & Tobago 10-5 Jamaica
(W) USA Rugby South 5-7 Mexico (Match 12 minutes – lightning)
(W) 3rd v 4th Mexico 5-12 Jamaica
(W) 1st v 2nd USA Rugby South 0-15 Trinidad & Tobago
(M)  5th v 6th Place USA Rugby South B 59-3 Jamaica
(M) 7th v 8th Place Cayman Islands 21-10 Turks & Caicos

Saturday, July 22nd:
3rd v 4th Place Bermuda 3-38 Trinidad & Tobago
Final USA Rugby South 19-6 Mexico

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Men’s U19 Squads

Bermuda: Forwards– Nicholas Michael Chilvers John Henry Thomas Barnes Jabari Anton Burgess Robinson Sam Patrick Spicer Matthew Harris Thompson Edward Martin De Silva Thomas Bradford Hart Ngarryan Timothy Darrell Dylan Pearce O’Kelley-Lynch Benjamin John Alexander Morley Christopher Ashley Godfrey

Backs – Samuel Bertrand Horsfield Tristan James Wilson Kermode Tom William John Bassett David Nicholson Graham Lunn Scott Philip George Heaney Patrick Allan Richardson Kyle Edwin Lightbourne Arthur Allen Begeman Antonio Charles Richard Perinchief-Leader Nikye Jordan Atherden Omar Darwish Turner

Cayman Islands: Forwards: Iain Robertson, Patrick Taylor, Ernest Bennett III, Dylan Bostock, Graeme Hill, Michael Matthews, Duncan Petrie, Matteo Polloni, Tyler Lawson, Callum Smith, Ben Boyd, Matthew Westin
Backs: Trey Milgate, Zac Hutchison, Daniel Link, Thomas Sperandeo, Ciaran Touhey, Jack Tonge, Josh Bolland, Johanan Eugene, Jacob Pierre

Jamaica: TBA

Mexico: 1 Bernardo Villegas Coro 2 Enrique Castillo Miranda 3 Esteban Santiago Viñas Caballero 4 Fernando Gutierrez Luna 5 Franco Andres Guerrero 6 Guillermo Villadando 7 Jean Paul Christian Zisa 8 Jose Angel Perez Franco 9 Jose Manuel Hernandez Rason 10 Jose Manuel Matuz Lara 11 Kenneth Air Valdez Martinez 12 Luc Alexandre Martin Olivo 13 Mauricio Moreno Martínez 14 Maximiliano Arriaa Nieto 15 Patricio Falcon Quierdo 16 Porfirio Ezequiel Cocolotil Camara 17 Rafael Sánchez Martínez Descobar 18 Ricardo Ancira Navarro  19 Rodrigo Albeerto Ripoll Gonzalez 20 Santiago González Ález Rios 21 Santiago Guadarrama Maya 22 Sebastian Garza 23 Yael Enrique Reyses Vera Herrera 24 Davide Naya Moreno

Trinidad and Tobago: Wendell Fullerton, Kyle Look Hong, Melek Fraser (C), Hakeem Espinoza, Ayub Hassan, Marquis Samuel, John Aboud, Emmanuel Cadette, Jarrel McFarlane, Tariq Daniel, Antonio Moore, Geddes Phillip, Michael Gonsalves, Isaiah Small, Jerron Pantor, David Harvey, Askari Dawud, Wayne Garrett, Joshua Hector, Jabari Sandy, Isaac Small, Korri Edwards

Turks and Caicos: TBA

USA Rugby South 1: Forwards: George Sharp, Cam Tibbetts, Muhammad Abdullah, Gabriel Kettering, Mark Spicer, Joshua Zamudico, Joshua Bryant, Campbell Robinson, Maxwell Dacey, Logan Butler, Jack Freixa, Cameron Tomkins, Justin Johnson              Backs: Jaycob Forrester, Diego Haro, Shea O’Hanlon, Calvin Gentry, Marcelo Guitierrez, Andrew Rappe, Oliver Kennett, Malcom Easley, Zach Rademacher, Nikolas Koumandrakis

USA Rugby South 2: Forwards: Isaac Bales, Julian Pressley, Noah Meneses, Matthew Morin, Douglas Price, Pedro Fernandez, Justin Franzese, Taylor Croyts, Luciano Malvicino, Sebastian Hodge, Isaiah Poki  Backs: William Lynch, Tom Stickton, Frederick Purdy, Felipe Giorolannino, Juan Pourrain, Alec Burcham, Thomas Montgomery, Doug Vawter, Alex Lawson, Evan Thomas, Benjamin Austin

Women’s 10s Squads

Jamaica: TBA

Mexico: Alejandra Daniela Rosales Robles, Alma Delia Jiménez Vázquez, Ana Silvia Libreros Hernández, Betha Alicia Hernádez Cervantes, Caroline Sandoval Rivera, Cecilia Alejandra Martínez López, Cecilia Yazmín Ramírez Laguna, Daniela Alvardo Ávila, Fernanda Carrillo Jímenez, Isabella González Berazueta Burgos, Jael Atalia Rosales Veloz, Karime Cabera Fernández, Vanessa Rodríguez Gasperín, Zoe Tuyusalcedo, María Fernanda Tovar Preciado

Trinidad and Tobago: Apphia Glasgow, Aqiyla O’Brien, Blossom Stewart, Chantelle Charles, Juliana Straker, Kanisha Vincent, Latifah Carliste, Malaika Barclay, Maria Thomas, Marika Mendez, Ornella George, Jude Ramjag, Sara Griffith, Nicolette Pantor (C), Victoria Carliste

USA Rugby South: Madeline Louis Clark (Charlotte), Cerrin Allyn Eldridge (Raleigh), Veronica Hill (Nashville), Mariah Danielle Pruitt (Tribe/Davenport University), Lauren Judkins (Lee University), Claire Stingley (Beantown), Misha Green (Plattsburgh State), Kat Phelan (Beantown), KC Byrd (Ravenwood/Life University), Nicole Wanamaker (Glendale), Erica Long (California University of PA), Kala Cheri Clanton (Charlotte), Alii Hale (Glendale), Courtney Coffee (Kennesaw State), Sarah Lundy (Raleigh)


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