Alaska Ruggerfest

Alaska Ruggerfest

Doug Coil

Alaska Rugby Union will be hosting the Alaska Ruggerfest in Anchorage, Alaska. Three international men’s sides, USA Selects, Canada Selects and New Zealand Mangatainoka Barbarians, will be playing at this event.

There will be an USA v Canada Old Boys match, USA Misfits v Alaska Rugby Selects match and Misfits Ladies v Alaska Women’s match.

All the men’s teams are made up of former international players and professionals that love rugby and still give back to the game.  The teams will not only be playing matches, but will be hosting youth camps while they’re here..

11th Tues Mangatainoka Team Arrive Anchorage
12th Wed 6:00pm Youth Real Haka Camp Evening at the Park-Strip: This camp is open to all youth of Alaska.
12-13th Arrival of Misfits Old boys, Misfits Open Side, USA Selects, Missfits ladies, & Canada selects.
13th Thur Fishing morning, 6:00pm evening Old Boys Match vs Mangatainoka
14th Fri Golf best ball 4 man +women. Moose Run Golf course shotgun start 8AM ~60 people, BBQ AKMRG
15th Sat Five rugby matches including Alaska Women v USA Misfit Ladies, Alaska Old B v Misfits Old Boys, USA Selects v Canada Selects and NZ Mangatainoka v Canada followed by a function at Alaksa Mounoutain Rugby Grounds.
16th Sun Rest day/Fun day
17th Mon Rest day/Fun day
18th Tues Kiwi departure

Note: The USA and Canada Selects sides should not be confused with the Classic Eagles or Classic Canada teams. Some former national team players are expected to be playing.

July 12 6:00pm Real Haka Youth Camp Schedule:
Camp Breakout:
YR 5 – 7 (42) 18:00 – 19:00 Basic skills (catch and pass technique) and games
YR 8 – 11 (64) 19:00 – 20:00 Basic skills (catch, pass, and tackle technique) and games
YR 12 – 15 (71) 20:00 – 21:00 Intermediate skills (drills, tackle and turnover, attack and defence) and games
YR 16 – 18 (46) 21:00 – 22:00 Intermediate skills (drills, body position, tackle and turnover, attack and defence)

The Alaska Rugby Union have named their 2017 Senior Men Select 15s side. The side was selected from 380 players. The Alaska Rugby Union will play the USA Misfits on July 15.

Alaska Rugby Union Selects

1. Aso Vanilau (Spartans)
2. Mason Koch (BoreTide/Dartmouth)
3. Tesi Selupe (Spartans)
4. Lyndon Tulimasealii (Spartans)
5. Noah Christy (Boretide)
6. Tui Nilet (907 Brothers)
7. Patrick Simons (Barbarians)
8. Kelepi Hausia (Spartans)
9. Pio Funefeaikelekolio (Manu Bears) Team Skipper based on votes
10. Sioeli “Joey” Filihia (Spartans) Kicker too
11. LaCross Gray (Fairbanks)
12. Michael Melendez (Arctic Legion/Army)
13. Joe Mano (Moli Ole Ava)
14. Joshua Bond (Arctic Legion/Stars)
15. Marshall Brown (BoreTide)

Reserve Pack players: Turi Maugatai (Manu Bears) Abraham Harman (Barbarians) Jeremy Sliger (Fairbanks) Greg Johnson (Arctic Legion)

Reserve Backs: Esau Lealaisalanoa (Spartans) Michael Krupp II (Arctic Legion/Clemson) Isaiah Pili (BoreTide) Jeremaine Kakiva (907 Brothers)

USA Misfits squad:
#1 Trevor Leota captain of Samoa/London Wasps and World Barbarians
#2 Cameron Adams – Australia U21’s , ACT Brumbies, USA Eagles 37 caps.
#3 Henry Bloomfield- 49 caps, captain of 2007′ World Cup and captain of Tonga as well.
#4 TC Elliott Seattle Saracens
#5 John Hooves Austin Blacks
#6 Justin Clark Denver Barbarians
#7 Rob Moreno Denver Barbarians
#8 Nick McKenna Seattle Saracens
#9 Greg Bruce Boston Wolfhounds
#10 Michael Gamm Bend RumpRiders
#11 Pat Marek Chicago Griffins
#12 Pat Doyle Glendale Raptors
#13 Clinton Camp Denver Highlanders
#14 Bobby Lockrem Gentlemen of Aspen
#15 Charles Davidson Dallas Reds
#16 Tyler “Tiny” Dees Inbred Gator Farmers RFC
#17 Paul Rohr Boulder RFC
#18 Cliff Vogl Belmont Shore RFC, World Barbarians, Leicester Tigers RFC
#19 Brian Hightower Gentlemen of Aspen RFC
#20 Whitey Nelson Misfits RFC
#21 Pio Leifi Manu Bears
#22 Marshall Brown BoreTide

The Alaska Women’s Selects will play the USA Misfits on July 15th at 9am and then the Wisconsin Women on July 19th at 8pm at the Alaska Rugby Grounds.

1. Esther Coronado (Arctic Foxes)
2. Ariana Yambaw (Arctic Foxes)
3. Tupe A’asa (Aurora Rams)
4. Victoria LONG LEATHER (Arctic Foxes)
5. Amanda Lopez (Lynx)
6. Carol Lealaisalanoa (Aurora Rams)
7. Alyssa Randall (Aurora Rams)
8. Shannon Larson (Anchortown)
9. Mckenzie James (Anchortown)
10. Erica Thynes (Anchortown) Skipper based on votes
11. Lauren Syrup (Arctic Foxes)
12. Isten Leifi (Aurora Rams)
13. Nikki Tamapua (Aurora Rams)
14. Amy Graham (Lynx)
15. Liz Millman (Fairbanks)

Reserve players: Mushu Tua’au (Aurora Rams) Marisa Latico (Anchortown) Samantha Poe (Aurora Rams) Caitlin Sawicki (Anchortown) Mikana Halloran (Anchortown) Mary Viatohi (Unattached) Joya Clark (Burlington RFC)

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