Men's Rugby 7s


June 23, 2017



Photo: Northern Virginia Rugby Club

Doug Coil

The MAC Rugby Qualifiers for the USA Rugby Club 7s begins this Saturday with the Northern Virginia 7s in Morven Park, 41580 Sunday Morning Ln, Leesburg, Virginia.

This if the first of four qualifiers for the MAC. The others will be hosted by the Richmond Lions on July 8, Wilmington on July 15 and Schuylkill River on July 22.

To view both the schedule and results in realtime by following this link

Men’s Premier

  • NOVA, Pittsburgh Harlequins, Beltway, Washington Irish
  • Schuylkill River, Rocky Gorge, Norfolk Blues, Washington

Women’s Premier

  • Scion, Philadelphia, NOVA 2, DC Furies 3
  • NOVA 1, DC Furies 1, DC Furies 2, NOVA 3

Men’s Open

  • Schuylkill River U23, Washington 2, Baltimore-Chesapeake, Barbarians
  • Frederick, Richmond Lions, Schuylkill River 2, Washington Irish 2
  • NOVA 2, Rocky Gorge 2, Beltway 2, Rogue

Men’s Social

  • Washington Irish 3, Frederick, Rocktown, WEOB, West Potomac
  • NOVA G, Arbuitian, PERC, VA Beach, Western Suburbs

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