2017 Monmouth 7s Recap

June 21, 2017

2017 Monmouth 7s Recap


Photo: Old Blue Rugby

Monmouth Rugby Club Release: By Nick Lynch

On Saturday, June 17th 2017, the Monmouth Rugby Football Club hosted 2017 Monmouth 7s: Showdown at the Shore V Tournament at Thompson Park in Lincroft, New Jersey, sponsored by Ritchie and Page Distributors. With a full day of rugby, featuring 47 playing sides and over 500 athletes, Monmouth 7s kicked off both the USA Rugby Northeast Qualifier Series and Empire 7s Series for Men, Women, and HS Boys and girls.  Some wet weather didn’t slow the action as each bracket featured top level competition.

In the NRU field, Old Blue, NYAC, and Mystic River raced to the top of their respective pools, earning Old Blue and NYAC a bye into the cup semifinals.  However, NYAC fought their way past a tough Bulldog 2 side and then edged out a hard fought victory over Mystic to reach the Cup final.  However they were not match for a dominant Old Blue side which cruised past Bulldog in the semis and had a commanding 33-0 victory over NYAC to earn the cup.  Mystic rebounded to take the Plate final over Bulldog.
On the Empire side, a highly competitive Men’s bracket saw tough competition all day, yet it was Princeton Athletic Club coming out on top with a 19-14 victory over hosts Monmouth in a Cup final that saw 2 lead changes and came down to the final seconds. New Haven came away with the Plate and the East Lake Erie Hawaiians took the Bowl.
For the women, it was all NYRC who did not surrender a point in a perfect 5-0 day, capped by a 26-0 victory over the Village Lions.  Old Blue took the plate and Morris went home with the Bowl.  In High school action, Play Rugby Academy was the big winner, taking the Cup in both the Boy’s and Girl’s brackets.
Finally, in the Social brackets, which saw a mix of young developing talent and nearly old boys looking to make one last run, the Dutchman, a mix of Monmouth Rugby alums took home the Cup after finishing 5-0 on the day.  NYRC added a second Cup trophy with a victory over Suffolk in the Women’s Social bracket.

Next up for the NRU Series is Newport 7s while the Empire Series moves up to Tri-State 7s in Danbury. Thank you to all of our participants and our sponsors – Ritchie and Page Distributors, US Marine Corp Recruiting Station, Two River Community Bank, and Broege, Neumann, Fischer & Shaver, LLC.  See you next year!

NRU Qualifier
Cup Champion: Old Blue
Cup Runner Up: NYAC
Plate Champion: Mystic
Plate Runner Up: Bulldog
Bowl Champion: Bulldog 2
Bowl Runner Up: White Plains
Shield Champion: Long Island
Shield Runner Up: Old Blue 2
Shield Runner Up: Lions

Empire Series – Men
Cup Champion Princeton
Cup Runner Up Monmouth
Plate Champion New Haven
Plate Runner Up Morris
Bowl Champion East Lake Erie Hawaiians
Bowl Runner Up Danbury
7th Place: Brooklyn
8th Place: NYRC
Empire Series – Women
Cup Champion: NYRC
Cup Runner Up: Village Lions
Plate Champion: Old Blue 1
Plate Runner Up: Monmouth
Bowl Champion: Morris
Bowl Runner Up: Old Blue 2
7th Place: Danbury
8th Place: NYRC 2

Empire HS Boys
Cup Champion: Play Rugby
Cup Runner Up: Aspetuk Valley
Plate Champion: NYRC
Plate Runner Up: Play Rugby 2

Empire HS Girls
Cup Champion: Play Rugby
Plate Champion: NYRC
Social – Men
Cup Champion: Dutchman
Cup Runner Up: Fairfield Yankees
Plate Champion: Long Island
Plate Runner Up: Union
Bowl Champion: Blackthorn
Bowl Runner Up: Rutgers
7th Place: Monmouth 2
8th Place: NJST
Social Women
Cup Champion: NYRC
Cup Runner Up: Suffolk
Plate Champion: Albany
Plate Runner Up: Union
Bowl Champion: Morris
Bowl Runner Up: Monmouth
Northeast Qualifier Results
  • Old Blue 45-5 Long Island
  • Village Lions 12-21 White Plains
  • NYAC 10-17 Bulldog Rugby
  • Old Blue 38-0 Bulldog Rugby 2
  • Village Lions 5-57 Mystic River
  • NYAC 25-5 Old Blue 2
  • Long Island 14-29 Bulldog 2
  • White Plains 0-55 Mystic River
  • Bulldog Rugby 50-0 Old Blue 2
  • Round Robin #7v9 Long Island 26-19 Village Lions
  • Plate/Cup QF #3v6 Bulldog Rugby 40-0 White Plains
  • Plate/Cup QF #4v5 NYAC 26-19 Bulldog Rugby 2
  • Round Robin #8v9 Village Lions 12-19 Old Blue 2
  • Plate/Cup SF #1v4/5 Mystic River 17-21 NYAC
  • Plate/Cup SF #2v3/6 Old Blue 17-7 Bulldog Rugby
  • Round Robin #7/8 Long Island 17-12 Old Blue 2
  • Bowl Final White Plains 12-17 Bulldog 2
  • Plate Final Mystic River 12-0 Bulldog Rugby
  • Cup Final NYAC 0-33 Old Blue

Empire Series – Men Results

  • Brooklyn 0-26 Monmouth
  • Danbury 0-25 New Haven
  • Morris 7-19 Princeton
  • NYRC 0-53 East Lake Erie Hawaiians
  • Brooklyn 17-26 Danbury
  • Morris 34-0 NYRC
  • Monmouth 24-12 New Haven
  • Princeton 17-19 East Lake Erie Hawaiians
  • Brooklyn 7-27 New Haven
  • Morris 26-5 East lake Erie Hawaiians
  • Monmouth 42-7 Danbury
  • Princeton 45-7 NYRC
  • Plate/Cup SF Monmouth 21-5 Morris
  • Plate/Cup SF Princeton 19-7 New Haven
  • Bowl Final Danbury 0-20 East Lake Erie Hawaiians
  • Plate Final New Haven 5-0 Morris
  • Cup Final Princeton 19-12 Monmouth

Empire Series – Women Results

  • Old Blue1 19-12 NYRC2
  • NYRC1 54-0 Old BLue2
  • Morris 5-27 Village Lions
  • Monmouth 38-5 Danbury
  • Old Blue1 33-0 Morris
  • NYRC1 24-0 Monmouth
  • NYRC2 7-17 Village Lions
  • Old Blue2 19-5 Danbury
  • Old Blue1 12-17 Village Lions
  • NYRC1 55-0 Danbury
  • NYRC2 7-10 Morris
  • Old Blue2 0-43 Monmouth
  • Plate/Cup SF NYRC1 43-0 Old Blue1
  • Plate/Cup SF Village Lions 26-24 Monmouth
  • Bowl Final Old Blue2 14-22 Morris
  • Plate Final Old Blue1 19-14 Monmouth
  • Cup Final NYRC1 26-0 Village Lions

Social Men Results

  • Dutchmen 20-0 NJST
  • Fairfield 40-0 Monmouth2
  • Long Island 17-7 Blackthorn
  • Rutgers 15-14 Union
  • Dutchmen 38-0 Long Island
  • Fairfield 29-10 Rutgers
  • NJST 0-38 Blackthorn
  • Monmouth2 7-26 Union
  • Dutchmen 29-14 Blackthorn
  • Fairfield 33-21 Union
  • Monmouth2 28-15 Rutgers
  • Plate/Cup SF Dutchmen 42-0 Union
  • Plate/Cup SF Fairfield 31-7 Long Island
  • Bowl Final Blackthorn 20-0 Rutgers
  • Plate Final Long island 20-6 Union
  • Cup Final Fairfield 0-14 Dutchmen

Social Women Results

  • NYRC 31-14 Suffolk
  • Union 17-12 Morris
  • Monmouth 0-10 Albany
  • Monmouth 0-19 Union
  • NYRC 5-0 Morris
  • Albany 24-0 Suffolk
  • Monmouth 5-26 NYRC
  • Albany 0-5 Union
  • Suffolk 18-10 Morris
  • Plate/Cup SF Union 24-27 Suffolk
  • Plate/Cup SF NYRC 24-5 Albany
  • Bowl Final Monmouth 5-29 Morris
  • Plate Final Union 14-17 Albany
  • Cup Final Suffolk 7-20 NYRC

Empire HS Boys Results

  • NYRC 5-22 Aspetuk Valley
  • NYRC 29-14 Play Rugby2
  • Play Rugby 34-7 Play Rugby2
  • Aspetuk Valley 29-14 Play Rugby
  • Play Rugby 24-15 NYRC
  • Aspetuk Valley 41-7 Play Rugby2
  • Plate/Cup SF Aspetuk Valley 38-5 Play Rugby2
  • Plate/Cup SF NYRC 0-42 Play Rugby
  • Plate Final NYRC 27-12 Play Rugby2
  • Cup Final Aspetuk Valley 15-19 Play Rugby

Empire HS Girls Results

  • NYRC 17-15 Play Rugby
  • NYRC 10-30 Play Rugby
  • NYRC 0-17 Play Rugby

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