USA Rugby South Travel to Guyana for 2017 Rugby Americas North Championship

June 19, 2017

USA Rugby South Travel to Guyana for 2017 Rugby Americas North Championship

Doug Coil

Update: Championship date changed to July 29.

The USA Rugby South Panthers won the Rugby Americas North – North Zone as the result of a walkover win over Bermuda, coupled with the Cayman Islands defeating Mexico 39-17 Saturday, with bonus points determining the title.

The USA Rugby South, Mexico and Cayman Island each had 2-1 records with Bermuda win less at 0-3. During the round robin competition, the USA Rugby South had 11 total points picking up 2 bonus points of tries and 1 losing bonus point. Both Mexico and the Cayman Islands picked up 1 try bonus point to finish with 9 points. Mexico had the better point differential at +37 to +1 for the Cayman Islands to take second.

The USA Rugby South Panthers will travel to play Guyana the South Zone Champions on July 1 at the Providence Stadium in Providence, Guyana. The Panthers are the only non-national team to play for the Championship and can only do so in non-World Cup and qualifying years.

Guyana went 2-0 to win the South title after defeating Barbados May 13th 34-26 and on June 10th came back to win 24-17 over Trinidad and Tobago. On May 27 Trinidad and Tobago defeated Barbados 36-16 and finished second.

Rugby Americas North – South Zone Results

  • May 13 Bermuda 5-59 Mexico
  • May 14 USA Rugby South 39-5 Cayman Islands
  • May 27 Mexico 36-29 USA Rugby South
  • June 3 Bermuda 15-28 Cayman Islands
  • June 17 USA Rugby South walkover Bermuda
  • June 17: Cayman Islands 39-17 Mexico

World Rugby Rankings

  • 50 Guyana 46.56
  • 54 Trinidad and Tobago 45.51
  • 55 Cayman Islands 45.20
  • 56 Mexico 45.12
  • 76 Bermuda 37.39
  • 83 Barbados 36.48





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