USA Rugby South Travel to Guyana for 2017 Rugby Americas North Championship

June 19, 2017

USA Rugby South Travel to Guyana for 2017 Rugby Americas North Championship

Doug Coil

Update: Championship date changed to July 29.

The USA Rugby South Panthers won the Rugby Americas North – North Zone as the result of a walkover win over Bermuda, coupled with the Cayman Islands defeating Mexico 39-17 Saturday, with bonus points determining the title.

The USA Rugby South, Mexico and Cayman Island each had 2-1 records with Bermuda win less at 0-3. During the round robin competition, the USA Rugby South had 11 total points picking up 2 bonus points of tries and 1 losing bonus point. Both Mexico and the Cayman Islands picked up 1 try bonus point to finish with 9 points. Mexico had the better point differential at +37 to +1 for the Cayman Islands to take second.

The USA Rugby South Panthers will travel to play Guyana the South Zone Champions on July 1 at the Providence Stadium in Providence, Guyana. The Panthers are the only non-national team to play for the Championship and can only do so in non-World Cup and qualifying years.

Guyana went 2-0 to win the South title after defeating Barbados May 13th 34-26 and on June 10th came back to win 24-17 over Trinidad and Tobago. On May 27 Trinidad and Tobago defeated Barbados 36-16 and finished second.

Rugby Americas North – South Zone Results

  • May 13 Bermuda 5-59 Mexico
  • May 14 USA Rugby South 39-5 Cayman Islands
  • May 27 Mexico 36-29 USA Rugby South
  • June 3 Bermuda 15-28 Cayman Islands
  • June 17 USA Rugby South walkover Bermuda
  • June 17: Cayman Islands 39-17 Mexico

World Rugby Rankings

  • 50 Guyana 46.56
  • 54 Trinidad and Tobago 45.51
  • 55 Cayman Islands 45.20
  • 56 Mexico 45.12
  • 76 Bermuda 37.39
  • 83 Barbados 36.48





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    • Original RAN Championship was scheduled for July 1, but was changed to July 29. Thanks for the confirmation. A $30,000 cost for the USA South Panthers to travel with one week’s notice was challenging. With the postponement, the high cost of traveling should decrease somewhat.
      Anxious to publish the squads and a recap of the Championship.


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