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South Rugby Championships

April 24, 2017

South Rugby Championships

Doug Coil

The Champions of the True South, Carolinas, Georgia and Florida will meet on May 6-7 at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex, 700 Hull Road, Ormond Beach, FL 32124 to decide the South Rugby Men’s D2 & D3 Championships and also the Women’s D2 Championship.

Matches will be held on three fields, with parking available on either side of the fields. Teams will have access to the changing rooms and will be able to warm up on adjacent fields. There is no admission for entrance to the Complex, but donations for Youth Rugby will be appreciated.

Saturday May 6th
Championship Field

1pm – Men’s Division 3 – Atlanta Renegades D3 v Gainesville
3pm – Women’s Division 2 – Charlotte v Ft. Miami
5pm – Men’s Division 2 – Life D2 vs Boca Raton

Field #1

1pm – Men’s Division 3 – Southern Pines v Montgomery
3pm – Women’s Division 2 – Augusta v Knoxville
5pm – Men’s Division 2 – Miami Tridents v Chattanooga

Sunday May 7th
Championship Field

10am – Men’s Division 3 – Championship Match
12am – Women’s Division 2 – Championship Match
2pm – Men’s Division 2 – Championship Match

Field #1

10am – Women’s Division 2 – Consolation Match
12pm – RAF v Florida HPP

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