Josh Smith, USA Rugby Club Coach of the Year

April 10, 2017

Josh Smith, USA Rugby Club Coach of the Year


Photo: Northeast Academy – Josh Smith

Northeast Academy Release: April 10, 2017

Want to know about Josh Smith? A coach for Northeast Academy a USA Rugby Coach of the Year for 2016-2017, and the Head Coach for Mystic River Rugby Club. See below and an short insight into Josh’s coaching background.

We are privileged to have someone like Josh on our coaching staff.

HOW LONG HAVE I COACHED: I started coaching in 2005 (2005-2012) as assistant coach at Bentley College, was lucky enough to learn under charismatic head coach Jeff Parks. He brought me in to take over for him as he was moving on to become a school principal. It was a great start to coaching as we won the D-3 (now NSCRO) championship back to back years. From there I took over the HC of my former club side the (2007-2012) Middlesex Barbarians 15s/7s and eventually on to HC at Mystic (2014) 15s/7s. So basically 2005 through today minus a year off in 2013 when we had our second child Lily.

BEFORE COACHING: I played (Hooker) starting at UMass-Lowell (1995-1999) for my college days moving on Mystic River briefly before settling in with newly formed Middlesex (2001-2007).

HOW I STARTED COACHING: Coach Parks asked me to come on to Bentley staff, he was looking for a successor. At the time I was still playing and wasn’t ready give up coaching. The 1st year experience at Bentley combined with Coach Parks retiring forced my hand and next I knew was the head man at Bentley.

FAVORITE THING: Honestly the “grind” of it. Finding new ways to motive or introduce things to club. Keeping players engaged and the work fresh for them to digest. I love that challenge as rugby is constantly evolving, so must we as coaches also. Getting married to systems or not adapting with your personnel can be a big mistake. Everybody loves game day, but I really enjoy the build up during the week.

ADVICE: Be humble, if your in this game long enough you will feel many types of emotions and your reaction is important to players and staff. Keep evolving, this never ends for me I never limit who and what I will learn from to add to our training sessions. That includes other sports. Lastly and most important club culture can drive a team to do special things for each other. The great X factor.

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