Kutztown Rugby Wins Ariel Re Bermuda 7s

March 18, 2017

Kutztown Rugby Wins Ariel Re Bermuda 7s


Doug Coil

The Ariel RE Bermuda 7s is becoming a Spring Break destination for East Coast College teams to escape to the warmer weather in Bermuda and to play some quality sevens rugby. It also provides the opportunity for host Bermuda to measure improvements the team has been making.

Each year Bermuda has Atavus Rugby come to Bermuda for run youth clinics and provide other support to improve the growth and performance of Bermuda Rugby.

The 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s is an outstanding tournament in which the participants can enjoy quality rugby, as well as to engage themselves in the culture of Bermuda.

2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s Results

Kutztown University Rugby Club is a perennial national sevens powerhouse and it’s  1st squad  beat the host Ariel Re Bermuda 7s 33-5 to win the second annual Ariel Re Bermuda 7s. St. Joseph’s, who along with Kutztown competes in the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship, beat Kutztown II 31-10 for third place, Stony Brook  beat Iona 12-7 for 5th and the 7th place match between Rowan and the West Chester Black Foxes is unknown whether it took place.

The Shield Championship consisted of a round robin competition to determine 9th through 12th place. As a result, Penn, Norwich, Albany and St. Joseph’s II finished in 9th through 12th place.

For information and results of this tournament and other tournaments run by URugby Football go to their web page,  urugby.com. URugby, is led by Stephen Siano, and runs the 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens March 17-18 at The National Sports Centre, 64 Roberts Avenue, Devonshire, Devonshire, Bermuda DV01.

Day 2 Seeding

Pool play ended on March 17 with Kutztown Rugby 1 and Ariel Re All Stars (Bermuda) going 3-0 and will be the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds entering the championship round on March 18. The other seeds are as follows: Iona #3 (2-0-1), Kutztown II #4 (2-1), Stony Brook #5 (2-1), St. Joseph’s 1 #6 (2-1), Rowan #7  (1-1-1), West Chester Black Foxes #8 (1-2), Penn Rugby #9 (1-2), Norwich #10 (0-3), St. Joseph’s II #11 (0-3), Albany #12 (0-3)

Day 2 Schedule

  • Norwich 14-10 St. Joseph’s II
  • Penn 39-0 Albany
  • Cup QF – Iona 14-26 St. Joseph’s I
  • Cup QF – Ariel Re All Stars 31-7 Rowan
  • Cup QF – Kutztown I 28-7 West Chester Black Foxes
  • Cup QF – Kutztown II 19-17 Stony Brook
  • Penn  31-7 St. Joseph’s II
  • Norwich  26-12 Albany
  • Plate SF – West Chester Black Foxes 0-33 Stony Brook
  • Cup SF -Ariel Re All Stars 17-15 St Joseph’s
  • Cup SF – Kutztown I 29-10 Kutztown II
  • St. Joseph’s II  10-19 Albany
  • Penn 24-21 Norwich
  • 9th-12th Place decided by Shield Round Robin
  • 9th Penn, 10th Norwich, 11th Albany 12th St. Joseph’s II
  • 7th Place – West Chester Black Foxes v Rowan (unclear whether match took place)
  • 5th Place – Iona 7-12 Stony Brook
  • 3rd Place – St. Joseph’s I 31-10 Kutztown II
  • Cup Final – Kutztown I 33-5 Ariel Re All Stars

Day 1 Pools

POOL A:  Stony Brook University, Iona College, St. Joseph’s University II, Rowan University

POOL B: Ariel Re All Stars, Bermuda; Kutztown University II, Norwich University, University of Pennsylvania

POOL C: Kutztown University I, St. Joseph’s University I, West Chester Black Foxes, University at Albany

Pool Play Results

  • Stony Brook 33-0 Rowan
  • St. Joseph’s II 7-19 Iona
  • Kutztown I 41-0 Albany
  • St. Joseph’s I 31-5 West Chester
  • Ariel Re All Stars 29-5 Penn
  • Kutztown II 27-0 Norwich
  • Iona 14-14 Rowan
  • Stony Brook 24-5 St. Joseph’s II
  • St. Joseph’s I 24-10 Albany
  • Kutztown I 38-5 West Chester
  • Kutztown II 35-5 Penn
  • Ariel Re All Stars 31-7 Norwich
  • Stony Brook 12-19 Iona
  • St. Joseph’s II 12-43 Rowan
  • Kutztown I 38-5 St. Joseph’s I
  • West Chester 28-19 Albany
  • Ariel Re All Stars 10-5 Kutztown II
  • Norwich 14-17 Penn

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