Ariel Re Bermuda 7s Day One

March 18, 2017

Ariel Re Bermuda 7s Day One


Doug Coil

URugby, led by Stephen Siano, is running the 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens March 17-18 at The National Sports Centre, 64 Roberts Avenue, Devonshire, Devonshire, Bermuda DV01. This is the second year of this tournament, which promises to be an annual event. For tickets and results see

Pool play ended on March 17 with Kutztown Rugby 1 and Ariel Re All Stars (Bermuda) going 3-0 and will be the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds entering the championship round on March 18. The other seeds are as follows: Iona #3 (2-0-1), Kutztown II #4 (2-1), Stony Brook #5 (2-1), St. Joseph’s 1 #6 (2-1), Rowan #7  (1-1-1), West Chester Black Foxes #8 (1-2), Penn Rugby #9 (1-2), Norwich #10 (0-3), St. Joseph’s II #11 (0-3), Albany #12 (0-3)

Seeds 9-12 will play a round robin competition on day two, while seeds 1-8 will play for the Cup.


POOL A:  Stony Brook University, Iona College, St. Joseph’s University II, Rowan University

POOL B: Ariel Re All Stars, Bermuda; Kutztown University II, Norwich University, University of Pennsylvania

POOL C: Kutztown University I, St. Joseph’s University I, West Chester Black Foxes, University at Albany

Pool Results

  • Stony Brook 33-0 Rowan
  • St. Joseph’s II 7-19 Iona
  • Kutztown I 41-0 Albany
  • St. Joseph’s I 31-5 West Chester
  • Ariel Re All Stars 29-5 Penn
  • Kutztown II 27-0 Norwich
  • Iona 14-14 Rowan
  • Stony Brook 24-5 St. Joseph’s II
  • St. Joseph’s I 24-10 Albany
  • Kutztown I 38-5 West Chester
  • Kutztown II 35-5 Penn
  • Ariel Re All Stars 31-7 Norwich
  • Stony Brook 12-19 Iona
  • St. Joseph’s II 12-43 Rowan
  • Kutztown I 38-5 St. Joseph’s I
  • West Chester 28-19 Albany
  • Ariel Re All Stars 10-5 Kutztown II
  • Norwich 14-17 Penn

Day 2 Schedule (local time is an hour ahead of ET)

  • 12:10pm Norwich #10 v St. Joseph’s II #11
  • 12:10pm Penn #9 v Albany #12
  • 12:30pm Iona #3 v St. Joseph’s I #6
  • 12:30pm Ariel Re All Stars #2 v Rowan #7
  • 12:50pm Kutztown I #1 v West Chester #8
  • 12:50pm Kutztown II #4 v Stony Brook #5
  • 1:30pm Penn #9 v St. Joseph’s II #11
  • 1:30pm Norwich #10 v Albany #12
  • 2:10pm Loser #1/8 v Loser #4/5
  • 2:10pm Loser #2/7 v Loser #3/6
  • 2:30pm Winner 2/7 v Winner 3/6
  • 2:50pm Winner 1/8 v Winner 4/5
  • 3:10pm Loser 2/3 v Loser 4/5
  • 4:10pm St. Joseph’s II #11 v Albany #12
  • 4:30pm Penn #9 v Norwich #10
  • 4:50pm Loser [L1/8 v L4/5 v L3/6 v L2/7}
  • 5:10pm Winner [L1/8 v L4/5 v L3/6 v L2/7}
  • 5:30pm Loser [W1/8 v W4/5 v W3/6 v W2/7}
  • 6:10pm Winner [W1/8 v W4/5 v W3/6 v W2/7}

In the tournament there are also high school tournament and a minis exhibition.

High School Pools:
West Chester High School Boys will play three powerhouse sides from Bermuda: Ariel Re All Stars, Cedarbridge Academy and Berkeley Institute. High school girls rugby is on the docket too as traveling The Harvey School from New York City will play a Bermuda Girls High School All Star team on Saturday.

Bermuda Minis
Friday night, the Bermuda Minis will take the field as the U9s will take on the U10s and the U11s battle the U12s. URugby money is on the ‘odd’ teams. We’re rooting for the little guys.

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