Positively Rugby Partners with X1Fuel

March 2, 2017

Positively Rugby Partners with X1Fuel 

Positively Rugby Release : 1 March 2017

Positively Rugby is pleased to announce our partnership with X1Fuel, an All-Natural Sports Nutrition company from Allen, TX. Our collaboration is built on our shared core values which reflect those of rugby and the positivity of sports. We inspire the best in young athletes, motivating them to excel in their sport, their lives, and be good citizens in the community.

X1 Fuel’s products are formulated with the student athlete in mind. They are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten free, caffeine free, and contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors. They have also gone the extra mile and are considered food by the FDA, not supplements, based on their selected ingredients, high manufacturing standards, and transparent labelling (Nutrition Facts, not Supplement Facts).
The X1 product line includes Pre-Training Ignition and Post-Training Recovery sports shakes to help student athletes fuel up before practices and games as well as reduce breakdown of muscle, build additional muscle, and fight inflammation and stress with antioxidants following exercise.
Leadership and social media expert, Brett Relander founded X1 Fuel when he was unable to find suitable, healthy nutritional products for his athletic children for their sports training. “Over the years it has become obvious that the competitive nature of sports today and challenging schedule for parents makes it difficult for athletes to eat well,” says Relander. His company endeavours to not only provide the highest quality nutrition, but also leadership training and education for athletes of all ages.
“I am happy to see that Positively Rugby is focused on positivity and community. Staying true to that will lead to amazing outcomes for people around the world,” says Relander.
Positively Rugby’s CEO and Founder, Jennie Reid is delighted with this partnership. “I have interacted with Brett on social media, looking up to him as a mentor for leadership, motivation, and social media expertise. There is definitely synergy with our brands, especially the positivity, community, and social media aspects of sports.”
Positively Rugby promotes the leadership attributes learned from rugby and the goodness of people involved in the sport. We are a connection between rugby and business, facilitating introductions through our extensive global network at all levels of the game. Our mission is to “Globally collaborate to promote values of rugby, especially community goodness and leadership attributes, using #RugbyGood.”
Former British & Irish Lions and Wales Rugby international player, Darren Morris is on board with Positively Rugby and promoting X1 Fuel. We are excited to partner with X1 Fuel, who understands the leadership attributes of sports and truly wants to help grow and inspire a healthy body and mind in young athletes.

Positively Rugby – Where Forward Passing is Allowed
“In rugby, the rules require the ball to be passed back, and a forward pass is illegal. The opposite applies to the real world, where passing forward
(paying it forward) is encouraged.”
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