Northeast Academy Partners With INFINIT Nutrition

Northeast Academy Partners With INFINIT Nutrition

Northeast Academy Release: Kaitlin McCabe

Northeast Academy has partnered with INFINIT Nutrition to provide its players with custom player-specific performance supplements.

According to Director of High Performance Ryszard Chadwick, “As we at the Northeast Rugby are looking to grow and become more professional with how we develop our players, nutrition is a big factor in their progress and development. Part of developing players to reach the national teams means that the players need to be cope physical demands of the sport.”

INFINIT is a Gold Standard in endurance nutrition founded in 2006. They have always known that their distinctive concept of personalized custom-blended nutrition solutions are effective for endurance athletes. President and CEO Michael Folan said, “INFINIT is the only company that provides custom hydration and nutrition supplementation. People are tired of guessing what works with a variety of off the shelf products. The idea that one powder works for everyone naive. Nutrition should be as unique and the person, we are all different.”

INFINIT Nutrition works with hundreds of top coaches and trainers to design individual customized programs to help their athletes perform better. The company’s stated mission is “to develop products that help customers perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic high powered custom-blended nutrition solutions.” Specifically, “We dedicate ourselves to customized product development for athletes resulting in unparalleled performance and professional partnerships.”

The Academy strongly believes in removing the pressures athletes face when trying to monitor calories and supplements. With INFINIT, the Academy expects its players to become even more intentional about their training habits and goals, which in turn will drive performance on the field.

“Being successful in elite level sport is all about marginal gains,” Chadwick said. “With 7’s it is very important that we are intentional with the down time in-between games and also after the day is done. Recovery is key. Nutrition plays a big role in recovery, and working with INFINIT will allow us to be more intentional with our preparation.”

INFINIT and Northeast Academy have agreed a two-year deal, which will allow players to order custom formulas and blends to suit their needs with in-season and off-season.

The Northeast Academy is a National Development Academy sanctioned by USA Rugby as the official designated pathway to the USA Eagles National Team selection for both Men and Women in the Northeast of America. With training locations in New York City, Boston and Buffalo, the Academy offers development in three distinct areas: elite player advancement; coach education; and local union enrichment; and has the ultimate goal to augment the skills of players and coaches alike, growing the game within the EMPIRE and NERFU Unions.

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