Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Day One

February 19, 2017

Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Day One


Doug Coil

The Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens tournament is being be held at the Carlos Paz Rugby Club, Córdoba, Argentina on February 18-19, 2017. As a result of last year’s tournament, the seeding for this event is as follows: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Since its inception in 2004, Brazil has won the championship thirteen times. Brazil is already on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, so the winner of this tournament, excepting Brazil, will also be the invitational side to the Las Vegas Sevens on March 3-5 and also to the Hong Kong Sevens Qualifier April 7-9 along with the second place team.

On day one, all the top seeds won their matches, except for first match of the day as Paraguay beat Venezuela 10-5. Brazil, which competes on the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series, is expected to win the Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Championship, with Argentina and Colombia challenging. Still rugby still needs to be played and results are not always as planned.

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  • A: Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • B: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru

Saturday, Feb. 18 – Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Pool Play  (local time is 2 hours earlier than ET)  The match was streamed by CPTV Carlos Paz.

  • 13:00 Venezuela v Paraguay 5-10
  • 13:22 Brazil v Uruguay 45-0
  • 13:44 Colombia v Chile 38-7
  • 14:06 Argentina v Peru 31-10
  • 15:30 Venezuela v Uruguay 37-0
  • 15:52 Brazil v Paraguay 45-0
  • 16:14 Colombia v Peru 31-7
  • 16:36 Argentina v Chile 29-0
  • 17:45 Paraguay v Uruguay 46-0
  • 18:07 Brazil v Venezuela 31-0
  • 18:29 Chile v Peru 21-0
  • 18:51 Argentina v Colombia 17-0

Sunday, Feb. 19 (Gold Final at 18:51)


  • 13:00 Paraguay v Chile
  • 13:22 Argentina v Uruguay
  • 13:44 Colombia v Venezuela
  • 14:06 Brazil – Perú

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