Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Preview

February 13, 2017

Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Preview


Doug Coil

The Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens tournament will be held at the Carlos Paz Rugby Club, Córdoba, Argentina on February 18-19, 2017. As a result of last year’s tournament, the seeding for this event is as follows: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

Since its inception in 2004, Brazil has won the championship thirteen times. Brazil is already on the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, so the winner of this tournament, excepting Brazil, will also be the invitational side to the Las Vegas Sevens on March 3-5 and also to the Hong Kong Sevens Qualifier April 7-9 along with the second place team.

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  • A: Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • B: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru

Saturday, Feb. 18 – Sudamérica Women’s Rugby Sevens Pool Play  (local time is 2 hours earlier than ET)

  • 13:00 Venezuela v Paraguay
  • 13:22 Brazil v Uruguay
  • 13:44 Colombia v Chile
  • 14:06 Argentina v Peru
  • 15:30 Venezuela v Uruguay
  • 15:52 Brazil v Paraguay
  • 16:14 Colombia v Peru
  • 16:36 Argentina v Chile
  • 17:45 Paraguay v Uruguay
  • 18:07 Brazil v Venezuela
  • 18:29 Chile v Peru
  • 18:51 Argentina v Colombia

Sunday, Feb. 19 (Quarterfinals begin at 13:00 with the Gold Final at 18:51)

Squads (Updated as known)

Argentina: 1 Mayra Aguilar 2 Noelia Billerbeck 3 Eugenia Botelli 4 Magalí Fazzi 5 Isabel Fontanarrosa 6 Mayra Genghini 7 Sofía González 8 Valeria Montero 9 Yamila Otero 10 Josefina Padellaro 11 María Paula Pedrozo 12 Deborah Fretes Coach Daniel Villén

Brazil Sevens:
Maíra Bravo (SPAC), Luiza Campos (Charrua), Juliana Carneiro (Curitiba), Isadora Cerullo (Niterói), Paula Ishibashi (SPAC), Raquel Kochhann (Charrua), Milena Mariano (São José), Beatriz Muhlbauer (Niterói), Lariane Prunner (Desterro), Edna Santini (São José), Bianca Santos (São José), Claudia Teles (Niterói)




Peru: Melissa Vargas De La Jara, Natel Kinita, Vannia Ormeño, Michelle Flores Cordero, Andrea Masias, Brenda Llanos, Karoline Vergara Henderson, Lieneke Ratto Schol, Rosemary Quesada Guzmán, Allison Dayane S. Pereyra, Isamyl Roji, Lucy Granda Alvarado

Uruguay: Fernanda Tejera, Estefania Pérez, Eugenia Hugo, Dahianne Tellechea,  Loreley Martínez, Tatiana Merli, Leonor Sosa, Jennifer Stugelmayer, Lucia Brum, Pamela Siffer, Yessica Cardozo, María Eugenia Cruces


Women’s Rugby in South America is growing rapidly. Currently there are more than 10, 5oo participants in rugby, although when including youth rugby programs and events, that number may be six times greater. The map and chart below provides more information about individual countries in the region.


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