Capital Selects Men & Women to Play Stars XV

Capital Selects Men & Women to Play Stars XV


Doug Coil

On Sunday, January 29 the Capital Selects play Stars Rugby XV at the Evergreen Sports Complex. Three matches will be held with the women starting at 1pm, which will be followed by a women’s development and a men’s match. All matches will be streamed live on Youtube courtesy of Next Level Rugby.


1:00 PM – Capital Women vs. Stars Women
2:30 PM – Capital Women Developmental vs. Stars Women Developmental
3:15 PM – Capital Men vs. Stars Men
5:30 PM – Social @ Dog Money Restaurant and Brewery: 50 Catoctin Cir NE, Leesburg, VA 20176

A year ago, both the men and women competed and at halftime the matches weere close before the Capital Selects dominated in the second half. The Capital Selects emerged with a 55-24 win for the women, and a 68-20 win for the men.

The Capital Selects men faced the USA Rugby South Panthers on December 3, 2016 in Richmond, Virginia and emerged with a 28-20 win.

Liz Enwhistle in a release said that the “Stars Rugby XVs, the fifteens developmental sides for Stars Rugby 7s, is thrilled to start the 2017 touring season with a rematch vs the Capital Selects this Sunday in Leesburg, CA. The women’s team has been building the roster for this matchup with developmental tours to play Lindenwood University and Life University in fall 2016. Those trips featured of a Midwest D2 Women’s Club and a mix of collegiate players due to the unavailability of D1 Women’s Club players in the new Gold Cup competition and WPL nationals. With the late January competition window wide open, the Stars women roster has more of their normal mix of athletes with representation from WPL, D1, and D2 clubs, as well as collegiates. Players of note include capped Eagle Frieda Fetu’u of the Berkeley All Blues, Emily Hranchook who represented Oakland University at the recent NASCs, Nicole Burr of the Augusta Furies also an NASC veteran, Norwich University alumna Emily Oor, a trio of Chicago North Shore players with props Kadie Sanford & Charli Jacoby and flyhalf Rose DiBalsamo, and the strong contingent or W1823/Scioto Valley Squirrels including center Cyndi Campbell, Katy Marlow, and Devonna (D) Frances.”

“The men’s side most recently took on Life University in November and will feature many players new to the Stars team. Prop Anthony Parry of NYAC brings PRO Rugby experience back to the Stars for his 3rd XVs tour while NYAC teammate Ross Deacon makes his debut in the red and blue kit before departing for Ireland on Wednesday. Zack Stryffeler is another PRO Rugby veteran with the capability to play as a flanker or center; he has experience in Ireland, with Columbus Rugby Club and the Tiger Academy. Backs Mike Stoll of Kent State University, Tyler Myles of Mount Saint Marys and forwards Jack Dugan & Patrick Hafendbridle (who attended MCAA camp in Chula Vista earlier this month) are playing their rookie tours where Dugan is expected to pair with Canadian provincial representative Ted McGregor in the 2nd row and Hafenbridle will make his case for the starting hooker spot, while Stoll and Myles are projected to start on the wing and at flyhalf respectively. Mike Fletcher and Bobby Kling round out a core of Stars veterans with experience with the program in 7s and 15s alike having shared time int he back row in last year’s DC XVs tour as well as on the 7s pitch at Cape Fear.”

Capital Selects Men

1 Doc Irey (Norfolk Blues) 2 Steven Davis (Washington Rugby Club) 3 Evan Harkum (Baltimore-Chesapeake) 4 Will Miller (Rocky Gorge) 5 Calvin Storey (Raleigh Vipers) 6 Michael Young (Virginia RFC) 7 Alex Diegel (C – Potomac Exiles) 8 Tyler Barberi  (Baltimore-Chesapeake) 9 Eric Sweeney (Baltimore-Chesapeake) 10 Luke Titus  (Pittsburgh Harlequins) 11 Carl Joseph Jr.(Baltimore-Chesapeake) 12 Chris Kunkel (Rocky Gorge) 13 Nick Sandoval (Norfolk Blues) 14 Zach Schell (Pittsburgh Harlequins) 15 Nick Kuhl (VC – Rocky Gorge) 16 Mo Katz (Virginia RFC) 17 Erik Anderson (Norfolk Blues) 18 Kevin Jackson (Rocky Gorge) 19 Alex Czajkowski  (Richmond Rugby Club) 20 Viliami Siale (Pittsburgh Harlequins) 21 Colby Buss (Baltimore-Chesapeake) 22Jake Humphrey (Norfolk Blues) Coaches/Manager: Head Coach: Chris Porter, Assistant Coach: Chuck Moore, Jeremy Frayne, & Jon Grasso Manager: Roland Pratt

Capital Women Selects

1 Maggie Olney (D.C. Furies -C) 2 Sara Lundy (Raleigh) 3 Augustine Masiala (Raleigh) 4 Avery Rain (NOVA) 5 Rian Van Nordheim (James River) 6 Ashleigh Van Driesen (Norfolk) 7 Kayla Thompson (Raleigh) 8 Katie Lutton (James River) 9 Tonya Fletcher (Raleigh) 10 Chelsea Garber (Raleigh -VC) 11 Kayla Cook (NOVA) 12 Megan Gilmore (Raleigh) 13 Jessica Meidinger (Raleigh) 14 Holly Zoeller (Raleigh) 15 Masha Romanchak (Severn River) 16 Jillian Gordon (Severn River) 17 Sarah Romano (NOVA) 18 Carol Trammell (Raleigh) 19 Cait Davis (Raleigh) 20 Ariel Johnson (NOVA) 21 Michelle Vander Ploeg (D.C. Furies) 22 Meredith McAlister (Severn River) 23 Chrissy Metzmaier (NOVA) Caoches: Toga Fanueli (Washington Irish), Steven Davis (Washington Rugby Club) and Matt Estes

 Capital Women’s Development

1.  Lisa Jackson (Raleigh) 2 Jillian Gordon (Severn River) 3 Lacy Ames (Frederick) 4 Paddy Bruington (James River) 5 Millicent Tysinger (Norfolk) 6 Lucia Martino (D.C. Furies) 7 Lydia Wood (Norfolk) 8 Emma Nelsen (Catholic Univ.) 9 Gussie Maguire (D.C. Furies) 10 Meredith McAlister (Severn River) 11 Michelle Schneider (NOVA) 12 Michelle Vander Ploeg (D.C. Furies) 13 Ariel Johnson (NOVA) 14 Marya Asad (Frederick) 15 Chrissy Metzmaier (NOVA) Replacements Laura Sayabouth – Raleigh, Jazz Harrison – Severn River, Rachael Cotter – Stingers Coach: Toga Fanueli & Manager: Kristen Maxey

Stars XV Women (Final Rosters will be updated when known)

Position/Name (Jersey #)
1. Kadie Sanford (1)   – Captain 2. Lis Gallant (152) 3. Charli Jacoby (103) – Vice Captain 4. Rebecca Trapp (22) 5. Nicole Burr (134) 6. Christa Banks (165) 7. Frieda Fetu’u (116) 8. Katy Marlow (153) 9. Sharyn Beodecker (163) 10. Devonna Francis (155) 11. Andrea Sanchez (156) 12. Emily Hranchook (168) 13. Cyndi Campbell (148) 14. Madison Taylor (108) 15. Abby Smith (161) 16. Julie Bode (164) 17. Ryhan Nadji (154) 18. Keta Sutton (158) 19. Rehlyn Jehlik (167) 20. Chip Bell (125) 21. Emily Oor (120) 22. Rose DiBalsamo (139)
  • *Christa Banks – FL/8/C (Scioto Valley)
  • *Chip Bell – FL (Scioto Valley)
  • Sharyn Beodeker – SH (Scioto Valley)
  • *Julie Bode – P (Kansas City Jazz)
  • *Nicole Burr – L (Augusta Furies)
  • *Cyndi Campbell – C (Scioto Valley)
  • Rose DiBalsamo – FH/SH (Chicago North Shore)
  • *Frieda Fetu’u – FL/C (Berkeley All Blues)
  • *Devonna Francis – SH/FH (Scioto Valley)
  • *Lis Gallant – H/FL (Tampa /Fort Miami)
  • *Charli Jacoby – P/L (Chicago North Shore)
  • Emily Hranchook – C (Oakland University)
  • Raelyn Jehlik – FL (Charlotte)
  • Haley Joslin – L (Fort Miami)
  • *Katy Marlow – P/L/8 (Scioto Valley)
  • *Ryhan Nadji – L/FL (Atlanta Harlequins)
  • *Emily Oor – SH (St Albert, Canada)
  • *Andrea Sanchez – W (Scioto Valley)
  • Kadie Sanford – P/H (Chicago North Shore)
  • *Abby Smith – FB/W (Kansas City Jazz)
  • *Keta Sutton – H/FL (Atlanta Harlequins)
  • *Madison Taylor – W/C (Berkeley All Blues)
  • *Rebecca Trapp – P/L (Pittsburgh Angels)
  • Kayla Williams – FL (Augusta Furies)

 * veteran – previous Stars tour

Coaches: Nic Benson, Joel Bonnaud, Jeff Horton Chiropractor: Marissa Hols Director: Liz Entwhistle

Stars XV Men

Position/Name (Jersey #)
1. Anthony Parry (74) 2. Patrick Hafenbridle (133) 3. Bryan Baiss (146) 4. Jacob Sprang (137) 5. Ross Deacon (140) 6. Mike Fletcher (38) 7. Bobby Kling (91) 8. Ted McGregor (119) 9. Chase Brooks (122) 10. Zack Stryffeler (138) – Captain 11. Junior Sucu (1) 12. Casey Hansen (121) 13. John Murray (132) 14. David Coleman (128) 15. Duncan Crystal (136) 16. Ben Holstine (131) 17. Dan Fulcoly (147) 18. Jack Dugan (126) 19. Michael Scanlon (120) 20. Mike Stoll (163) 21.  Tyler Myles (135) 22. Joe Lippert (107) 23. Martin Pittman (139)

  • Bryan Baiss – prop (Tampa Krewe)
  • Andrew Blake – center/flanker (Washington DC Irish)
  • *Chase Brooks – scrumhalf/flyhalf (West Virginia University)
  • David Coleman – wing/scrumhalf (Birmingham Vulcans)
  • Duncan Crystal – fullback (Washington Rugby Football Club)
  • Ross Deacon -flanker (NYAC)
  • Jack Dugan – 2nd row (Bethel College)
  • *Mike Fletcher – flanker (Washington DC Irish)
  • Dan Fulcoly – hooker (Washington DC Irish)
  • *Jovilisi Fotofili – 8/2nd row (Washington Rugby Football Club)
  • *Casey Hansen – center (Bremer County Bucks)
  • Patrick Hafenbridle – hooker (Bethel College)
  • Benjamin Holstine – prop (Milwaukee Barbarians)
  • *Bobby Kling – flanker (Washington DC Irish)
  • *Joe Lippert – scrumhalf/flyhalf (Bremer County Bucks)
  • Ted McGregor – 2nd row/flanker/8 (Montreal Wanderers RFC, Quebec, Canada)
  • John Murray – flyhalf (Glendale Raptors/Washington Rugby Football Club)
  • Tyler Myles – flyhalf (Mount Saint Mary’s University)
  • *Brian Orzechowski – hooker (Potomac Exiles)
  • *Anthony Parry – prop (NYAC, Ohio Aviators)
  • Martin Pittman – scrumhalf (Washington Rugby Football Club)
  • Michael Scanlon – flanker (Chicago Griffins)
  • Brandon Smith – center/flyhalf/wing (US Navy)
  • Jacob Sprang – 2nd row (Washington Rugby Football Club)
  • Mike Stoll – wing (Kent State University)
  • Zack Stryffeler – flanker/center (Columbus Rugby Club, Ohio Aviators)
  • *Junior Sucu – wing (West Potomac)

Coaches: Vaha Esikia (Las Vegas), Jovilisi Fotofili (Washington DC), Joe Lippert (Davenport), Dumont Walker (Washington DC), Chiropractor: Marissa Hols (Tampa), Director: Liz Entwhistle (Chicago)

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