USA Rugby MJAA U19 Seeks to Even Series Against Canada in Match Two

January 2, 2017

USA Rugby MJAA U19 Seeks to Even Series Against Canada in Match Two

Doug Coil

The USA Rugby MJAA U19 squad will looking to avenge it’s 29-22 loss to Canada on December 30th later today in Chula Vista, California.

Coverage of the matches has been limited with the holidays, but the Goff Rugby Report has obtained the USA lineups for both matches and also the USA scoring in match one. BC Rugby News was able to confirm the starting lineup for match one, while Rugby Canada released the starting lineup for match two.

In the first match, Canada jumped out to a 22-0 lead at halftime. The USA narrowed the gap to 22-12 before wing Evan Norris’s try increased Canada’s lead to 29-12. After a yellow card by a Canadian player, the USA added two more tries to make the match a closed one 29-22 in Canada’s favor.

While it is unclear the other try scorers for Canada, the USA had four tries by Tavite Lopeti, Ben Broselle, Nafi Maafu and Bailey Wilson. Ruben de Haas added a conversion.

It was a physical battle where Canada controlled most set pieces during the first half and improved during the second half after making replacements.

With any physical contest, injuries may occur. Muhammed Abdullah, Jack Miller, Joe Ruster-Cudy, and Anton Grigoriou will miss the second match as a resul

USA U19 lineup to face Canada U19s Jan 2, 2017

  1. Jonas Petrakopoulos
  2. Connor Pederson
  3. David Ainuu
  4. Joshua Schnell
  5. Campbell Robinson
  6. Nafi Maafu
  7. Justin Johnson
  8. Bailey Wilson (C)
  9. Ruben de Haas (VC)
  10. Marcos Young
  11. Ben Broselle
  12. Quinn Perry
  13. Sean Lumkong
  14. Calvin Gentry
  15. Kelsin Papunu
  16. Dillon Shotwell
  17. Jeremy Ockomichalak
  18. Sean Dowling
  19. Will Waguespack
  20. William Mailau
  21. Conor McManus
  22. Sam Walsh
  23. Patrick Madden
  24. Liia Monis
  25. Sosefo Mailangi-Ray
  26. Ryan James

Canada’s Men’s U19 Squad vs. USA (Jan. 2, 2017) (Starters reported by Rugby Canada)

  1. Gavin Kratz
  2. Kyle Joe
  3. Damon Adams
  4. Aidan Foley
  5. Jordon Montgomery
  6. Peyton Eagar
  7. Michael Smith
  8.  Jackson Matthews
  9. Matthew Ye
  10. Logan Martin-Feek
  11. Jake Lan
  12. Quinn Ngawati
  13. John Jubenvill
  14. Ethan Hager
  15. Seth Purdy

Replacements: Jack McRogers (H), Marco Cazza (P), Emerson Prior (P), Christoph Stangl (BR), Brandon Schellenberger (SH), Brennig Prevost (FH), Josh Long (C), Mostyn Findlay (C), Evan Norris (W), Miguel Palig (W), James hammond (FB)

USA U19 Roster to Face Canada (Dec. 30, 2016) (Reported by Goff Rugby Report)

  1. Jonas Petrakopoulos (Royal Irish) Indiana
  2. Dillion Shotwell (Texas State) Texas
  3. Karem Odeh (Life University) Georgia
  4. Nafi Maafu (Tempe Old Devils) Arizona
  5. Lia Monis (Central Washington) Washington
  6. Justin Johnson (Life University) Georgia
  7. Jack Miller (U. Colorado) Colorado
  8. Bailey Wilson (C) (United Varsity Rugby) Utah
  9. Ruben de Haas (VC) (Little Rock Junior Stormers) Arkansas
  10. Anton Grigoriou (U. Arizona) Arizona
  11. Ben Broselle (Chuckanut Bay) Washington
  12. Sean Lumkong (Coastal Dragons) California
  13. Tavite Lopeti (Peninsula Green) California
  14. Ryan James (San Diego Young Aztecs) California
  15. Patrick Madden (San Diego Young Aztecs) California
  16. Isaiah Toutua (Danville) California
  17. Jeremy Ockomichalak (Santa Monica) California
  18. David Ainuu (Liberty Patriots) Washington
  19. Joshua Schnell (Katy Barbarians) Texas
  20. Joe Rusert-Cuddy (Palmer HS Terrors) Colorado
  21. Conor McManus (Fort Hunt) Virginia
  22. Sam Walsh (Scots College) Wellington, NZ
  23. Naima Fualaau (Life West) California
  24. Campbell Robinson (Arkansas State) Arkansas
  25. William Mailau (Peninsula Green) California
  26. Quinn Perry (Santa Monica) California

Canada U19 Roster to Face USA (Dec. 30, 2016) (Reported by BC Rugby News)

  1. Marco Cazza
  2. Jack McRogers
  3. Emerson Prior
  4. Jordan Montgomery
  5. Aidan Foley
  6. Jackson Matthews
  7. Michael Smith
  8.  Christoph Stangl
  9. Brandon Schellenberger
  10. Brennig Prevost
  11. Evan Norris
  12. Josh Long
  13. Mostyn Findlay
  14. Miguel Palig
  15. James Hammond

Replacements: Kyle Joe (H), Gavin Kratz (P), Damon Adams (P), Peyton Eager (F), Matthew Ye (SH), Logan Martin-Feek (FH), Quinn Ngwati (C), John Jubenvill (C), Jake Lan (W), Ethan Hager (W), Seth Purdy (FB)

AIG Men’s Junior All-Americans Developmental Team – Canada U19 Series

  • Muhammad Abdullah – Trojans Rugby Club
  • David Ainuu – Liberty Patriots
  • Ben Broselle – Chuckanut Bay High School
  • Ruben De Haas – Little Rock Junior Stormers
  • Sean Dowling – Fort Hunt Warriors
  • Li’a Faletogo-Monis – Central Washington University
  • Maanaima Fualaau – Life Chiropractic College West
  • Calvin Gentry – Arkansas State University
  • Antonios Grigoriou – University of Arizona
  • Ryan James – San Diego Young Aztec Warriors
  • Justin Johnson – Life University
  • Tavite Lopeti – Life West
  • Sean Lumkong – Coastal Dragons
  • Nafitalai Maafu – Tempe Old Devils
  • Patrick Madden – San Diego Young Aztec Warriors
  • Sosefo Mailangi-Ray – Back Bay Sharks
  • William Mailau – Peninsula Green High School
  • Conor McManus – Fort Hunt Warriors
  • Jack Miller – University of Colorado
  • Jeremy Ockomichalak – Santa Monica Dolphins
  • Karem Odeh – Life University
  • Conner Pederson – Eastside Rugby Football Club Washington
  • Quinn Perry – Santa Monica Dolphins
  • Jonas Petrakopoulos – Royal Irish
  • Kelsin Pupunu – University of Utah
  • Campbell Robinson – Arkansas State University
  • Joseph Rusert-Cuddy – Palmer High School Terrors
  • Joshua Schnell – Katy Barbarians
  • Dillon Shotwell – Texas State University
  • Isaia Taotua – Danville Oaks
  • William Waguespack – University of Louisiana, Lafayette
  • Sam Walsh (Scots College) Wellington, NZ
  • Bailey Wilson – United Varsity Rugby
  • Marcos Young – Key Biscayne

AIG Men’s Junior All-Americans Developmental Team – Coaching Staff

  • JD Stephenson – Head Coach
  • Michael Engelbrecht – Defense Coach
  • Shawn Pittman – Forwards Coach
  • Justin Goonan – Head of Performance
  • James Walton – Video Analyst
  • Jimmy Harrison – Manager & Video Analyst
  • Rob Randell
  • Sean Dowling
  • Britney Schenck – Trainer

Canada U19 Squad

  • Damon Adams (Castaway Wanderers) Victoria BC
  • Marco Cazza (Ormstown Saracens) Saint-anicet QC
  • Preston Eagar (Cowichan) Duncan BC
  • Mostyn Findlay (UVic) Regina SK
  • Aidan Foley (Western University) Oakville ON
  • Jeremy Gamm (Markham Irish) Markham ON
  • Ethan Hager (Harlequins) Brantford ON
  • James Hammond (Toronto Nomads/United RFC) Vancouver BC
  • Kyle Joe (Cowichan) Ladysmith BC
  • John Jubenvill (UBC) Surrey BC
  • Gavin Kratz (UVic) Victoria BC
  • Jake Lan (UBC) Vancouver BC
  • Josh Long (Abbotsford) Abbotsford BC
  • Logan Martin-Feek (West Shore) Victoria BC
  • Jackson Matthews (Beaconsfield RFC) Beaconsfield QC
  • Jack McRogers (Aurora Barbarians) Newmarket ON
  • Jordan Montgomery (PEI Mudmen) Kensington PEI
  • Quinn Ngawati (St Michaels University School) Victoria BC
  • Evan Norris (Shawnigan Lake School) Victoria BC
  • Miguel Palij (Markham Irish) Markham ON
  • Brennig Prevost (UVic) Victoria BC
  • Emerson Prior (Trent University Varsity Club) Gananoque ON
  • Seth Purdy (Swawnigan Lake School) Mill Bay BC
  • Owain Ruttan (UBC) Precious Corners ON
  • Michael Smith (UBC) Surrey BC
  • Brandon Schellenberger (Castaway Wanderers) Victoria BC
  • Michael Ye (UBC) Markham ON

Canada U19 Head Coach: Dean Murten

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