Boys High School All-Americans Winter Camp

December 19, 2016

Boys High School All-Americans Winter Camp


Doug Coil

Article based on USA Rugby release: December 19, 2016

The Boys High School All-Americans Winter Camp will be held December 27-31 at Grande Sports World in Casa Grande, Arizona. Head Coach Salty Thompson and his staff will work with 160 athletes that hope to be part of future tours.

The attendees have been identified by Thompson, his scouts from youth clubs and high schools across the country and from the Regional Cup Tournaments held during the year. The camp will be split into “Varsity” and “Junior Varsity” training groups.

Thompson in discussing the Regional Cup Tournaments said “The RCTs were much more competitive this year. We had some referrals for current ninth graders playing in the middle school brackets, as well, and have taken some kids that we think will project well in the future. The point of bringing in young boys is getting them exposed to this type of environment so they’re more prepared when they come back.”

“The players are sort of stamping their names onto depth charts, which would mean by next summer’s RCTs – if a player comes out of Winter Camp looking good and then plays well in an RCT as we’d expect – their chances of being selected to the BHSAAs in the summer are good. For the younger boys we’re looking for the same; there’s no reason why a sophomore can’t project himself into competition for the BHSAAs.”

All athletes will participate in training sessions that have been developed to provide cohesion to the National Programs and have been fine tuned by the Eagles, MJAAs, and AIG Men’s Collegiate All-Americans programs. The curriculum includes fitness testing, core skills work, positional skills coaching for forwards and backs, and introductions to patterns of play in attack and defense with a greater overall focus on teamwork.

Thompson has been present for several of Eagles Head Coach John Mitchell’s training sessions in 2016. Both he and the the 30 coaches will work with the camp members to maintain continuity in National goals.

Grande Sports World is an excellent venue for this camp.  It is used primarily by Major League Soccer and international soccer teams and the facility features eight full-sized fields, state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment indoors and outdoors, and recovery facilities near their accommodations. There are also coaches offices and six classrooms adjacent to professional-quality locker rooms.

The camp should provide opportunities to be noticed by BHSAAs selectors, as well as compare themselves to their peers throughout the country.

Boys High School All-Americans – Winter Camp
Timothy Adie – Pike High School (IN)
David Afa’ese – Penn Rugby (IN)
Tyren Al-Jiboori – Union High School (OK)
Joshua Allan – Danville Oaks Rugby (CA)
Fernando Anduaga – Loudoun Dragons (VA)
Austin Arnett – Tribe Rugby (TN)
Julian Arteaga – Fallbrook High School (CA)
Ayden Augspurg – Park Hill South (MO)
Dante Bandoni – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
George Baron – St. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
Aidan Barry – Reeds Weybridge RFC
Shane Barry – Reeds Weybridge RFC
Jeremiah Bates – Temecula Mountain Lions (CA)
Steven Benson – Little Rock Junior Stormers (AR)
Andrew Bergfalk – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Elijah Billips – Play Rugby USA NY Academy (NY)
John Bradfield – St. Edward High School (OH)
John Brandt – Charlotte Catholic High School (NC)
Connor Buckley – Xavier High School (NY)
Jake Burns – Chuckanut Bay High School (WA)
Kai Carlberg – Springfield Celts (IL)
Asa Carter – Union High School (OK)
Brendan Cheung – Cathedral Catholic High School (CA)
Alexander Cleary – Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Evan Conlon – The Woodlands Rugby (TX)
Luke Connor – St. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
Maximilian Cordua – Katy Barbarians (TX)
Isaiah Cortez – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Jacob Cortinas – Peninsula Green High School (CA)
Daniel Crowley – Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Gavin Cunningham – Clayton Copperheads (NC)
Kyle Curry – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Diego Damian-Hernandez – C.K. McClatchy Lions Rugby (CA)
Amar Dhillon – Mother Lode Rugby Club (WA)
William Dodds – Eastside Lions Youth Rugby Club (WA)
James Doering – St. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
James Downey – San Diego Mustangs (CA)
Stuart Earnhart – Royal Irish (IN)
Blake Ecklund – Westside Swarm (CO)
Jake Ericksen – Mother Lode Rugby Club (CA)
Robert Figley – Fort Hunt Warriors (VA)
Nolan Filteau – Amoskeag (NH)
Jaycob Forrester – South Doyle High School (TN)
Keoni Francis – CY-Fair Bobcats (TX)
Blake Frazier – Temecula Mountain Lions (CA)
Luke Freeman – Danville Oaks Rugby (CA)
Matthew Freeman – Gonzaga College High School (DC)
Alex Geisert – Liberty North Eagles Rugby Football Club
Brandon Gibson – RCT Washington Loggers JV (WA)
Jasper Green – San Francisco Golden Gate (CA)
Andrew Guhl – Royal Irish (IN)
Taysan Hammer – Herriman Mustangs (UT)
David Hannon – Royal Irish (IN)
Brendan Harders – St. Edward High School (OH)
Tyler Heer – Culver Academies (IN)
Kanon Heyn – Aurora Saracens (CO)
Allan Hogue – Peninsula Green High School (CA)
Michael Jennings – Staples High School (CT)
Chase Jones – Solano-Yolo Falcons (CA)
Garrett Kay – Jesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
Kaipono Kayoshi – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Karl Keane – Eastside Lions Youth Rugby Club (WA)
Ian Kilcullen – Gonzaga College High School (DC)
Collin Knowlton – Culver Academies (IN)
Isaia Kruse – Bullard High School (CA)
Alani Langi – Peninsula Green High School (CA)
Kyle Lazera – Jupiter Sharks (FL)
Russell Lemaster – Royal Irish (IN)
Calvin Liulamaga – Ranier Plateau Junior Highlanders (WA)
Kevin Loney – Coastal Dragons (CA)
Samuel Louman – Pelham Rugby (NY)
Kaden Loversky – Mira Costa High School (CA)
Tate Lumb – Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Niklas Lundqvist – Coastal Dragons (CA)
William Lyke IV – Gonzaga College High School (DC)
Michael Maafu – Tempe Old Devils (AZ)
Griffin Maat – St. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
Keenan MacDonald – Amoskeag (NH)
Sean MacLaney – Union County Mudturtles (NJ)
Gabriel Mahuinga – Herriman Mustangs (UT)
Jack Manzo – Xavier High School (NY)
Charles Martel – Bethesda Roosters (MD)
John McCrossin – Fort Hunt Warriors (VA)
Ethan McVeigh – Old Mission Bay Athletic Wallabies (CA)
Matthew Meehan – Singapore American School Eagles
George Henry Miller V – Jesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
Douglas Mitchell – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Skyler Mitchell – Mother Lode Rugby Club (CA)
Juan Molinari – Gonzaga College High School (DC)
Ian Morris – Allen Eagles (TX)
Christiaan Mosconi – JSerra Catholic High School Lions (CA)
Eric Naposki-Abdalah – Fairfield Pegasi (CT)
Zachary Neff – C.K. McClatchy Lions Rugby (CA)
Jake Negrete – San Joaquin Memorial High School Panthers (CA)
Terrell Nelson – Chuckanut Bay High School (WA)
Christian Newby – Southern Pines (NC)
Christopher Noggle – Stingrays (CA)
Sean Nolan – Back Bay Sharks High School (CA)
Maxwell Palmer – Katy Barbarians (TX)
Michael Perrone – San Diego Mustangs (CA)
Luke Persanis – Pelham Rugby (NY)
Katin Pesarillo – Cathedral Catholic High School Dons (CA)
Kustin Petersen – Coastal Dragons (CA)
Travis Preston – Fort Hunt Warriors (VA)
Michael Queijo – Xavier High School (NY)
Elias Ramirez – Jesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
Chandler Ramsey – Orlando Youth Rugby (FL)
Charlie Rascon – Old Mission Beach Athletic Wallabies (CA)
Alexander Rayton – The Woodlands Youth Rugby (TX)
James Reed – Charlotte Tigers (NC)
James Reid – Loudoun Dragons (VA)
Blake Richards-Smith – Coastal Dragons (CA)
Harry Robinson – Union County Lions (NC)
Jon Rogers – Granite Bay Grizzlies (CA)
Steven Rohde – St. Thomas Aquinas High School (KS)
Luke Salls – Simsbury High School (CT)
Nathan Salter – Play Rugby USA NY Academy (NY)
Chase Schor Haskin – Okapi Wanderers (FL)
Max Schumacher – Jesuit High School of Sacramento (CA)
Cole Semu – Chuckanut Bay (WA)
John Conor Shalloe – Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Owen Sheehy – Gonzaga College High School (DC)
Quinn Sheppard – C.K. McClatchy Lions Rugby (CA)
Carson Shoemaker – Arrowhead Berserkers (AZ)
Sidney Shoop – South Greenville (SC)
Jonathan Slimm – Danville Oaks (CA)
Nicholas Smith – Dallas Harlequins Colts (TX)
Connor St Clair – Charlotte Tigers (NC)
Matthew Start – Myers Park (NC)
Brock Stinson – Palmer High School Terrors (CO)
Thomason Stockton – Raleigh Rattlesnakes (NC)
Elijah Summerlin – Temecula Mountain Lions (CA)
Dylan Tagani – Tribe Rugby High School (TN)
Dominic Tianga – West Pines Wolfhounds (FL)
Vasaga Tilo – Newport Islanders Rugby Football Club (RI)
Adam Tounkara – Maryland Exiles (MD)
Thomas Treussard – Xavier High School (NY)
Rayden Tuaua – Belmont Shore Youth (CA)
Ethan Van Tonder – Rocky Mountain High School Grizzly Bears (ID)
Kyle van Tonder – Rocky Mountain High School Grizzle Bears (ID)
Charles Van Vliet – Wando High School (SC)
Samuel VanderWest – Grandville High School (MI)
Quinlan Vasey – Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Douglas Vawter, Jr. – West Omaha United Nebraska Youth (NE)
Thomas Waghorne – Katy Barbarians (TX)
Peyton Wall – Leo High School Lions (IN)
Jordan Wander – Richardson Rugby (TX)
Inoke Waqavesi – C.K. McClatchy Lions Rugby (CA)
Gabriel Wegge – Old Mission Bay Athletic Wallabies (CA)
Raymond Weiner – Aspetuck Valley RFC (CT)
Michael Weir – Doylestown Dragons (PA)
John Wendling – Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Larry Williams – Clayton Copperheads (NC)
Ryan Williams – Alaska Youth High School (AK)
Andrew Wishart, Jr. – Mother Lode Rugby Club (CA)
Lawrence Wolfaardt – Highlanders (SC)
Noah Wright – Liberty Patriots (WA)
Matthew Zaudtke – Georgetown Preparatory School (MD)
Cole Zeno – Rock Rugby (TX)
Nicholas Zimmer – San Diego Mustangs (CA)

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