Austin Huns Win Preseason Debut

November 14, 2016

Austin Huns Win Preseason Debut


Photo: Norma Salinas Photography

Austin Huns Release: Nov. 14, 2016

Less than six months ago the Austin Huns reported they would be taking steps to become a more professional club. In their debut preseason home opener for Veterans Day Weekend, the Huns Elite team got off to a quick start and never looked back winning 95-5 over U.S. Air Force Select XVs.

The Austin Huns pack dominated the scrums and line-outs giving the backline good front foot ball and space to score spectacular tries. The Huns started the game at a high pace, quick balls off the ruck, and ball retention, put the Air Force team under immense pressure.

Though the club has only practiced with the newly acquired coaching staff for six weeks, they displayed flashes of brilliance that only teams with years of experience exhibit. “I did not read much into the high score line, the game showed us the areas we need to work and improve upon, and the potential the team has to be great,” said Head Coach Eugene Eloff.

The Austin Huns scoring was led by Winger-Pierce Reed, who had 4 tries on the day, many of which came off the foot of Inside Center-Lomani Tongotongo. “The game was an excellent start for us. We demonstrated that we understand the game philosophy that the coaches are trying to implement. It was good to see our evolution as a team with solid structure and foundation” said Team Captain Rui D’orey Branco.

Though it was not the outcome the Air Force was looking for, the team displayed what the ‘Spirit of Rugby’ is about. Never letting off the gas pedal, they played until the final seconds of the match, scoring in the 70th minute. The Austin Huns opened the season in electrifying fashion in front of 100’s of fans, competitors, and the media. The team is happy with the win but knows there is still a lot of work moving forward. The Austin Huns hope to keep this exciting play going as they move into 2017.

Thank You to the U.S. Air Force Select XVs and Thank You to All Our Veterans for an Exciting Weekend!
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Photos provided by Norma Salinas Photography.



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