Looking at Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 Playoffs

November 8, 2016

Looking at Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 Playoffs


Tom Colucci

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 Central-North

North Bay Rugby (35 Pts) – NB can pretty much wrap up the division with a win against Severn this weekend. NB will close out the season with games against the bottom two teams in the division (Delmarva and Chambersburg) in the spring.

Severn River Rugby (22 pts) – Severn stumbled two weeks ago with a late loss to Baltimore but was able to right the ship vs Frederick last week. They have one game in hand on everyone in the division and can place themselves in an excellent position with a win this weekend vs NB. Winning the division will be difficult but the playoffs look within their grasps.

Frederick Rugby (22 pts) – They close out the fall at home against Delmarva this weekend. They should win that game and position themselves right in the middle of the playoff picture. A loss would be a hard blow to their playoff hopes as the spring has games against Severn and B-C

Baltimore-Chesapeake (22 pts) – BC is on the outside looking in based on point differential right now. They are significantly behind Severn on this tie breaker so they will have to look toward wining out to assure a playoff berth. This weekend’s game on the road against Chambersburg is a good opportunity to close out the fall season in good shape.

Delmarva Rugby (6 pts) – Delmarva was able to win their first division 3 game against Chambersburg on 11/29. A surprise win at Frederick this weekend would put them in a good spot to avoid relegation.

Chambersburg Turtleheads (2 pts) – They were unable to get their first win of the season against Delmarva a week after playing a very tight game against Frederick. The rematch with Delmarva on 3/18 will be an interesting game to keep an eye on.

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 Central-South

Western Suburbs Rugby (26 pts) – WS has a game in hand on most of the division so they are in control of their playoff hopes. Next weekend’s game against West Potomac should be a winnable road game. The 3/25 game vs the Washington Renegades is shaping up to be a very important game for seeding

Washington Renegades (25 pts) – They must win out vs Potomac Exiles this weekend and then Quantico in the spring in order to make the 3/25 mean something

Washington Irish D3 (14 pts) – Even though they are in third place, their playoff hopes on hanging on a thread. They must win out in the spring and look for a lot of help. A win by the Renegades this weekend will make the odds even steeper for them.

Quantico Rugby (14 pts) – Has a game in hand but must win against the Exiles this weekend to give themselves any chance to make the playoffs. Closing out the season vs Suburbs and the Renegades only adds to their difficulties

Potomac Exiles D3 (13 pts) – They have only played 5 games thus far so they are in better shape than the two other teams at 14 pts but there are very few easy wins in this division.

West Potomac Beavers (5 pts) – The best chance for a win by this club in the last three games of the season is at home vs Potomac Exiles on 3/18. They must find a win in one of those three games to avoid the bottom of the table in division three

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 North-Blue

North Penn Rugby (31 pts) – The only blemish on their record thus far was a tie vs Happy Valley a few weeks back. They are done playing this fall but face a difficult start in the spring with Schuykill, NE Irish and Blackthorn during early March.

Blackthorn Rugby (26 pts) – They close out the fall season with games at home vs Wilkes Barre and Happy Valley which should result in victories. This would put them in control of the division with a showdown vs North Penn on 3/25 looming large for both teams

Northeast Philadelphia Irish (20 pts) – The picture is getting harder for NE as Blackthorn should pull ahead by 11 points in the next two weeks. A few weeks ago, the season ending game vs Blackthorn was looking like an important match but 3 losses in 4 games has dimmed their playoff drive. They need to get back on track this weekend

Reading Rugby (16 pts) – Reading is right in the middle of the pack as reflected by their 3 and 3 record and zero point differential over six games. If they can take care of NE Irish this weekend and close out the fall with a win vs Happy Valley they will be in good position to finish the season above the five hundred mark

Schuylkill River Exiles D3 (11 pts) – Both wins this season have come against Happy Valley who they will not play again. A home game this weekend against Wiles Barre looks like a good chance for them to get another win on the season

Wilkes-Barre Scranton (7 pts) – This team has played the in some of the closest scoring games in division 3 but has come out on the wrong side in all but one game. The Schuykill game this weekend is winnable and with an easier schedule in the spring we could see this team run off a few victories in the latter part of their first season back in division three

Happy Valley Barbarians (6 pts) – They started off the season with 5 straight losses but appear to have corrected things in the last few weeks with a surprising tie at North Penn and a win vs NE Philly. A return to their earlier losing ways could set up a very important set of home and away matches vs Wilkes Barre toward the end of the spring season.

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 North-Red

Lehigh Valley Hooligans (29 pts) – A win this weekend vs White Horse would put them in an excellent position to make the playoffs

South Jersey Devils (27 pts) – They play Harrisburg this weekend which is more important to H’burg but the points would almost assure a playoff spot.

Harrisburg Rugby (16 pts) – Must win for H’burg this weekend

White Horse Rugby (15 pts) – A win this weekend vs the top team in their division (Lehigh Valley) would go a long way toward showing that they deserve to get into the playoffs. The home and away against South Jersey bracketing the fall and spring could define their season. Winning over the next three games is critical to their playoff chances

Jersey Shore Sharks (6 pts) – Home game vs Hibernians is good opportunity to gain points and put distance between them and the bottom of the table

Hibernians Rugby (2 pts) – Traveling to Jersey after losing eight straight is a difficult task. They only have one game on the spring schedule (vs White Horse) on 4/1.

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 South-East

James River Rugby (35 pts) – They should be able to beat Rappahannock this weekend and practically clinch the a playoff spot

Newport News (26 pts) – News has very little margin for error if they want to win the division. Winning out is not out of the question with their weak spring schedule but they must win this weekend vs Virginia Beach to give them that chance

Norfolk Blues D3 (25 pts) – The Blues need help since Newport News has one game in hand against them. This weekend’s away game vs Richmond is very winnable

Virginia Beach Falcons (18 pts) – Making the playoffs is almost mathematically impossible for this side. They will have to play some excellent rugby to win one of their last two games of the season vs James River and Newport News.

Richmond Lions D3 (5 pts) – This team was able to win their first game of the season last week vs Virginia Beach. Winning at Norfolk on Saturday will be a tall order for this club. The 3/11 game vs Rappahannock is their best chance of getting a second win.

Rappahannock Rugby (4 pts) – Playing at James River is a very tall order for this side that has not won since 9/11.

Mid-Atlantic Men’s D3 South-West

Blacksburg Rugby (25 pts) – A win vs Blackwater will assure a playoff spot

Virginia Rugby (22 pts) – Should have an easy win vs Rocktown this weekend which would set up a big game vs Blacksburg on 3/11 for first place

Blackwater Rugby (15 pts) – They must win out to have a chance to make the playoffs

Roanoke Rugby (10 pts) – They finish off the season vs Blackwater which is a decent opportunity to win their third game of the season

Rocktown Rugby (-1 pts) – Their negative one points has not been explained but winning either of their final two games is going to be difficult

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