American Collegiate Rugby Championship Bowl Series

Third Annual ACRC Bowl Series Returns to New Rochelle

November 1, 2016

Third Annual ACRC Bowl Series Returns to New Rochelle


Photo: U Rugby of Stony Brook Lineout

U Rugby Release

Collegiate and High School Rugby Teams
Thurs-Sun November 17-20, 2016

The Bowl Series returns to New Rochelle, NY. In 2015, the University of Delaware visited Iona College’s campus for one of ten bowl matches. This year Iona will host up to nine collegiate 15s matches and up to ten High School 7s matches. The first matchup is set. Rutgers will play Stony Brook.

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Expect announcements through the week as URugby sets Bowl Series matchups for Fordham, American International College, the University at Buffalo, Iona College, University of Delaware and UMass.
Temple, Binghamton, Syracuse, Cornell among others are looking to get in the mix.

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Four of Ten High School Teams Set
Fri-Sun November 18-20, 2016
Play Rugby, EIRA NYC, North Fork, Greenwich HS, KEIO/ FASNY, Thornton Donovan all set to participate. Girls welcome.

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Colleges, parents and future college students
Sat-Sun 11a-4p Nov 19-20, 2016
Besides teams playing, schools such as Army and New England College have shown interest.
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