Central Coast Sevens Pool Results & Finals Matches

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October 22, 2016

Central Coast Sevens Pool Results & Finals Matches


Photo: Central Coast Sevens

Doug Coil

The UON Central Coast Sevens is Australia’s premier rugby sevens festival outside of the HSBC World Sevens Series. It features some of the strongest international sevens teams in the world. It features national teams and invitational teams. It is also one of the toughest invitational tournaments in the world to win.

With the HSBC World Sevens Series beginning in December, it is a perfect tuneup for teams in preparation for the sevens season.

The Central Coast Sevens is being held at the Wyong Rugby league Club, 40 Lake Haven Dr., Kanwal, NSW, Australia, October 21-23, 2016 . Day one, featured a youth single day tournament. The men’s and women’s tournaments began with pool play on  October 22 and the finals the next day.

The matches will be streamed live by BarTV Sports. The commentators are superb and I appreciate the invite into the “Party Box” and would have done so if I was there. Unfortunately, I am not at the tournament and I am relying on the streams, which have been excellent. It still is on my bucket list to visit Australia.

UON Cup Men’s Pool Play Finish

  • A: Ratu Filise (Fiji), Australia, West Harbour, Toloa Old Boys (Tonga)
  • B: Police (Fiji), Uluinakau (Fiji), Australia Development, LM National Indigenous
  • C: Tabadamu (Fiji), NSW7s (Waratahs, Australia), Daveta (Fiji), Australia Uniroos
  • D: Hideaway Hurricanes (Fiji), ACT Brumbies (Australia), Newtown (Fiji), Sydney Uni

Kinesio Cup Women’s Pool Play Finish


  • A: Aussie Pearls Gold, Avoca Beach (Central Coast, Australia), New Zealand Wasps, Dua Ga
  • B: Japan, Sunnybank (Queensland, Australia), Ozboks, Sydney Uni
  • C: Aussie Pearls Green, ACT Brumbies (Australia), Hunter Women (Australia), LM National Indigenous

Kinesio Cup Women Pool Results

Pool A

  • Aussie Pearls Gold 24-5 NZ Wasps
  • Avoca Beach 60-0 Dua Ga
  • Aussie Pearls Gold 15-0 Avoca Beach
  • NZ Wasps 46-0 Dua Ga
  • Aussie Pearls Gold 55-0 Dua Ga
  • NZ Wasps 10-15 Avoca Beach

Pool B

  • Japan 19-7 Sunnybank
  • Sydney Uni 10-5 Ozboks
  • Japan 27-10 Sydney Uni
  • Sunnybank 17-7 Ozboks
  • Japan 22-0 Ozboks
  • Sunnybank 24-5 Sydney Uni

Pool C

  • Aussie Pearls Green 26-0 ACT Brumbies
  • Hunter Women 5-5 National Indigenous
  • Aussie Pearls Green 28-15 Hunter Women
  • ACT Brumbies 19-10 National Indigenous
  • Aussie Pearls Green 32-0 National Indigenous
  • ACT Brumbies 27-0 Hunter Women

UNO Men’s Cup Pool Results

Pool A

  • Australia (Thunderbolts) 12-21 Ratu Filise
  • Toloa Old Boys 12-12 West Harbour
  • Australia 48-0 Toloa Old Boys
  • Ratu Filise 17-7 West Harbour
  • Australia 31-7 West Harbour
  • Ratu Filise 38-7 Toloa Old Boys

Pool B

  • Police 14-0 Uluinakau
  • Australia Development 35-0 National Indigenous
  • Police 22-0 Australia Development
  • Uluinakau 38-10 National Indigenous
  • Police 45-5 National Indigenous
  • Uluinakau 33-12 Australia Development

Pool C

  • Australian University 12-29 NSW7s
  • Daveta 5-5 Tabadamu
  • Daveta 20-0 Australian University
  • Tabadamu 17-12 NSW7s
  • Daveta 19-10 NSW7s
  • Tabadamu 43-0 Australian University

Pool D

  • Hideaway Hurricanes 14-5 Newtown
  • ACT Brumbies 22-7 Sydney Uni
  • Hideaway Hurricanes 26-12 ACT Brumbies
  • Newtown 29-7 Sydney Uni
  • Hideaway Hurricanes 46-5 Sydney Uni
  • Newtown 17-19 ACT Brumbies

Day Two Finals

  • Match 43 – Women’s QF 10am (7pm ET) Aussie Pearls Gold v Ozboks
  • Match 44- Women’s QF 10am (7pm ET) Sunnybank v ACT Brumbies
  • Match 45 – Women’s QF 10:20am (7:20pm ET) Japan v NZ Wasps
  • Match 46 – Women’s QF 10:20am (7:20pm ET) Aussie Pearls Green v Avoca Beach
  • Match 47 – Men’s QF 10:40am (7:40pm ET) Ratu Filise v ACT Brumbies
  • Match 48 – Men’s QF 10:40am (7:40pm ET) Tabadamu v Uluinakau
  • Match 49 – Men’s QF 11:00am (8:00pm ET) Police v NSW7s
  • Match 50 – Men’s QF 11:00am (8:00pm ET) Hideaway Hurricanes – Australia
  • Match 51- Men’s SF Boot 11:20am (8:20pm ET) Toloa Old Boys v Sydney Uni
  • Match 52 – Men’s SF Boot 11:20am (8:20pm ET) National Indigenous v Australian University
  • Match 53 – Women’s SF Ball 11:40am (8:40pm ET) Hunter v Dua Ga
  • Match 54 – Women’s SF Ball 11:40am (8:40pm ET) National Indigenous v Sydney Uni
  • Match 55 – Men’s SF Ball 12:00 (9:00pm ET) West Harbour v Newtown
  • Match 56 – Men’s SF Ball 12:00 (9:00pm ET) Australia Development v Daveta
  • Match 57 – Women’s Plate SF 12:20pm (9:20pm ET) QF1 Loser v QF3 Loser
  • Match 58 – Women’s Plate SF 12:20pm (9:20pm ET) QF2 Loser v QF4 Loser
  • Match 59 – Men’s Plate SF 12:40pm (9:40pm ET) QF1 Loser v QF3 Loser
  • Match 60 – Men’s Plate SF 12:40pm (9:40pm ET) QF2 Loser v QF4 Loser
  • Match 61 – Women’s Cup SF 1:20pm (10:20pm ET) QF1 Winner v QF2 Winner
  • Match 62 – Women’s Cup SF 1:40pm (10:40pm ET) QF3 Winner v QF4 Winner
  • Match 63 – Men’s Cup SF 2:00pm (11:00pm ET) QF1 Winner v QF2 Winner
  • Match 64 – Men’s Cup SF 2:20pm (11:20pm ET) QF3 Winner v QF4 Winner
  • Match 65 – Women’s Boot Final 2:40pm (11:40pm ET)
  • Match 66 – Men’s Boot Final 3:00pm (12:00am ET)
  • Match 67 – Women’s Ball Final 3:20pm (12:20am ET)
  • Match 68 – Men’s Ball Final 3:40pm (12:40am ET)
  • Match 69 – Women’s Plate Final 4:00pm (1:00am ET)
  • Match 70 – Men’s Plate Final 4:20pm (1:20am ET)
  • Match 71 – Women’s 3rd/4th Place 4:40pm (1:40am ET)
  • Match 72 – Men’s 3rd/4th Place 5:00pm (2:00am ET)
  • Match 73 – Women’s Kinesio Cup Final 5:20pm (2:20am ET)
  • Match 74 – Men’s UNO Cup Final 5:40pm (2:40am ET)
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