Mid-America Women’s Rugby All-Star Team

September 26,2016

Mid-America Women’s Rugby All-Star Team


Photo: Mid-America Women’s Rugby

Doug Coil

The Mid-America women’s All-Star Team will compete in an All Star Tournament near Dallas, Texas the weekend of November 19. Twenty five players (and 4 alternates) were selected to the Mid-America Women’s All Star Team.

Mid-America Women’s All Star Team

  • Abby Higgins – Kansas City Jazz
  • Allissa Lockard – Kansas City Jazz
  • Anna Clouse – Kansas City Jazz
  • Becky Peda – Kansas City Jazz
  • Chloe Jex – Kansas State
  • Ciara Clawson – MU women’s rugby club
  • Elizabeth Crotty – St. Louis Sabres
  • Emily Schmitz -At Large
  • Hannah Reid – Truman State University Bullets
  • Isis Baker – Truman State University Bullets
  • Julie Bode – Kansas City Jazz
  • Kaitlin Evans – Queen City Chaos (Springfield, MO)
  • Kaitlyn Lowry – Kansas State Women’s Rugby
  • Katelyn Sanders – CRFC Black Sheep
  • Kerra Wieberg – Mid Mo BlackSheep
  • Lauren Kuklenski – Kansas City Jazz
  • Lauren Chlebanowski – Kansas State University
  • Lilly Herring – Kansas City Jazz
  • Micah Wood John Brown University
  • Michele Rupard Kc Jazz
  • Rebecca Baugher John Brown University
  • Rochelle Towson – Kansas women’s Rugby football club
  • Sarah Monson – Kansas City Jazz
  • Susan McLeod – Queen City Chaos
  • Victoria King – Wichita Valkyries RFC
  • Alternates
  • Chloe Brackeen – Wichita Valkyries
  • Johanna Pruett – Queen City Chaos
  • Kaylynn (lilly) Smith – Kansas State
  • Shayna Thomas – Kansas City Jazz



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