Changes for Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union

September 14,2016

Changes for Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union


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Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union Release:

CHARLOTTE, NC – This past weekend, the Board for the Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union as well as representatives from clubs throughout the union convened in Charlotte for the CGRU Annual General Meeting. The meeting marked the first time, since the inception of the CGRU, that a quorum has been achieved and there was a notable air of enthusiasm among the group. The quorum allowed union members to make an aggressive statement in regards to where the union is headed. The AGM produced some new initiatives, new direction, and new members to the CGRU Board of Directors.

At the top of the list, Simone Bontly of Columbia replaced Bob Davis as President of the CGRU becoming only the second person to hold the office since the CGRU was created with the merger of the North Carolina and Palmetto Unions. The CGRU and all of their members wish to thank Bob Davis for his service to the union and to rugby in the Carolinas. Prior to serving as President of the CGRU,  Davis served as the long-time President of the North Carolina Rugby Union.

“I’m extremely excited to be the new president of the Carolina’s Union & building on the foundation that Bob Davis created when he joined the two Carolinas,” said Bontly.  “My main objective is increasing our level of competition with player development camps, creating men’s and women’s high performance teams, building back a strong men’s Division II league, and growing the women’s competition by adding 3 to 4 new teams. I believe if we create a community of rugby players that are like-minded who are looking to grow our sport, we can put the Carolina’s Geographical Union into the National spotlight.”

The prevailing theme behind the AGM was improving the level of play in the CGRU and the members discussed and debated multiple avenues to reach this goal. The group as a whole settled on an approach that recognizes the need for player development for everyone in the CGRU regardless of age or skill level. While at the same time, the membership agreed that a High Performance Program was also a priority for the clubs and set in motion plans for the launch of a new High Performance Program for the CGRU.

2016/2017 CGRU Board of Directors

President – Simone Bontly

Vice President – Bill Bell

Treasurer – Mike Myers

Secretary – Lou Andre

Men’s Executive Director – Ted Hardy

Women’s Executive Director – Megan Goettsches

Women’s Collegiate Executive Director – Amy George

AGM Initiatives and Highlights

On the back of the successful summer player development camp hosted by the Clayton RFC, the CGRU has voted to fully fund two separate Player Development Camps this coming year with an emphasis on raising the level of play for all clubs in the CGRU as well as providing coaching development opportunities.

The CGRU has voted to follow the USA Rugby guidelines in regards to 7’s only clubs and their participation in the CGRU Qualifiers.

CGRU members have vote to launch an All-Star Program for both Men and Women that includes multiple player selection camps. CGRU Board of Directors to deliver a plan for the launch of a High Performance Program in the CGRU. Plan to outline the creation of four High Performance territories for men and two for women in the CGRU.

CGRU Board of Directors to deliver a full plan to membership by December 1st, 2016 in regards to rebuilding Division II in the Carolinas. Goal of having a 5-6 team Division II competition ready for the 2017/2018 playing cycle as well as a full promotion/relegation system in place between D4/D3/D2.

Board of Directors to deliver a plan for a CGRU 7s Qualifying Series to members by December 1st, 2016.

Please follow the link below for the minutes from the 2016 Carolinas Geographic Rugby Union AGM.


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